Moments in Japan that released a few minutes ago

Tweet a video with caption : glasses

The real hidden message is look I’m wearing my bf hoodi that he wear when we travel together to Japan

The connection : Japan

The message : u guys never forget that Japan is our land

So smooth pjm lmao xD

  • aries: deep red tail, travels all over, wears gifts from infatuated humans, often mistaken for underwater fire or sunken rubies, spotted teasing sailors out at sea
  • taurus: pearly pink tail, lives near a small ocean side town with a legend of a beautiful mermaid, never seen but often a lovely inhuman song is heard
  • gemini: sunny yellow tail, goes from beach to beach, collects bottled messages among other things, wears shell charm jewelry, likes to watch humans from a distance, occasionally talks to a sole person wandering the beach but no one believes the person after
  • cancer: silvery tail, lives near a ligthhouse, pulls drowning people to shore, pearls, spotted singing on moonlit nights
  • leo: golden tail, lives in a coral reef castle, friends with all the sea creatures, spotted on beaches of tropical islands but disappears before any photos can be taken
  • virgo: off-white cream tail with spots of beige and brown, lives in a cave, leads lost people to their cave for shelter, sometimes those who have done unspeakable things mysteriously disappear and those who have been wronged receive sudden good luck, spotted just before these strange incidents
  • libra: pastel blue and mint green tail, lives near a bustling city, fell in love with a human, makes various arts and crafts with what they find in the water, spotted combing hair
  • scorpio: deep blue tails, lives out at sea, may lure a sailor to their death or save them (depends on the sailor), shark teeth necklaces, knows what lies in the deepest crevices of the ocean, spotted staring up out of the water with glowing eyes
  • sagittarius: plum tail, never stays in one place, decorated with souvenirs of adventures, has pulled entire ships to shore, can often be heard talking and laughing but if spotted will smile before swimming away
  • capricorn: emerald green tail, lives in arctic waters, helps people without them knowing, concerned about melting ice caps, could fight a sea lion if they had to, silhouette spotted under the ice
  • aquarius: shimmering rainbow tail, lives in deep water but is decorated with human trinkets from their visits to the shore, wants to learn about both humans and bottom of the sea, spotted sitting on rocks staring up at the sky
  • pisces: iridescent aqua tail, lives near a beach with a tragic story of a mermaid and her lost love, will just as soon drown you as play with you, wears jewelry of shards of pottery and sea glass, on stormy nights some say they hear weeping

did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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2 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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Masterlist (Updated)


Jay Park:

You grinding on him and moaning and getting embarrassed

Simon D:

You wanting to start a family


First Kiss (Himchan fluff)

Heaven (Himchan fluff)

Pepero (Himchan fluff)

Daddy Kink (Himchan Smut)

Wet Clothes (Himchan Scenario)

Wet Clothes (Part Two)

Forgiveness (Zelo Angst)

Jongup Fluff

How Would They Kiss & Touch You

Moon Jongup; Boyfriend

Bang Yongguk; Boyfriend


To you having a lot of tattoos

To you calling your dad ‘daddy’ but they respond

Bleeding on the Sheets

You being distant

You calling them ‘daddy’ (NSFW)

You moaning because they were pleasuring you (NSFW)

You unexpectedly topping during sex (NSFW)

You catch them staring at your cleavage

You being thick/curvy

You sitting in their lap and they get a boner

First time having sex as a married couple

You having a panic/anxiety attack

Big Bang:

First Date (Taeyang Fluff)

A New Beginning (T.O.P fluff)

Oblivious (T.O.P Fluff)

Stress Reliever (Taeyang Fluff)

Jealousy (Taeyang Scenario)

Time (Daesung Scenario)

How Would They Kiss & Touch You


You Doing Their Choreography

You biting their lip while kissing

You saying you don’t want kids

You refusing to give them a blowjob

You having curly/poofy that gets in their face/mouth

You writing a song about them

Them hearing you sing for the first time

You wanting a big family

You not being on speaking terms with your family

You sexually teasing them in front of the other members 

Giving them kisses while cuddling

You slapping their butt then walking away

You getting smiley and blushy when they kiss you


To cheat on you

Block B

Zico Fluff

Cliche Love (Zico Fluff)

Let Me Help (Zico Smut)

You’re so dense (Kyung Fluff)

You Know We’re a Good Couple, Right? (P.O Fluff)


Them hearing you sing for the first time

Boys Republic: 

