Owl post terrarium! I took the ideas of dome terrarium necklaces and secret message bottle necklaces to make these little owls messengers . The notes are held in place with a pretty piece of filigree! ⚡Instructions are on my instructables!⚡ #polymer_clay #polymerclay #owl #miniature #mini #diy #handmadewithlove #handmade #barnowl #harrypotter #guardiansofgahoole #fimojewelry #fimo #sculpey #polymerclaycharm #polymerclayjewelry #etsyshop #etsy #etsysellersofinstagram #etsyseller #sfetsyteam

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Message in a bottle/ S.O.S.

I can’t recall just what I wrote

I can’t recall just why

But I corked it up and tossed it

Up into the summer sky

I didn’t see or hear it land

No thud, no splash, you see

I tossed my s.o.s. away

And returned to where I was free

My message in a bottle

Scribbled in tiny words

If it finds you, know one thing

Your love is for the birds

I felt it once, remember it well

It left me sore

Left me black and blue

I was left with a heart full of love

While she left with someone new

So this message in a bottle

An s.o.s. from my soul

Before the bottle disappears

Can you find me, set me free

I thought I’d been saved before

Yet I fell asleep next to her

And woke up drugged and battered

And alone on a distant shore

A bottle of whiskey in my hand

So I drank the entire bottle

As my tears hit the sand

I wrote my s.o.s. and knew

I’d never be the same again

So this message, this warning is for you

Be wary of love that leaves you

Alone, cold, and without reciprocation

Cause I’d hardly call my time on this island

My time alone here, was not a vacation

Find my s.o.s., my message in a bottle

Find me here, where I found myself

And set myself free from love

© -Michael Greywood Poetry 2016-

The fear of the secret decay of relationships is almost always caused by those involved allegedly or really finding things ‘too hard’. They are too weak in the face of reality, overtaxed by it on all sides, to muster the loving determination to maintain the relationship purely for its own sake. In the realm of utility every relationship worthy of human beings takes on an aspect of luxury. No one can really afford it, and resentment at this breaks through in critical situations. Because each partner knows that in truth unceasing actuality is needed, a moment’s flagging seems to make everything crumble.
—  Adorno, “Messages in a Bottle” VII: Come closer. Translated by Edmund Jephcott.

Coming in late February/early March, Messages in a Bottle collects the best work by Bernard Krigstein, a singular draftsman and one of the most graphically sophisticated comics illustrators of all time, whose too-brief career in the 1940s and ‘50s included work for EC and Atlas Comics. For those who have been awaiting a new edition of our long-out-of-print B. Krigstein: Comics, this book contains every story from that volume plus several more. It is our great privilege to have had a number of these stories specially recolored by the great Marie Severin; the remainder have been painstakingly restored from the original comic books by acclaimed editor Greg Sadowski. Read a free 22-page excerpt with 3 complete stories, and pre-order a copy, right here.

Today, when the concept of the proletariat, unshaken in its economic essence, is so occluded by technology that in the greatest industrial country there can be no question of proletarian class consiousness, the role of intellectuals would no longer be to alert the torpid to their most obvious interests, but to strip the veil from the eyes of the wise0guys, the illusion that capitalism, which makes them its temporary beneficiaries, is based on anything other than their exploitation and oppression. The deluded workers are directly dependent on those who can still just see and tell of their delusion. Their hatred of intellectuals has changed accordingly. It has aligned itself to the prevailing common sense views. The masses no longer mistrust intellectuals because they betray the revoliution, but because they might want it, and thereby reveal how great is their own need of intellecutals. Only if the extremes come together will humanity survive.
—  Adorno, “Messages in a Bottle” X: Imaginative excesses
Being Dean's best female friend

