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it gets easier in the telling

summary: “tell us!” killua’s sisters demand. and it’s hard, at first. but eventually, it gets easier for him answer.

notes: hello I am a terrible student who spent an hour wordbarfing feelings about killua and emotions and how his sisters are the best and persistent in what they want, rather than working on my paper due on friday. do not follow my example, fellow kids. do your work, don’t fic. gen, alluka and nanika and killua, with a side of killugon, rated F for Feelings and Fluff. 1750 words. not edited in the slightest.


“Tell me!” Alluka demands.

“Tell you what?” Killua ruffles his sister’s hair with a grin. It sticks up in odd directions, beads she’s woven in the strands next to her cheeks preventing it from becoming a total mess.

She scowls up at him, eyes flashing with annoyance, and sticks her tongue out at him. “Tell me what you’re feeling!”

Killua laughs and messes her hair up even more. “I love you,” he says.

Alluka wriggles out from under his noogie, only to boop him in the nose. “Love you,” she says back.

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i know literally Nothing about this game, is the outsider just a sad man who isn't allowed back inside the town because he believes in whales? ??

thiis is SUCH a funny ask i want this framed. i cant believe the outsider was banished because he believed in whales. what an icon. i love this world you’ve created with such a simple, one-sentenced ask. why is believing in whales such a punishable crime? why do the town residents vehemently deny the existence of whales and why do they banish those who believe in creatures that are obviously very real? surely the towns people can just go to sea and see for themselves? do whales carry a connotation of being evil as to have such grievous punishments associated with them? it is a theological debate to discuss the nature and existence of whales? this message creates such a rich world with unimaginable lore already

but in all seriousness - the outsider is a deity within the dishonored universe who was once a living human who was ritualistically murdered and had his being merged with the void. he acts as a sort of avatar of the void, if you will, the void being the source of all magic in the dishonored universe and the place where all souls pass through in the afterlife. the outsider is a true being of neutrality; he does not care for the actions of man and has since lost all real traces of whatever humanity he has since he was killed. he sometimes blesses certain individuals that pique his interests - and being ‘interesting’ to the outsider means you have the capabilities to enact great change depending on choices as the outsider has glimpses of potential future outcomes. he does not care for who individual(s) use the powers he gives them, and remains an uninvolved and neutral observer hoping for a good show.

some people worship the outsider and others dont, the abbey of the everyman is the dominant religious fraction in the dishonored universe and are actively against the outsider, as they perceive him to be the source of all evil. 

hope that betters your understanding!

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I’m glad you like my terumob ;-; 

And yeeess don’t worry you’re not the only one, anon!! I’m sure there’s more terumob shippers out there…somewhere… ;v;)  

(you can talk to me about terumob anytime, i’m lonel y)

Here’s a terumob for you!! Have a good day <3

If a boy ever:

-buys me cheap ass shit from Walmart.
-is a druggie with no future or job.
-guilts me.
-puts me into a scenario when he requires constant attention and I receive none.
-is not worshiping me.
-does not buy me flowers.
-is an A plus fuck boy.

please please constantly remind me that they’re a piece of shit and I need to carry on with myself.

Dishonored Modern/Technology Savvy AU

  • Where Corvo must eliminate High Overseer Campbell and fetch his notorious black iPad.
  • Runes are actually just hotspots
  • Holger’s Device is an app the Overseers use to take down heretics. High Artificer Bartholomew is still working on the app and to make the music more enjoyable for the Overseers. 
  • The Outsider looks the same. His clothes are forever vintage.
  • Heretics aspiring hipsters??? Liked The Outsider before he became cool.
  • Pendleton drunk texts everyone. 
  • High Overseer Campbell offers Geoff Curnow Coors Light. Curnow politely refuses and explains he’s a fan of Shock Top. 
  • Whalers inappropriately use Instagram to show off their feats. 
  • Havelock will tell you about how when he was growing up, computers were more or less useless for personal use and kids actually went outside. None of this Internet bullshit.
  • The Outsider will send text messages featuring whales. Texting in The Void is very expensive. 
  • Loyalists use Google maps instead of physical maps. 
  • Boyle’s party is a rave. Don’t talk to the creep who is trying to get with one of the Boyle sisters. 
  • Daud’s search history is embarrassing and equally worrisome. 
What they don’t tell you about the sugar bowl

I have only been on the site for 24 hours but I have noticed that there are somethings that they do not tell you about being a sugar baby.

1. For one thing you may get views but not everyone who views you will message you.

2. You can send out detailed messages to different whales on the site but there is a chance that they will either read it and not message you even saying no

3. The waiting game is very hard, it takes time to get use to waiting on them to respond to your messages

4. You start to question if sugaring will work for you and if you can find the right person.

5. You realize that if you quit now, how much time you would have wasted and you keep pushing through. Because their is someone out there for you. You just have to find them.

