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I’m vegetarian and my ex-boyfriend was always against it so when we broke up he’d always send me pictures of animals dying and being slaughtered.In revenge I used his email address to sign up to lots of vegan newsletters now he gets 23 weekly newsletters that he can’t stop because he can’t log in and cancel them. Also I created a Facebook and used his mobile number. With the account I followed loads of vegan pages and turned on notifications so that  he gets a text every time somebody posts on the page. Don’t mess with me



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hc one time at a home game jack got checked p badly on the ice and as soon as he went down he knew bitty was going to flip but also that he was fine and bitty had a fucking midterm the next day so he looked right at the camera and tried to very clearly mouth the words, "stay and fucking study" before he was helped off the ice and he was proud of himself for having the presence of mind to get a message to his bf like that right up until bitty showed up in providence anyway

holy fshit


Scott McCall - Smooth
Imagine losing confidence in the way you look and Scott your bf messaging you this 💕

Bi Tumblr kankamız olsaydı böyle farklı şehirlerde olsaydık birgün buluşma sözleri verseydik birbirimize dertleşseydik skype açsaydık telefonlaşsaydık en sonunda buluşsaydık ya da aynı şehirde olsaydık buluşsaydık her şeyi beraber yapsaydık çok mu ya şunlar gerçekleşse çok mu yani?
The high lords (and lady) as office workers

Rhys: Never does any work but is “somehow” the boss’s favourite

Feyre: The boss

Kallias: Is forever stressed about the amount of crumbs on his keyboard

Thesan: uses his computer to facebook message his bf

Helion: Tries to flirt with boss and gets moved to another desk away from everyone else

Tarquin: His screensaver and his mousepad are a dolphin

Tamlin: That one who got fired for sexually harassing the boss

Beron: Sets fire to the office building

I was on a camping trip this past weekend with some mates;
I got away from the crowd then got chatting to one of my buddies, that I used to play with back before he got a Bf.

One thing lead to another & he mentioned that he knew I had this Tumblr page, apparently he recognised some of the uploaded photos.

Was hot to know that he gets off scrolling through my page. But even hotter was that mid conversation, his bf messaged him causing him to get so hard he had to tuck it up under the waistline of his pants, lifting his shirt to prove it. Shot me a cheeky grin & said “I know you miss it”
-> Hell yeah I do!
But I also know his bf is a very lucky man