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  • lots of inside jokes
  • always having someone to pick you up after a date gone wrong
  • sending each other stupid messages
  • it taking  Dean a long time to completely open up to you, but once he does you are the only one he tells his fears and insecurities
  • road trips
  • whenever one of you has a bad day a single message is enough and the other comes over with a bottle of whiskey
  • being able to rant about your problems while Dean just listens
  • finishing each other’s sentences
  • saying the same thing at the same time
  • being able to read Dean like an open book and he is able to do the same
  • Dean offering to beat up your ex
  • calling Dean in the middle of the night just to tell him something funny you thought of
  • staying alone at the bunker while waiting for Dean to come back from a hunter
  • Dean hanging out at your home, waiting for you to show up while emptying your fridge
  • Hanging out for hours saying absolutely nothing
  • Dean hating all of your boy(girl)friends, claiming they aren’t good enough for you
  • cuddling while watching movies
  • Dean is the best platonic cuddler and his hugs always make you feel better
  • resting your feet on his lap while eating takeout
  • Dean helping you pick out clothes for a date
  • talking about your worst sex experiences
  • Dean once tried to help you paint your nails when you broke your arm
  • Dean ruffling your hair
  • Dean never judging you 
  • forehead kisses 
  • being one of the few people Dean trusts
  • Dean giving your new boy(girl)friend the protective big brother/best friend speech
  • insisting the boys celebrate holidays like Christmas and Halloween
  • spending every holiday at the bunker and decorating everything – really, you go all out because you know the boys deserve something as close to a normal holiday experience as possible
  • sharing bad jokes
  • being Dean’s wing woman
  • Dean never letting you down when you need him
  • not seeing each other for a long time when Dean and Sam are on hunts far away, but as soon as he’s back it’s like he never left
  • Dean knowing that you are one of his weaknesses so he insists on you having a gun and an anti-possession tattoo
  • making Dean a photo album for his birthday to remember all the good times you had
  • jam sessions in the car
  • seeing each other naked and not being shy about it
  • Dean building up your self-confidence when you feel self-conscious
  • Dean calling you his best girl
  • a lot of people thinking you are dating
  • Dean wrapping his arm around your shoulders
  • Dean calling you after a bad hunt
  • sitting somewhere outside and drinking beer while telling each other your dreams
  • long discussions about the silliest things – like if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose or if aliens exist
  • Dean being protective of you and you being protective of him
  • Dean buying you comfort food and watching rom-coms with you after a breakup
  • sleeping in the same bed and cuddling because it feels nice to wake up next to someone

Messages in a Bottle: Comic Book Stories by B. Krigstein 
edited by Greg Sadowski

272-page full-color 8" x 10.5" softcover • $35.00
ISBN: 978-1-60699-580-8 

Ships in: February 2013 (subject to change) – Pre-Order Now 

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Working in comic books for just over a decade in the 1940s and ‘50s, Bernard Krigstein applied all the craft, intelligence, and ambition of a burgeoning “serious” artist, achieving results that remain stunning to this day. While his legend rests mostly on his landmark narratives created for EC Comics, dozens of stories for lesser publishers equally showcase his singular draftsmanship and radical reinterpretation of the comics page.

Harvey Award-winning Krigstein biographer Greg Sadowski has assembled the very best of the artist’s work, starting with his earliest creative rumblings, through his glory days at EC, to his final daring experiments for Stan Lee’s Atlas Comics — running through nearly every genre popular at the time, be it horror, science fiction, war, western, or romance.

This edition reprints the out-of-print 2004 hardcover B. Krigstein Comics, with a number of stories re-tooled and improved in terms of reproduction, and several new stories added. Legendary EC colorist Marie Severin, in her last major assignment before her retirement, recolored 20 stories for this edition. The remainder has been taken from printed comics, digitally restored with subtlety and restraint. Original art pages, photostats from Krigstein’s personal archives, and an extensive set of historical and editorial notes by Sadowski round out this compelling volume.

Yamaguchi Headcanon

Okay so I have this hc where, aside from Suga, Yams is the most brutal, hardcore pranker on the team (he just doesn’t do it often). I also have a hc that he loves spicy/hot food.

