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Hey Sofie, I'm interested to know what YouTubers you enjoy watching? I need something to inspire me between your uploads.

not that her channel is super similar to mine, but I discovered Lilly Jarlsson on youtube several months ago. she makes videos about vintage style that are historically accurate and I find them really interesting and inspiring. she also promotes positive messages about equality and wearing whatever style you want regardless of you body type/age/gender. so if you like the vintage aspect of my style (60s, 70s inspiration) she’s a great one to check out.

i like to imagine that clark kent’s search history is mostly normal but then there’s stuff like “improved superman costume concept art” because he wanted ideas


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

click on them for better quality~

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Check out my Etsy store for some LGBT pride hats!!! (I would love to make more than just these flag patterns if there’s demand for it - message me if you want to place an order for a pride hat not pictured here)

  • aries: deep red tail, travels all over, wears gifts from infatuated humans, often mistaken for underwater fire or sunken rubies, spotted teasing sailors out at sea
  • taurus: pearly pink tail, lives near a small ocean side town with a legend of a beautiful mermaid, never seen but often a lovely inhuman song is heard
  • gemini: sunny yellow tail, goes from beach to beach, collects bottled messages among other things, wears shell charm jewelry, likes to watch humans from a distance, occasionally talks to a sole person wandering the beach but no one believes the person after
  • cancer: silvery tail, lives near a ligthhouse, pulls drowning people to shore, pearls, spotted singing on moonlit nights
  • leo: golden tail, lives in a coral reef castle, friends with all the sea creatures, spotted on beaches of tropical islands but disappears before any photos can be taken
  • virgo: off-white cream tail with spots of beige and brown, lives in a cave, leads lost people to their cave for shelter, sometimes those who have done unspeakable things mysteriously disappear and those who have been wronged receive sudden good luck, spotted just before these strange incidents
  • libra: pastel blue and mint green tail, lives near a bustling city, fell in love with a human, makes various arts and crafts with what they find in the water, spotted combing hair
  • scorpio: deep blue tails, lives out at sea, may lure a sailor to their death or save them (depends on the sailor), shark teeth necklaces, knows what lies in the deepest crevices of the ocean, spotted staring up out of the water with glowing eyes
  • sagittarius: plum tail, never stays in one place, decorated with souvenirs of adventures, has pulled entire ships to shore, can often be heard talking and laughing but if spotted will smile before swimming away
  • capricorn: emerald green tail, lives in arctic waters, helps people without them knowing, concerned about melting ice caps, could fight a sea lion if they had to, silhouette spotted under the ice
  • aquarius: shimmering rainbow tail, lives in deep water but is decorated with human trinkets from their visits to the shore, wants to learn about both humans and bottom of the sea, spotted sitting on rocks staring up at the sky
  • pisces: iridescent aqua tail, lives near a beach with a tragic story of a mermaid and her lost love, will just as soon drown you as play with you, wears jewelry of shards of pottery and sea glass, on stormy nights some say they hear weeping

It’s okay if you’re not ready yet to wear something you want to. It’s okay if you’re not comfortable enough to wear something strange and different even though you want to. Learning to love your body but also to be comfortable in it and what you wear is a journey, a process and that means there will always be stages where you’re not comfortable enough to do something. But, one day you will be.

5 years ago I never would have imagined that I liked and felt comfortable wearing dresses and attention drawing lipstick, and sometimes tight dress that showed my lumps and bumps. I never thought wearing that would make me feel comfortable, beautiful and much more. But, that’s progress. It goes at different paces for everyone. But one day if you want to wear that dress you’ll be able to, you’ll feel comfortable enough to. We all have room to grow, to learn, to improve upon how we feel and you’ll get there to that next goal every time because you can. Just don’t punish yourself for being ready, you can’t force it.

It’s okay to not be quite ready to do something yet no matter how body confident you are. Take your time. Let yourself grow some more. When you’re ready you’re ready and when you’re not you’re not. xx


Although the characters in the show often drive illegally (underage/without a license) as well as erratically due to magic adventures, getting revenge against jerks named Kevin or chasing pink haired babes on motorcycles, I appreciate the message of always wearing your seat belt. 

Sour cream: There is nothing lame about seatbelt safety.

Remington (my OC)

A full year of art, still mostly dominated by KH but I don’t think any of you really mind XD!! Thank you guys so much for all your support through your encouraging messages, wearing my shirts, and sharing my artwork with your friends <3 I don’t say this often enough: you guys are awesome, and I’m very thankful to have you all at my side (´;ω;`) so despite the not-so-good things that have happened this year, I know for a fact that there are good and kind people out there.

Keep making the world beautiful–keep drawing, writing, creating cosplay; go and do all the things that make you happy. Encourage others and encourage yourself to do better. Art is never an end, it’s always a beginning of something great.

I hope y’all have a splendid celebration with loved ones and i’ll see you in 2017 ♥ ♥ ♥

PSA to the anons in my inbox

This is a HATE-FREE BLOG. 

Please do not send me nasty messages about my liking a certain character or being a fan of a certain ship. They are my opinions and this is my blog, and if you don’t like it, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out. I LOVE interacting with my followers and my inbox will remain open to anons, but my threshold for handling hateful messages is wearing out.

If you don’t like a character or a ship, fine. Put it in the ‘anti’ tag of whatever it is you don’t like and talk about it with people who share your interests. Please don’t come to me and my ships tag and attack who we are because you feel that I/we support whatever it is YOU took from watching that character. I do not use any ‘anti’ tags on my blog because I personally find it childish to express my opinions that way. There is no need for me to tell others I hate something. Many of my followers picked up on the fact that I wasn’t a fan of Laurel Lance on Arrow simply by the fact that I didn’t post anything about her. There was no hatred, no berating of the writers or Laurel Lance fans (who are much nicer than some people give them credit for btw). If someone wanted to know my opinion about something they weren’t sure I was a fan of or not, they asked me and I would respond politely. No muss, no fuss.

People, these shows do not tell you how you think. They are not the manuals for our lives. They are entertainment. We are adults (most of us, and even so we are all capable individuals) and we can form our own opinions about things and not freak out when a show does something we don’t like. I listen to rap music. But I do not advocate the lifestyle typically associated with that genre because I AM A GROWN UP AND HAVE FORMED MY OWN OPINIONS. I don’t send hate mail to radio stations that play those songs and accuse them of advocating for those values. That would ridiculous and stupid. These shows are not real, they are a fantasy and not worth getting so worked up over that you feel the need to send something to someone else that makes them want to cry. 

I just got into an amazing new show that I’ve been wanting to see for while, and I fell in love with a pairing on the show, not realizing that it came with a minefield of a Tumblr tag. I was all happy, full of that butterflies in the chest thing new shippers get (all you veteran shippers know exactly what I’m talking about), and was swiftly slammed back to Earth reading all the hate that filled my feed and inbox. Now when I watch the show, all I can do is dread the crap I’m going to have to drudge through when I post something happy or positive. Just…please stop. It sucks, and no one deserves it. 

This got a little long, but I just wanted to say this for the record. Hate will not be tolerated on this blog. This world is awful enough, there is no need for it here. Please be respectful and courteous and remember that behind every blog there is a person with feelings. <3