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Golden Ghosts (20/20)

Summary: After months of planning and preparation, the five kings finally embark on their quest to the Nether to retrieve Geoff’s soul. At the same time, worlds are beginning to collide as Midas sets about his mission to return from the End.

A developing relationship promises peace between the kingdoms - but when old fears return to haunt them, it threatens to set the kings in conflict with each other once again.

Part 1  Part 19  AO3


Ray stepped through the portal into the Plains with practiced ease. His stomach no longer lurched at the transition - he moved as easily as if he was stepping into another room rather than travelling thousands of kilometres into an instant.

He emerged into the throne room of the Plains castle just as Gavin arrived through the Wild portal opposite him. Their eyes met as they appeared at the same time, and they shared a smile.

“Hey,” Ray called out, “I wondered when you were gonna come. You know what Geoff wants us here for?”

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Meet Me by the River - c0rnfl0wer - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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I’ll make a pretty banner for this later but I just posted my first story on Slavic mythology !!  It’s based on Kupala Night, an old holiday when young people would celebrate then get lucky in the woods. It actually has a plot though, just so you know, lol, along with a happy ending and nsfw stuff and long-haired Viktor & Yuuri. It also properly demonstrates Russian naming conventions & lightly explains the holiday throughout the story. It’s really not a complicated story, it should be just fine for anyone, & I added additional notes at the end just in case. So highly recommend because I put a lot of work into it and love it, lol.

The Specs:
Word count: 11k+
Rating: E
Genre: historical au, mythology au, fantasy au, soulmate au
Pairing: Victor Nikiforov / Katsuki Yuuri, victuuri

a quick psa that i’m leaving to help my sister with the care of her suicidal girlfriend for an unknown period of time so idk how much i’ll be online the coming week or so, it depends on how things turn out. if you pray or something similar, it’d be nice if you kept us in your prayers and thoughts. love you all & hope you’re all doing good

hi!! i havent got on here for a while cause i got sick; wrist injuries + flu and i went to a trip.. but i’m back now!! hopefully to catch up w/ work backlog and art trades nice and easy ToT it’s taking a while to get back to drawing but i’m getting here! i had a very good weekend nevertheless. i recently bought an aki mini fig! he’s currently at my friend’s place because i’m gonna move anytime soon.. it’ll probably take a couple more months but im so happy and excited to get him!!! i’ve wanted him for soooo long TTvTT 

things i have rn:
- pink glittery nails
- pink pocky
- pink sweet sake
- cookies n cream chocolate
- youtube
- a smol black cat with a lion cut hogging my blanket bc shes a brat
- a p good mood overall


Thanks for tagging me, @superrichlads you are a gem. 

RULES: make your own aesthetic based on your personality and interests using only images on your device. You cannot browse or download images before you do this.

I don’t know if I have an aesthetic except hot mess, but I am a heaux for a good aesthetic. I wanted to do this quickly because I knew there was good stuff on my phone right now as I was printing out photo’s for my journal thing. But usually my phone is a mess of Niall, Tumblr posts, screen shots of text message receipts for later bribery and weird/funny stuff my family and friends need to see while I am out. This represents me though, beach, books, botanical’s and my boyfriend. 

I tag, @lausworld, @myaimlessuniverse, @spellniall, @neverenoughhoran, @niallthegun, @wheretogofrmhere, @narrys-town@niallsthickneck and @harryfeatlouis AND (I thought these people already did it, I adore you all though, lol.) @melissas173, @niallandharrymakemestrong, @squirrely83, @emulateharry, @lucyvanpelt78

Making some practice quick doodles I found myself drawing those cuties that belong to espeonsweetie.

Not gonna lie, I’m not super familiar with their personalities beyond like 3 or 4 pics I saw about them so probably the expressions and body language are super OOC but XD Hope you like it Steph!

rosepelt11  asked:

Oh oh what are pastels favorite colors? He is so cute by the way :3

headcanon by @nekophy

I am just going along 8))

((and thank you!! <3))


Hello friends!! I was busy preparing for afasg and stuff…. just finished packing merch! Here’s a new sticker set: karasuno bakery set!! Find them at ch36 at afasg ;3rd


Like the moon chases the sun and brights on the sky because of it. You’re my sun, please let me be with you, forever.

Happy Birthday magicisfantastic! // (4/5)

Almost done! Hope you’re ready for the last one~

gotten to year 21 of the kittens game, still only have 14 kitties but the civilization is a lot more advanced, plus resources are easier to find, so it should be good by now to focus in getting more kitty friends to join.

also, i’ll be meeting my friends, sorry if i can’t reply messages and stuff until later. see ya!


Amon smiling at Kaneki (*´д`*)
My Wishlist!

So! This is my wishlist for whenever I start doing commissions! All ya gotta do is get me something off of it instead of paying me (make my life a lot easier)!

I should start putting up stuff for commissions pretty soon, all Ill really charge is like 1 thing from my wishlist (I will be adding more CHEAPER stuff later!!), shoot me a message if you’re interested in seeing any of my drawings or stuffs like that!