So one day, Tanaka and Noya feel like pranking someone, and Yams and Tsukki are on their radar. Tanaka offers to be a cool senpai and buy the four of them (He, Yams, Noya and Tsukki) strawberry smoothies. Yams and Tsukki are suspicious but don’t say anything because hey, free smoothies. But Yams is still watching Noya and Tanaka get their smoothies when he sees them giggling over something tanaka is pouring into the drink. Yams managed to make out the label of his favorite brand of hot sauce (and Tsukki still hasn’t noticed). So once the two idiots return, Yams, being the little devil he is, tells his senpais that Kiyoko is looking especially pretty today, and as they turn around to see, he switches Tsukki’s drink with Tanaka’s (which he thought was most likely unaffected). Tsukki gives him a weird look but stays quiet, wanting to see where this goes. And once Tanaka and Noya are done swooning over their manager, they turn around and start drinking their smoothies (close eyes on the two first years), when Tanaka starts choking. Noya is freaking out and trying the help his poor friend (who’s face is now redder than the strawberry chunks is his smoothie), while Tsukki is smirking (they have now caught the attention of the rest of the team).
Tanaka finally calms down after sucking down the rest of Noya’s drink, and they both look to the two first years. Tanaka yells out “what the hell did you do” to Tsukki, who replies “/I/ didn’t do anything.” Cue Yamaguchi downing the rest of his drink and nonchalantly saying, “you know, I thought that hotsauce would taste a lot worse mixed with the strawberry, but it wasn’t so bad.”
No one on the team (especially Tanaka and Noya) has ever screwed with Yams again.

Messages In A Bottle

We’ve all been to weddings- some of which we can hardly recall because of the lack of detail or maybe they’ve all been similar to one another. And then there are others which can only be described as a fairytale wedding. Breathtaking, an exquisite eye for detail. Perfect. Whatever you may want your wedding day to look or feel, these 31 incredibly romantic wedding ideas will help you create the vision of your perfectly romantic day. Add some romance to your wedding by having your guests write messages in a bottle that are opened in future anniversary years!

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If the subject is deeply involved while the relationship’s outward aspect prevents him, with good reason, from indulging his impulse, the relation is turned to permanent suffering and thus endangered. The absurd significance of trivia like a missed telephone call, a stunted handshake, a hackneyed turn of phrase, springs from their manifesting a an inner dynamic otherwise held in check, and threatening the relationships objective concrete ness. Psychologists may well condemn the fear and shock of such moments as neurotic, pointing out their disproportion to the relation'a objective weight. Anyone who takes fright so easily is indeed ‘unrealistic’, and in his dependence on the reflexes of his own subjectivity betrays a faulty adjustment. But only when one responds to the inflection of another’s voice with despair is the relation as spontaneous as it should be between free people, while yet for that very reason becoming a torment which, moreover, takes on an air of narcissism in its fidelity to the idea of immediacy, its impotent protest against coldheartledness. The neurotic reaction is that which hits on the true state of affairs, while the one adjusted to reality discounts the relationship as dead. The cleansing of human beings of the murk and impotence of affects is in direct proportion to the advance of dehumanizations.
—  Adorno, “Messages in a Bottle” VII: Come closer. Translated by Edmund Jephcott.
The dissident wholly governed by the end is today in any case so thoroughly despised by friend and doe as an ‘idealist’ and daydreamer that one is more inclined to impute redemptive powers to his eccentricity than to reaffirm his impotence as impotent. Certainly, however, no more faith can be placed in those equated with the means; the subjectless beings whom historical wrong has robbed of the strength to right it, adapted to technology and unemplotmen, conforming and squalid, hard to distinguish from the wind-jackets of Fascism: their actual state disclaims the idea that puts its trust in them. Both types are theatre masks of class society projected on to the night sky of the future, and the bourgeois themselves have always delighted at their errors, no less that their irreconcilability: on one hand the abstract rigorist, helplessly striving to realize chimeras, and on the other the subhuman creature who, as dishonour’s progeny, shall never be allowed to avert it.
—  Adorno, “Messages in a Bottle” X: Imaginative excesses. Translated by Edmund Jephcott