I won’t apologize for what I’ve said regarding the faroes island slaughter. I’m educated on the matter. To be completely honest, I give zero shits if i’m offensive when it comes to these issues. I don’t tolerate animal cruelty and the senseless brutal murder of animals that I adore. I will never coddle murderers or the people who defend them, for whatever asinine reason they see fit. I don’t support sport that ends with death, I don’t support traditions that end with death, that should have been abolished long ago. If you don’t care about animal rights issues, that’s fine. Feel free to unfollow if you disagree with something someone posts, no need for cowardly anonymous messages~

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Seaworld had the chance to defend themselves multiple times when it comes to this movie. Why haven't they done so? Because they want you to believe every little thing they say about they're care for these animals. Why is Tilikum in a little bitty tiny tank?? When he runs free 100 even thousands of miles a day! People have seen tilly in a little tank going in circles. Why do you think people are talking about blackfish? Because it's REAL

Just take a moment and read this, its from someone who used to work at sea world

 I’ve been asked often and recently about my opinions towards this “amazing documentary” that “just came out” on Netflix called “Blackfish”. Having worked for SeaWorld for a few years, people are always curious as to what my opinion is. 

“Julie, have you seen it? What do you think?" 

Yes. I have seen it, multiple times. My opinion of it is this: I completely respect and agree with the underlining message- whales do not belong in captivity… but neither does any other animal (more on that later). I do, however, find the movie’s portrayal of SeaWorld to be horribly offensive and misleading. SeaWorld is not a monster.

"But Julie, SeaWorld uses animals for entertainment purposes, isnt this wrong?”

Thank you, PETA. Yes, SeaWorld is an entertainent based industry. People all over the world come to see these marvelous animals up close, eat a churro, and then ride the latest roller coaster. 

But before you go all animal activist on me, think about what your saying. Have you ever been to a zoo? Aquarium? Pet store? All of these animals were placed there to entertain, excuse me, educate you. And they dont quite do it to SeaWorld’s standards (Ill get to this later).

“But Julie, SeaWorld took these whales out of their natural environment”. 

False. The majority of the whales at SeaWorld were born in the park. Yes, a few were captured more than 35 years ago, but that is how animals were acquired those days.

And frankly, where do you think the animals at your favorite zoo came from? Contrary to popular belief, these animals are not usually “rescues”. 

And to be even more frank, how many of you have a home aquarium??? Where do you think these fish came from? That’s right. They’re captured from their native environment, oftentimes shocked, meanstwhile depleting coral reefs in hopes that these stressed fish might make it to your aquarium, where, lets face it, they usually die.

“But Julie, the tanks the whales are in are like bathtubs" 

Ugh. This one gets to me the most. At least use your own wording! Yes, the exhibits the whales are in are no where close to being the size of the ocean. But they are VASTLY larger than the size of most animal enclosures. True, these animals can swim hundreds of miles a day…. but think about other enclosures. Elephants can walk up to 40 miles a day and yet I rarely see an enclosure larger than 2000 ft. 

And bird cages? Fish tanks? Why is it that no one is offended by any of this?! It’s okay to put a goldfish in a bowl but not okay to have whales in a 60 million gallon environment? An enclosure that SeaWorld has spent over 70 million dollars to improve? 

"But Julie, these animals are forced to perform shows. They’re slaves.”

Inaccurate. The whales at SeaWorld are never forced to do shows. They get an alloted amount of restaurant quality food based off of their fitness level, size, and metabolism. And they are fed regardless of if they do a show. 

“But Julie, it’s cruel to force these animals to do "tricks”. 

These “tricks” are actually positively reinforced behaviors that the whales have learned through positive interactions and operant conditioning. Studies have shown that learned behaviors like this actually increase an animals mental health prolonging their fitness and increasing quality of life.

“But whales dont do flips in the wild" 

….and your dog doesnt naturally give you his paw when he wants a treat, but he is capable. Training behaviors like this, once again, encourages mental and physical growth. If the whales were incapable, they wouldnt do it. 

"Cant they just stop making the whales do shows?" 

Sure, but there is no positive reprocussion to that. Without enrichment, whales would resort to common boredom behaviors seen in zoos and institutions around the world. Plus, the interations the whales have with the trainers is a form of bonding for the whales. If they suddenly discontinued, the whales would display depression behaviors. I dont know about you, but I am highly against intentional depression.

"Cant you release them? They’ll be happier”

Look up the story of Keiko, the whale from “Free Willy.” That’s what happens when you release a captive killer whale. They are not equipped to live in the open ocean environment anymore. 

“Okay, what about a seapen then? Its bigger and the whales would be interact with their natural environment”

These whales currently thrive in multi-sourced continually filtered water environment. These means they are never exposed to pathogens, parasites, or heavily contaminated water. Putting them in a sea pen would expose them to a variety of potentially killer organisms. Not only that but they would be exposed to countless amounts of new sights, sounds, and vibrantions, causing an immense amount of stress. 