Love at First Sight (Minsu Fluff)



Eunkwang reaction to you “flirting” with another member

Hyunsik + Ilhoon reaction to falling in love with a melody


Sweet Night (Suga Scenario)

School Love (Suga Scenario)


You Telling Them You Like Them For The First Time

To You Crying

To You Sleeping Half Naked

You being distant

Your boyfriend cheating on/breaking up with you

You calling your dad ‘daddy’ but they respond

You being thick/curvy

You not being able to walk after your first time

You having curly/poofy hair that gets in their face/mouth

You confessing to them while drunk + the morning after

You having a panic/anxiety attack

Them pissing you off and you retort by saying that their dick is small

You bleeding on the sheets

Them falling in love with a childhood friend

You being new to Korean & saying something wrong

You kissing them randomly

You getting all smiley and blushy when they kiss you

You being upset when you’re normally happy (description in post)

You listen to his heartbeat (Namjoon)

You pulling their hood over their face, kissing them, then running away


Date Someone Who is Depressed


Confessions (LE fluff)

Reunion (Fluff)


To you studying so much you begin crying


Love Like War (Tao Slight Smut)

Clubbing (Tao Smut)

D.O. Angst

Chen as a Boyfriend

Finally (Chanyeol Scenario)


You Spilling Tea On Them

To you calling your dad ‘daddy’ but they respond

You being sick/hurt

You having a nightmare

You having a panic attack

You not being able to walk after your first time

You waking them up with a Blowjob (NSFW)

You walking around in their t shirt and cute panties (Slight NSFW)


A Little Love (Amber fluff)

A Little Love (Part 2)

I’m Sorry (Amber Scenario)

Early Mornings (Amber Fluff)


You Being Sick

You dancing to one of their songs

You having a long day at work

Girl’s Generation:

Intense Gaming (Sooyoung Fluff)


Cute (Mark Fluff)

Cafe Date (Mark Fluff)

Perfection (Yugyeom Fluff)

My Mistake (Yugyeom Angst)

Is It Hot In Here? (Yugyeom Scenario)

Just Relax (Youngjae Fluff)

Birthday (Youngjae Fluff)

Boyfriend Mark Tuan


You kissing them unexpectedly

You sitting on Them

Bleeding on the sheets

You Squirting (NSFW)

You showing off your nerdy side

You calling your dad ‘daddy’ but they respond

You moaning because they were pleasuring you (NSFW)

You confessing to them

You grinding on them, then moan and get embarrassed (Slight NSFW)

Them accidentally bustin a nut

You feeling/teasing them randomly

You leaving a hickey on them

You grabbing their dick while making out

You saying; I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me.


Happy Moments (Jinhwan Fluff)

Coldness (Bobby Scenario)

Crush (Hanbin Scenario)

How would iKON kiss + touch you


You being curvy/thick

You moaning because of them pleasuring you

You flinching when they raised their hand

You subconsciously singing one of their songs

You falling on top of them around other members


Hwasa Fluff

The Wait (Moonbyul Fluff)

Monsta X:

Movie Scenes (Hyungwon Smut)

How would they kiss + touch you


You sending them a text message saying…

To you wearing an oversized sweater and knee high socks

Your towel falling off (Hyungwon, Shownu, Kihyun) 

Your towel falling off (Wonho, Minhyuk, I.M, Jooheon)

You being thick/curvy

You being a new backup dancer and dancing very well

Jooheon reaction to you “flirting” with another member


Jun Fluff

Stop Whining (Joshua Fluff)


You being scared easily

You being upset over Jeonghans hair

You kissing them

You walking around in a tshirt and panties



You kissing them randomly

Them coming home and seeing you jammin out to their music



Them walking in on you masturbating (NSFW)


Date Someone Who is Depressed


Encounters (Mino Scenario)

How would they kiss you


You biting their lip while kissing

You being thick/curvy

You getting injured while they were on tour

You wanting a big family 

You kissing them on the cheek


To cheat on you



You wanting to adopt


You See, I Love You More (Sohyun Fluff)


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anonymous asked:

I'll be honest. I may have pleasured myself looking at your recent pic in glasses. Wow you are a gothic beauty.

I don’t usually reply to messages like this but because I woke up to this message and had a full day of getting whistled at, shouted at, and followed, I think something has to be said.

