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I’m vegetarian and my ex-boyfriend was always against it so when we broke up he’d always send me pictures of animals dying and being slaughtered.In revenge I used his email address to sign up to lots of vegan newsletters now he gets 23 weekly newsletters that he can’t stop because he can’t log in and cancel them. Also I created a Facebook and used his mobile number. With the account I followed loads of vegan pages and turned on notifications so that  he gets a text every time somebody posts on the page. Don’t mess with me

My friends bf won’t get her pregnant and she wants a baby so bad. who wants to message her and her bf and tell him that he better do it fast or she will let you be the daddy message me for her number


Bf Jungkook, Bf Yoongi and Bf Tae motivate you to do your hw

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Bi Tumblr kankamız olsaydı böyle farklı şehirlerde olsaydık birgün buluşma sözleri verseydik birbirimize dertleşseydik skype açsaydık telefonlaşsaydık en sonunda buluşsaydık ya da aynı şehirde olsaydık buluşsaydık herşeyi beraber yapsaydık çok mu ya şunlar gerçekleşse çok mu yani?

Texting bf Taehyung while watching Hwarang

(I’m actually dead rn and my eyes hurt from crying what have you done to all of us kim taehyung)
(I was just watching new episode and then this happened and i was so broken that i have to do this texts sorry for spoilers if you didn’t watch it yet)

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Bf Jungkook texting his idol gf (fainted on stage)

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so my bf messaged me about two weeks now saying that he doesnt have the same feelings for me anymore. i knew something was up bc he wasn't talking to me a whole lot and just seemed kinda meh in conversations. i see him tomorrow for the first time in over two weeks and i'm really nervous that he's gonna break up with me. i don't know what i'm gonna do if it happens bc like i'm genuinely in love with him??? i've never felt this way about anybody before. :(

I’m sorry I answered this so late but I really hope things went ok for you. Even if he did break up with you, you aren’t alone and hopefully he’ll still want to talk to you, a lot of people can still love the person, it just isn’t in a romantic way. 

If things went well, then hopefully you guys can talk about it and work it out <3