messed around with editing a bit

“When I was a kid, I think I was always a bit of a show-off, from when I was pretty small my mum always thought I’d entertain in some way. But I don’t think I really knew exactly what I wanted to do. I never really wanted to do much at school. I wasn’t bad at school, just—I preferred kind of messing around a bit. But I think everyone does, so it’s fine. I enjoyed the performing part of school and stuff more than anything else so I think that’s when I kind of realized that was what I wanted to do more.”

So I made a discovery in the latest SaM update

Basically I was messing a bit around in my editing program with this panel from the update

And sure it’s just the hell eyes that we all know and hate but I randomly just turned up the brightness and - 

The eyes actually have god damn people shape like, I should have seen this coming but it just made this panel much more unsettling so thanks for that Orange.

I noticed Ethan’s video seemed a bit o͔̍͂͑͛̓͌̄̚͢f̪̜ͯ̍̓̏́f̔̌̌͑̐̚͏̨̟̼̝̳͠ͅ

I wanted to experiment and try to do some “evil Ethan” edits in hopes of learning some new effects and how to use them. I do video editing so I wanted to mess around and try out new techniques. I hope this is somewhat good haha my editing doesn’t compare to Ethan’s. I know Jack and Mark have dark personalities but I haven’t seen many if any edits of what Ethan’s might be like. Let me know what you guys think :b

(Please do not repost or claim this edit as yours)

reducing dark artifacts and noise on edits with a fill layer on photoshop

see all those artifacts on her coat? the little uneven chunks of black pixels? let’s get rid of those.

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You're hot too - Simon imagine

You’re hot too - Simon imagine

I got this idea from @inter-somniac ’s dating Simon would include post. I thought it would make a good imagine :)

I sat with Simon in his room with my legs across his as he edited his videos for the day.

We did this often, where we would just chill together and listen to music while he edits and I mess around on social media.

I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a picture of Cal and Harry.

“You’re friends are hot.” I said not looking up.

He looked over to me with a “what the fuck” facial expression and I laughed a bit, taking a drink from his glass.

“Which ones?” He questioned.

“Cal, Harry, Joe, Chris, list goes on mate.” I said.

He ignored me and went back to his editing.

I began to feel like he actually took that seriously and felt bad. I poked his arm and he didn’t turn to me.

“Si?” I tried to get his attention again, but he didn’t do anything.

I stood up and began to walk out of the room.

Simon turned and grabbed my arm lightly.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“I was going to go hang out with the guys. I thought you were mad at me.” I said.

He pulled me towards him so I was sitting in his lap.

He hung his arms loosely around my waist.

“I’m not mad, it’s just that it kinda bugs me when you call my friends hot. I mean, considering you know about my insecurities with my body and stuff like that.” He admitted.

I placed my arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry Si, you know you’re my number one. Sure some of your friends are attractive, but you’re looks will always be my favourite.” I said.

He smiled and looked down.

“Hey, I love you.” I said smiling at him bringing his chin up.

I kissed him sloppily, and we ended up with each other’s slobber on each other’s lips.

“Ugh gross.” I wiped my mouth and he did the same.

“We’re so awkward.” He said laughing and I began to laugh as well.

“We are. Let’s try that again?” We leaned forward and this time had a proper kiss.

“That’s better.” I said smiling at him.

“I love you too by the way. I forgot to say it back a few minutes ago.” He said moving his hands around me to reach his keyboard and mouse.

We stayed like that until he finished editing and then we went downstairs to see all of the guys chilling watching a movie.

We noticed that Cal and Harry were over and I laughed with Simon.

“What’s so funny?” Vik asked.

I looked at Simon, “Nothing. Nothing at all.” He said.

This was not requested I just wanted to write it :)

Guide: Animations





(VX Ace)


Alright, the title of this area is self explanatory. We are going to dive into the animations tab for the RPG Maker series. Now, in this section is where you give your skills and states either pre-made or custom animations. This is a good area to mess around with though can take a lot of time to get used to if you’re not familiar with animation to begin with. Luckily though, that’s why we have the default ones to learn from. Let’s break the sections down and go into a bit of detail with these.

On the far left with all the other tabs thus far, we have the list of animations we can have in our games, though this is editable through the maximum number button at the bottom of the list. That takes care of the easy side, let’s move over and look at the more advanced stuff.

Just like the other tabs, there is a name tab that is displayed up at the top, whatever you decide to name you animation, this name will appear in the list off to the left. Now let’s look over to the animation graphic. The animations are split up into animation frames known as cells, and the cells are played one by one at a specific rate to create what we know as animation.

Now where it says Max #, this is where you can set the maximum number of cells to an animation sequence. In the standard formula 15 frames is the equivalent to one second of time for the animation to complete it’s motions. So a 5 frame animation would last 1/3 of a full second and 30 frame animation would last 2 full seconds. (Sorry I really should have put up a warning that this does deal with some actual math and fractions before hand.)

