I have no idea if that’s how police cams work just let me dream.

So…. This is Zalgaroth.. or haha you can call him Spencer. 

I’m kinda really nervous about posting him. infact I’m like super scared but…. yeah here’s one of my err… characters. :l…. idk.  he’s like a Water Dragon Demon thing magic dude or whatever the heck but. yeah like. :l. 

(he doesn’t have eye make-up by the way, it just kinda looks that way cuz his iris is dark blue and his pupil is gold)

His design is still up in the air, especially the dragon. like. idk. but yeah. idk. he’s like a male version of my character Ezra, who is also a dragon demon magic person or whatever the heck. 

idk maybe I can make them related or something who knows haha 

but yeah. idk. :l 


When batarangs flew from Chat’s direction, it’s kinda hard for Ladybug to discern.

All I need now is to draw Damian getting his butt kicked by Adrien with fencing bc poor child probably is too violent for this sophisticated swordplay.

Anyone here going to Anime California? I’ll be at the artist alley.

nygmobblepot at sirens