“But Julie, there is absolutely no benefit to having these poor creatures at SeaWorld." 

SeaWorld has impacted the lives of over 400 million visitors over the timespan they’ve been in business. That is 400 million people that have been affected by the beauty of not only the killer whales, but of over 6000 species of animals they would not come in contact with on a normal basis. 

"SeaWorld is not educational”. 

Excuse me? The top leading research done on both killer whales and other cetaceans comes from SeaWorld sponsored research. Most of what we know today about these animals has been learned from animals in captivity.

“Cant we learn simply by observing them in the wild?" 

Theoretically, sure. But any scientist (or grad student) will tell you how difficult it is to study animals in the wild. You can sit and observe 24 hours a day and only witness about 15 minutes of usable data. 

And good luck funding that research. It’s an unfortunate fact that people do not support things that do not benefit them directly. SeaWorld contributes millions upon millions of dollars to variety of conservation programs in the wild, including the Marine Mammal protecion act and Sea Turtle conservation. Finding funding from a private, independent source is unlikely and unreliable. 

"Okay… well… umm… what about the dorsal fin thing?" 

Dorsal fins are made out of cartilage, a flexible structure that makes up your nose and ears. The size of the dorsal fin is cause by a multitude of things, including genetics. Many of our whales come from a similar bloodline (not crossbred) and therefore have larger dorsal fins. 

Although not common in the wild, a whale’s dorsal fin, especially larger ones, may bend. This may be an effect from more surface exposure combined by genetics. There have been no indications that this affects the animals well-being in any way. It’s a fact of life. Sometimes we get droopy body parts too….

"Why can’t SeaWorld just go to be all educational? Obviously people would respect it more.”

Nature Centers and educational facilities are amazing ideas and do many great things. Unfortunately, not many people go out of their way to visit them and they can go out of business (Chula Vista Nature Center…anyone?). People, unfortunately, are selfish beings. They want to be entertained, not lectured. So although the conservation message is taught at many of these amazing facilities, they are not affecting as many people as you would think.

SeaWorld’s message is this: to celebrate, connect, and care for the natural world we share through the power of entertainment. People come into the parks with an expectation and leave with an appreciation of marine life they’ve never had before. I cannot begin to tell you how many kids Ive heard say that Shamu changed their life. That they want to stop polluting the ocean. That they want to save the sea turtles. SeaWorld is a memory that they will have forever and oftentimes changes their entire outlook on life.

So, before you boycott SeaWorld, realize that you’re not boycotting the evil corporation “Blackfish” makes it out to be. You’re boycotting Bruce, the 80 year old sea turtle who was rescued not only once, but twice after being shot in the head and left for dead by people who didn’t care. You’re boycotting Iris, the rescued seal who was found stranded and blind and then rereleased, able to see again. You’re boycotting the 650 juvenille sea lions rehabilitated and taught to eat after they were stranded on the Pacific Coast. You’re boycotting the baby emperor pengiuns, just hatched, ensuring the future families of penguins to come. You’re boycotting the hundreds of dogs adopted from shelters thanks to Pets Rule. You’re boycotting the group of high schoolers collecting trash off the shoreline after talking to the veterinary department behind the scenes and seeing the effects of trash in our ocean. 

If you need a summary of what SeaWorld is today, I ask you to look at me as a reflection. To look at the 1500 zoological team members that provide the upmost care to these animals. SeaWorld is one of the worlds most respected zoological facilities, setting the bar for husbandry standards today. We are SeaWorld. We are the people who cant drive by a lost dog on the street. We’re the people who stay awake overnight, waist deep in frigid water carrying a stranded dolphin that wasn’t strong enough to swim. We’re the ones that cry the moment a sea turtle swims off into the ocean water after being hit by a boat. We are the ones whose heart rate accelerates the moment a mother gives birth to a beautiful calf. We’re the ones whose muscles ache after scrubbing oil off of birds trapped after a spill. We’re the ones hand feeding that abandonded baby otter in the wee hours of the night. 

So once again, don’t believe everything you see and don’t assume you know everything because a “documentary” tells you so. Educate yourself. SeaWorld is not the enemy, there are bigger evils in the world. We do not go out of our way to torture and “enslave” animals. We love and know more about those animals than “Blackfish” would ever care to let you know. It is because of SeaWorld, and places like them, thst you even care about these animals in the first place. I am very proud to be a part of the SeaWorld family and always will be.


These are some of my favorite shots I got of the orcas on Saturday. Still trying to nail down who this pod is, I might message the whale-watching company to see if they were able to ID them.

Kinda hard to tell in the last pic, but that’s a shot of a female going directly under me! She was so beautiful and massive, I had to put my camera down just to watch her glide by (which is why I didn’t manage to get a better shot).