In all honesty, this is not okay. I don’t want to know this, I don’t need to know this. Frankly, it is disgusting to know that after I post a selfie from a day when I for once felt good about myself someone does this. There wasn’t even anything that is generally considered sexy or revealing in that photo, it was just me being happy about my looks. For once. Do you know what I did when I walked back home from town today? I cried. I literally cried because my day had started and ended with unwanted encounters that made me feel really unsafe.

When I joined Tumblr we would share selfies and get comments and tips on our outfits and make-up from other alternative people. Nowadays I get more comments from people who get pleasure from whatever things they imagine goth girls or girls with glasses do. It literally makes me want to delete my blog and leave this site, because the community has mostly moved to Instagram and this is what has replaced it on this site. I was here for inspiration and community, not to be reduced to two aspects of my appearance and getting creepy messages about it.
I wear glasses because my vision is impaired. That’s literally it. I don’t wear them to fulfill a librarian or a MILF fantasy. I have to wear them in order to go about my daily life, so I don’t get run over by car and so that I can see further than half a foot from my face. There is nothing sexy about them. I also don’t do my make-up or outfit to fulfill someone’s goth fantasy or to be their imaginary dominatrix. Goth clothing does not equal sexual practice, and tells nothing about my sexual activity. Heck, even bondage wear does not equal bondage practice. You don’t know me in that way and you never will, you don’t even know the most basic things about me. I don’t exist or post selfies on this site for anyone’s sexual pleasure. In no way have I expressed that I want any of this and I do not take requests on how you would like me to look for your pleasure, as you have asked me after sending this. 

You might think these are nice messages. You might think you are being polite. But honestly, unless they have stated that they want them, these kind of “compliments” make the recipients uncomfortable. They are not okay. They are not romantic, they are not nice, and you are not the only one giving them. There is nothing special about them and they are unwanted. I do not want to wake up in the morning only to read about a stranger’s sexual activity that was inspired my selfie. If you think I’m a gothic beauty because you appreciate the subculture, thank you. If you think that because it gets you off, there is zero reasons for me to know that.

Needless to say I won’t be posting any new selfies for a while.

A Message to All Boys:

Wearing eyeliner doesn’t make you “girly” or “gay” a lot of girls actually find it attractive. If you wanna put concealer on that pimple go ahead. It doesn’t make you less of a man. Makeup is not intrinsically feminine. Don’t let society’s screwed up gender roles stop you from expressing yourself.

Why I love and cherish Mayor Pereyra:

  • Conspiracy theory nut
  • Probably on several online message boards
  • Has been wearing heels since at least the age of ten
  • Makes Murder Heels ™ and sells them to gangs
  • Despite being at least moderately evil has started charities
  • Is finally achieving the goals they set for themselves forty years ago. That’s dedication folks
  • Somehow hasn’t committed murder for a few episodes despite being stuck in a tube for three days with a fish woman, a walking backpack, and a depressed noir protagonist with a monologuing habit

anonymous asked:

Hi, do you ship Gtop? I'm new o the fandom so can you please give me some evidence that they might be dating for real? Thanks 🙏🏻❤️

this is my favourite kinda ask omg 🕵🏼‍♀️i don’t know how delusional you want me to go so i will just say disclaimer: a lot of this is just speculation

  • pre-debut cyworld messages 
  • they used to wear matching bracelets but stopped (i think) once mnet did a weird exposé on them as a joke 
  • this one is PURE speculation i think, but jiyong got his smiley face tattoo on his hand in the same place seunghyun got a scar on his? i think it was at a time when seunghyun was having it really rough so…idk
  • the amount of art work and furniture that seunghyun has bought, only for it to appear in jiyong’s flat a few months later is actually ridiculous 
  • seunghyun spent his last birthday in a gallery with jiyong and (i think?) only jiyong
  • jiyong went to go watch him get his hair cut on his last day before enl*sting (even though there was no need for him to go get his hair cut?????)
  • they ended up spending new years eve together just the two of them “by accident”
  • apparently an unaired story from strong heart where jiyong says seunghyun looked like the statue of david but it just sounds like they got drunk and seunghyun took his shirt off in their hotel room
  • the baby.… goodnight ….mv …where they get all angsty with girls and end up with each other *wheezes*
  • they had a weird period a few months ago where they would. not. stop. liking gtop fan art on instagram
  • they went on a hella expensive sushi date, this guy who only serves like 1 group of people a day and they went…alone ,…. more wheezing
  • seunghyun got into YG after jiyong called him and begged him to audition and helped him with his mixtape and if that doesn’t scream teenage love then idk anymore

It’s only until after you take a selfie that you realize your skirt is caught up in the back waist band and twisted, too. Home based selfie ftw!


