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G-Eazy Imagine Part Two

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Part One 

Synopsis: G makes assumptions that lead to problematic fights and you deciding if it’s all worth it

Warnings: Language

Your POV

I walked for about a mile until I got service again. I called an Uber for the hundreth time in the past couple of hours to my location and waited. I wiped away residue of streaked mascara as I had stopped crying half a mile ago. There was a part of me that wished he would just text me or call me, hell, even come after me but there was nothing. I suppose I told him to never come near me again. 

I wasn’t sure where to go from here. Do I catch a flight back to LA? Do I get a car? If I went back to G and I’s apartment there was still a chance, even if it was small, that he would show up. I needed some space, as much as I did want him to come after me I don’t think it’s for the best. I want and need time alone, did he trust me? I trusted him and he was the one on the road all the time with girls throwing themselves at him!

A car pulls up in front of me and I see the Uber sticker on it and get in. 

“Where to?” The guy asks and I hesitate for a moment. 

“Uh, can you take me to the nearest car rental place?” I ask and he nods and puts it into his phone and we were off. The drive back to LA really wasn’t that bad, it just sucked it was almost 1 am. We pull up to the only car rental place that was open and I go in quickly to the front desk trailing my suitcase behind me. 

“I’d like a rental car please.” I ask and the front lady glares at me and sighs. 

“Fill out this, I’ll need to see ID.” Her tone was anything but friendly but it wasn’t my biggest problem. I take the keys to a nice Subaru and get in, admiring the interior. I toss my suitcase into the trunk and plug my phone into the car so it would charge. I find the nearest store to use the restroom and get something to eat as well as drink. I needed the caffeine for the road ahead, I tried to not keep replaying the events from earlier. I grab a few snacks and coffee before getting back onto the road. 

I couldn’t help but feel the ache in my chest, how could he have said those things. Questioning my loyalty? I would never cheat on Gerald, had he cheated on me though? He said in such a manor that it was almost like he was confessing? Questions ran through my head for the duration of the drive but I tried quieting them with music. When I would get home, I would sleep and pack my things and go. I did have the week off which was nice but I did have to write a piece and send it in. I just knew that I had to get out of that apartment, I didn’t know if Gerald would come back or if he’d get one of the guys in LA to go in and see if I was there. 

Finally get to our- the apartment, I left my suitcase in the car as I didn’t have the energy to take it up or the reason to. I had more bags upstairs that I would fill later, all I had on my mind was to sleep and forget about what happened. I shut the front door locking it and throwing myself in the cold sheets. I hadn’t realized I was on his side until his cologne filled my nose. Tears slipped from my eyes at the thought of him not being here and not just because of tour. I took off my clothes and slipped on one of his t shirts. Laying back down it only took minutes until I was fast asleep. 

Gerald’s POV

“Fuucckk…” I groan trying to lift my head to move from the sun beaming in. I felt the bed shift and suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I looked over to see a girl in the bed next to me but she was dressed. Did I sleep with her? I lightly shove at her and she wakes up. 

“Oh shit, I didn’t know you crashed in here.” She laughed and got up.

“We didn’t sleep together did we?” I ask and she turns around to me. 

“No, you barely could walk. Don’t think you could perform even if you wanted too. You were a real dick last night though, I mean the bottle? Really?” She crosses her arms and confusion fills my mind. 

“What did I do now?” Where was Y/N? Oh no, is that what she meant? 

“Where’s my girl? Fuck, what did I do?” I run my hands over my face and she laughs. 

“You accused her of cheating, then practically threw a bottle at her head. I wouldn’t recommend the drug combination you did last night ever again.” My heart sinks and I look for my phone and feel it in my pocket. I take it out and quickly dial her phone number and the random girl leaves. 

“Shit, please. C’mon Y/N, answer.” I plead rubbing my aching head. 

“Hi you’ve reached Y/N, can’t get to the ph-” I hang up and call her again. I call for another 5 minutes but she doesn’t answer. She wasn’t even ignoring the calls, was she hurt? Did she fly home? I had no idea. It was about 12 pm and I quickly booked a flight back to LA. I grabbed the bag I had and shoved all of my clothes into it. 

“G-Eazy, my main man!” A guy laughs and tries to high five me but I shove past him. I put my sunglasses over my eyes and kept walking out until I got into the car quickly driving to the airport. How could I do that to her? I wasn’t even sure what I said but I fucked up and I could feel that deep down. I hurt her badly. 

Your POV

I woke up and saw it was nearly 2 pm, I rub my eyes as the events of last night flood my mind. 

“Fuck…” I groan and roll over. I needed to pack things, take a shower and go. I grabbed the huge duffle bag from the top shelf in our closet and started pulling things off of the hanger. Maybe I’d go stay with a friend? Go see my mom? I’d figure it out while in the car. I jumped into the shower and put on a pair of leggings, a t shit and a denim jacket as well as a pair of booties. I let my hair air dry as I put the last things I needed in my bag.

“What am I forgetting?” I look around and land on my bed side table. A picture of G and I from a couple of months ago sat there. Our happy faces looking at one another, I go towards the table and pick up the sunglasses in front of the picture and grab my bag. I get out into the living room when I see Gerald standing there. I couldn’t believe it, how had he come back so quickly? If I had just left a litle bit earlier…

“W-What are you doing here?” I ask confused and he quickly takes off his glasses and looks at my bag behind me. 

“I came here looking for you, I don’t remember what I did but I knew it wasn’t good. I hurt you, I know that. I can feel that.” Gerald holds onto his chest and he steps closer making myself shift. 

“I don’t know who you were last night, you weren’t Gerald. You weren’t my boyfriend.” I state and his expression is full of regret and I can see that. 

“I did a lot of stuff, stuff I’m not proud of. It wasn’t me you’re right, it’s an image. You know how it is.” He shrugs and I scoff. 

“Are you kidding? Throwing a bottle at me was just your image? Just trying to impress the guys? You sat there with a girl on your lap and then accused me of cheating!” I yell as he sighs. 

“Fuck, I know. I get, I mean I got jealous. You mean so fucking much to me Y/N and I’m not the worlds best boyfriend. Clearly. I know you deserve better and I’m just waiting for the day you realize it and leave me.” Gerald admits and I turn away so he can’t see the tears. 

“I love you, whether you believe it or not. I do, and I truly know that. Please, don’t leave me.” Gerald reaches your hand and you let him take it. 

“I need you.” He continues and pulls you closer and closer. 

“You broke my heart.” I say and he holds the back of my neck so I was tightly against his chest before lifting my chin up to him. 

“And I’ll never forgive myself for it. Please, forgive me.” Gerald starts to lean in and a debate errupts through my head. 

“Okay. I forgive you.” Gerald’s lips crash onto mine, the feeling so foreign. I hadn’t seen or kissed him in months but this was worth the wait. 

“Should we fly back to Palm Springs?” G asks as he pulls away.

“No, I just want you here.” I smile and kiss his lips once more.

 We loved each other, through thick and thin.

Authors Note: Well hope you enjoyed! If you have any requests please feel free to shoot me a message! Or any feedback would be rad! Thanks so much for reading and liking Part One as well! Means so much! 

Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love after this episode. I’m so proud of it, and I’m so lucky to get to be a part of this show. I hope you all know how much this experience has changed me, and how much joy every sweet and lovely message brings me.

You’re all super rad. I would even venture so far to say: the raddest.

Have an amazing night. Get lots of sleep. The universe is vast and incomprehensible and totally frickin’ awesome.

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