Repost: @ashmar.quijano “Q: She dating a messenger? A: Her? Naw man, She Mess!” . As some of you may know, im working on some documentary work on female, and those who identify, bike messengers. Chicago has such a rad lady crew and ive loved getting to ride and talk to all these #messbabes. This kind of work takes a long time but im loving it and hope to eventually meet and ride with women in other cities! I love that we live in a time where we can see and connect with each other all over the world through mediums like insta. Feel feee to hashtag #SheMess on your ladies out there killin it in the game🙏 Iove seeing the women all over the world out there huslin!❤️🚲 #messfam #wbma #messlife #ridelikeagirl #chimess #rideyourbike #fixiegirls #fixedgear #rebelgirl 🎶"girls like us stand back to back, just because you know we want to know" -The Julie Ruin. 📸: @loicfoto

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I am not some company, or some initiative or group. I am just 1 person & this is my ongoing project. Meeting people and spreading positive vibes with art is my passion.
Right now im based out of NY but hopefully soon im going to be coming to a city near you to hangout, ride & add you to my collection.
Messengers Worldwide, I see you!
Keep up the good work.
#messbabes by stayalivenyc