I never used to wear “message” T-shirts, but lately it seems I buy nothing but. I blame the “meh” T for the start of this trend.


Although the characters in the show often drive illegally (underage/without a license) as well as erratically due to magic adventures, getting revenge against jerks named Kevin or chasing pink haired babes on motorcycles, I appreciate the message of always wearing your seat belt. 

Sour cream: There is nothing lame about seatbelt safety.

A Girl Like Her Halloween

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Plus Size!Reader

A/n: This is part of a Girl Like Her holiday series I have coming up.  I just can’t let this story go.  Pure fluff hope you like it!  Tell me if you have an idea for a side story!  I will happily write more.

You walk around your and Bucky’s apartment putting the last few fake spider webs around the door and check your bowl one more time to be sure that you had enough candy.   It was halloween, Bucky unfortunately was on a mission and wasn’t able to be here with you to pass out candy.   

Tony was throwing his usual party, but as Bucky wasn’t around you thought it best just to stay at home and have a quiet night.  Bucky was bummed he was going to miss your costume.  You had kept it a secret from him and kept teasing him the whole week prior, he still hadn’t guessed correctly.

Even as he walked out the door his gear bag over his shoulder, he turned to you with a grin, “A cat?”

“Go to work so you can get back Buck.”  You sighed shaking your head, telling him he was wrong again.

Looking at the clock on the wall you realized it was time to put your costume on.  Truth be told you were nervous.   Your costume wasn’t exactly what you would consider body appropriate.  Curvy girls weren’t suppose to wear a curve hugging, white dress.   At least that is what you have always been told.

You pulled on your dress smoothing the sides and looked at yourself.  It wasn’t bad but you couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious.  You weren’t going to Tony’s so the only people that would see you would be the trick-or-treaters and Bucky when you sent him a picture later.  

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Post catws, after failing to find Bucky for about 5 months, Steve comes home from the grocery store and checks his answer phone messages while he puts stuff away. The first one is Fury informing him of another mission the day after next, the second is drunk Tony demanding he comes to the party, and a few other random ones that Steve listens to, until the sixth message, which starts with a few seconds of silence, before rapid fire Russian, Steve knows its Bucky.

Ten minutes later, Steve is playing the message for Nat, who wears a serious expression at first before she starts laughing and looking up at Steve with an odd expression. Steve is getting increasingly frustrated and demands to hear it from the start, so he plays it again and listens to the angry Russian for a few seconds before Nat pauses it.

“Direct translation?” She asks and Steve nods. “‘You fucking meatball, what were you thinking covering a grenade with your body, like you are some unlimited resource, and can be spared. What the fuck were you thinking, I leave you alone for five minutes…’ do you want me to continue?”

Basically the two minute long message is Bucky angry ranting at Steve in Russian for all the dumb shit he remembers. “’I know you stole my shirt you asshole.’” Is the last thing Nat translates before the call abruptly ends. “What shirt?” Nat asks but Steve doesn’t say anything, instead he stands up to retrieve the aforementioned shirt to show Nat, Bucky’s shirt that he stole before Bucky went to war, since it smelt like him…. 

“That little shit stole it back! He fucking stole it!” Steve yells as he walks out of his room, and Nat doubles over laughing.

anonymous asked:

I'm 15 - I was born Muslim but not in a very practicing family. I was never taught how to pray and it makes me feel terrible. how can I change this

Assalam Alaikom love,

You can change this by starting to pray!

How to Pray in Islam

The Prayers

There are 5 daily prayers

  • Fajr - at dawn
  • Dhuhr - at noon
  • Asr - at afternoon
  • Maghrib - at sunset
  • Isha - at night

The times of the prayers change every day as the timing of the sun’s ‘movement’s change. I suggest downloading an app such as this one (there are many more, just search ‘athan’ in your app store). There are also charts you can print off to use. This is an example, but you will need to find one specific to your area. Islamic Finder is a great resource for this, and you can set up an athan app on your computer with it.