Alright, now that we have our frame number taken care of, let’s look at scope. This is taken away in the newer version of RPG Maker though let’s go over this for those who still have the option. What this does is allows the animation to decide whether or not the animation affects just a single target, or if it affects the entire screen. So for instance, if you have a melee hero going into battle with boxing gloves, then you wouldn’t want to have an attack animation scope the entire screen unless it’s a special melee blitz fury type of attack, for the most part, you’re going to want to keep it in the zone of a single target scope. The other case is maybe your hero ate some garlic bread and has a poisonous breath. I don’t know, brain is making up stuff at this point.

Position you shouldn’t have to worry about too much unless you are looking to have specific skills do certain things, such as a slowing skill, you can aim for the feet, if you’re looking to daze an enemy with a head shot or such, you can take aim at the head. For some of the later RPG Maker engines, the skill option that targets the whole screen has been moved into the position area. 

Frame Number, this one should be fairly self explanatory. Remember back to the Animation Graphic area? This is where we see those cells are put into the time alignments, the beginning graphics should usually start on the first frame unless you have something extremely fancy going on. If that’s the case, then show us what you got!

Next to there we have a grid display and one of our game enemies displayed as a graphic, this allows us to preview our animations and make sure they look to our desire before we put our games out there. We can test these out by using the buttons close by with the play button. Near those, there are options to batch the cells, copy/clear cells, clone last frame, and tweening. For now we won’t worry about the use grid.

Let’s move on to some of these options just mentioned. Batching cells is more or less a more fancy way to edit your animations to make them more unique to you. These can be nifty if you’re into creating your own graphics and putting in a lot of time to your game. Clone last frame makes a copy of the cell before the selected one and automatically applies it to a frame in your animation sequence. Copy/clear cells does just as it says, it copies and clears cells. Play is just the same way in that it does what it says it does. It plays your animation over the example target shown in the animation grid box below. Tweening can be a little difficult to understand, though all tweening really is is creating the cells between the animation cells to make them flow more smoothly. Not too difficult is it?

Now next to all these is your target area, the target area allows you to switch between your different enemy types and see how your animations would look on which ever selected unit your characters will be up against. Under there we have SE and Flash Timing. this basically means, we want a sound effect to play at this frame in time, though the flash is for what color your enemy will turn when taking damage. Most prefer to go with either a red or white for the look of pain, and are pretty standard, though for poison type attacks, this would be appropriate to turn the flash effect to a green, blue, or purple. They never have to be this way, though I’m just giving examples.

As mentioned in guides prior, I am not an expert, though I like to give advice where and when I can, so if anyone has anything else to add to these, just let me know and I will fix the post. Thank you guys so much for everything you do, you’re all awesome and amazing people, and never let anyone else tell you otherwise. Stay awesome folks, and until next time, take care. :)

(trying to justify this with lack of sleep)

so i was looking at some K Project merchandise the other day and saw these two pillow covers next to each other:

and i had a sudden epiphany, so i messed around a bit and this happened:


(please for the love of SaruMi don’t repost this anywhere without asking first, it took literally hours to make and yeah XD)

Bonus: shoutout to my friend who doesn’t know how to handle me anymore

So here’s the thing a few years back I used to mess around in photoshop quite a bit. When my old laptop died I just let it go and used my phone for most things. When I started writing again the S/O realized I needed a new laptop and this lovely Macbook has been my baby for a little over a year. 

Unfortunately I am now very out of practice with PS and probably would be too afraid to start editing again. However my mind can’t shut off the cool ideas I get to promote my fics. I’m really too afraid to edit but I did make a crappy little moodboard thingy on my crappy phone editing app for my Maia/Izzy fic because I was bored while out doing adult things this morning. (don’t expect much it’s horrible, seriously the quality of the good photos are too much for this little app)

That being said I’m contemplating the idea of PS…doubt much will come of it, I’ll probably just make a mess of everything I touch. Not sure if it’s worth the trouble for me. Oh well. I’ll think on it some more. 

anonymous asked:

could you pretty pleaaase edit liam into joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat?

I saw the article last night lol I have to admit, it made me giggle a bit because it’s hard for me to imagine Liam in that role, but I may mess around with it. He doesn’t strike me as the musical theater type. What do you guys think about it?


Messing around with a new style so my little band of misfits were playing guinea pigs for me.  O(≧▽≦)O

I purposely kept out my three favorites [some of you may know who those three are (^_−)☆ ]  because they are special and will get their own post when I am finished with re-editing them into this style. These guys took forever to do so the other three are going to be very time consuming.  I still haven’t perfected this style the way I want but that will take time and work.  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


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