Each prayer has a certain number of rakat, which is a particular sequence of movements. The obligatory (fardh in Arabic) number of rakat are as followed:

  • Fajr - 2
  • Dhuhr - 4
  • Asr - 4
  • Maghrib - 3
  • Isha - 4

Salah is easy to fit in, because there is an allocated time for it. The best time is immediately when the athan goes off, but it is ok to pray it during it’s period of time

  • Fajr can be prayed from the start of the sunrise until the sun has risen (your athan app or chart will tell you when sunrise is)
  • Dhuhr can be prayed between the start of dhuhr until right before Asr
  • Asr can be prayed between the start of asr until right before Maghrib
  • Maghrib can be prayed between the start of maghrib until right before Isha
  • Isha can be prayed between the start of Isha until midnight

The Movements & Rakat

  1. Make wudu (or have it from your last prayer). I’m not going to go into details on that here, if you want message me again.
  2. Wear appropriate clothes, if you’re a girl your awrah must be covered. Only face and hands showing - modest loose clothing
  3. Find a clean, serene space. You may want to use a prayer rug
  4. Make intention of your prayer in your heart (not out loud). This is called niyyah
  5. Stand facing the qiblah (direction of the kaaba). There are compasses and apps for this
  6. Raise both hands to your ears and say “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great)
  7. Place your hands right under your chest, your right hand over your left hand. At this point eventually you will make dua, for now, focus on the rest
  8. Recite Surah Al-Fatihah, say ameen
  9. Recite another surah of your choice (Ikhlas, Nas, Falaq, Masad, Asr, are all very easy and short to begin with)
  10. Raise your hands to your ears again and say “Allahu Akbar”
  11. Go down into Ruku - bowing position where your hands are on your knees and your back is parallel with the ground. Say, “Subhana Rabbiyal Atheem” (Glory be to my Lord, the Almighty). Say this THREE times
  12. While returning back to the standing position before (with your arms to your side) say, “Sami'Allahu liman hamidah" (Allah hears those who praise Him) and then “Rabbana wa lakal hamd” (Our Lord, praise be to You)
  13. Now you will go into sujood after saying “Allahu Akbar” again. Sujood is bowing with your face on the ground. Your knees, hands, forehead, nose, and toes will be touching the ground). Say THREE times, “Subhana Rabbiyal A'la” (Glory be to my Lord, the Highest).
  14. Next, sit on your feet with your bottom touching your heels. Place your hands on your knees
  15. Now repeat the sujood once again (step 13)


Let’s pretend we are going to pray fajr, we need one more rakat, ok!

So we stand up from sujood by staying “Allahu Akbar” & bringing our hands to our ears

Now repeat steps 7-13.

AT EVERY 2ND RAKAT, we sit and say tashahhud. When you begin to say the shahada (ash hadu an la ilaha..) point and move your finger

IF we are ending the prayer (fajr is 2 rakat so we are done) we finish the tashahhud with a dua for the prophet (peace be upon him)

ONLY say the second part of tashahhud in the second sitting of every salat, when you are ending the prayer. You will say the first half of tashahhud twice in some prayers, but every prayer will ONLY say the second half  of tashahhud once. Do not say the second half by itself ever, you must always begin with the first half.

If we are praying fajr, we prayed 2 rakat, so we are done.

***TO END: Turn your head to the right and say “Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah” (peace and the mercy of Allah be on you), then to left and repeat that.

Dhuhr, Asr, and Isha are 4 rakat prayers

  • Pray 2 rakats and at the second make the first half of tashahhud
  • Then pray 2 more rakats the SAME WAY except - only recite fatiha (not a second surah)
  • Then at the end of the 4th rakat, say ALL of tashahhud
  • End it how you would with all, by saying salam***

Maghrib is 3 rakat

  • Pray 2 rakat as you would and at the second make the first half of tashahhud
  • Then pray 1 more rakat the SAME WAY except, only recite fatiha
  • Then at the 3rd rakat, say ALL of tashahhud
  • End it with salam***


But it’s okay, reading it isn’t easy - seeing it is soooo easy


A picture tutorial 1

Another picture tutorial

Some random details

A youtube video I like

Praying at a mosque



  • Go to your masjid. Pray with people. Mess up. Let them correct you. It’s ok to mess up, don’t feel shameful. Going to the masjid allows you to watch others pray. Follow the imam, not everyone prays correctly.
  • Pray alongside videos
  • Print out or write out the surahs & tashahhud until you have them memorized
  • Dedicate yourself to memorization of Fatihah, 2 other surahs (fajr & nas are good to start), the things to say in ruku & sujood, and tashahhud.
  • Keep in mind if your pronunciation sucks that’s ok, it still counts
  • Don’t miss salah. It’s very important. I could write a 200 page thesis on why salah is the most important thing ever ever ever. The only way to learn is to do it
  • Continue to learn, but take it slow. It’s going to take some time to perfect your salah. I’m still perfecting mine. My old old grandma is still perfecting hers. Be patient with yourself. Slow & steady wins the race
  • Pray with friends (or family?) if you can. Even tumblr friends and video chat at watch you pray and correct you :D
  • Ask questions. I’m here, and there are plenty of others here for you
  • Find “How to Pray” booklets/websites made for kids. It’s ok to start from scratch
  • Have a knowledgeable person watch you pray. Let them correct you.


We all had to learn to pray once, and it’s a very important obligation. You got this :D


so as of today, i have the same kimono that tyler wears onstage.

if you know me, you know i love my old kimono. for two years i’ve worn the most similar looking replica of tyler’s. this kimono helped me learn what it meant to be comfortable in my own skin. it taught me how to deal with toxic masculinity. that’s something i grappled with a lot growing up. not being man enough, being shunned for enjoyed feminine aspects of things. i know it’s not as serious a social issue as so many others, and i’m sincerely not trying to make it seem that way; it’s just what i was faced with. but once i saw tyler wearing this flowery cardigan onstage, alongside the skeleton hoodies, ski masks, and jumpsuits, i knew that here was a guy who was unafraid to express himself, to resist conformity, to say “look. you will not define me. this range of outfits is mine and mine alone. and this is my identity”.

nothing stuck out at me so much as the kimono. to take a traditionally woman’s garment and and show that it’s not intrinsically feminine, that it was a thing of objective beauty and to wear it was to appreciate that beauty, regardless of who you are. i’ve worn the kimono to each of the seven shows i’ve been two. each time it’s strengthened my belief that identity is not constricted to your gender, and that i am surrounded by a community of people who support that idea just as much as i do. now that replica kimono is old, frayed, ripped at the seams. now i’ve found the same one that tyler himself wears on that stage, when he sings to millions around the globe. now i wear the message that tyler wears each night like a badge of honor. and it makes me feel all the more beautiful. 🌸

EXO Reaction-Sending you dirty pictures! (18+)

So Brittany (admin B) had emergency dental surgery and is recovering from that.  She had this one done already so I’m posting it for the fans.  I hope you guys love it!  Remember send those requests in.  -Admin T

Xiumin:  You had bought some cute outfits from Victoria’s Secret and since your boyfriend was away you decided to put them on and send him a picture.  He would be sitting with his band mates when he read the message.  He’d be frustrated but send you a message to video call him later.

Luhan:  You decided to model your new outfits to your boyfriend but he said he was working late.  You put on your black and red set and sent him a message.  He read the message and decided to head to the restroom to send you a reply.

Kris:  You sent him a picture of you wearing you new bra and panty set.  You suddenly get a response.  You’d look at the message where he tells you all the things that he is going to do to you tonight and it makes you blush.

Suho:  You would Send him a picture in your new bra wanting to get a reaction out of him.  He wouldn’t be able to contain his excitment and and send you some pictures where he is bragging about himself.

Lay:  He would be in the studio when you sent him a picture wearing you white and pink set from Victoria’s Secret.  He wouldn’t know what to do with himself, but since he was alone he would video call you so that he could look at your outfit better.

Baekhyun:  He would be out eating supper with the guys when he got your message showing off your stockings.  He would smile and message you back telling you how sore you would be come morning time.

Chen:  You decided to send your boyfriend pictures of your new outfit.  He would smile and not know how to react.  He would sit there and think of what he wants to do to you later and simply send you a smiley face as a response.

Chanyeol:  Once you had sent him the pictures, he would be all excited,  He would send you a video message showing you how excited he was.  He would then call you back and tell you how great you are going to be under him that night.

D.O.:  He would be besides himself when you sent him a picture.  He would sit there and smile just thinking about it.  He wouldn’t know how to respond so he would just call you and tell you how he feels.

Tao:  He would see your picture and decide that he had to send you a video about it instantly.  He would tell you what he is going to do to you when you get off work.  

Kai:  You would send him a message wearing your sexiest bra.  He would get frustrated just looking at you not wearing any clothes but you bra and panties.  Since he couldn’t see you immeditaly he would find a way to make himself feel better involving your picture.

Sehun:  He would be shy when he would open your message after a long time practicing and see you almost completly naked.  He would get flustered and decided to call you the minute he had free time.

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