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What they don’t tell you about the sugar bowl

I have only been on the site for 24 hours but I have noticed that there are somethings that they do not tell you about being a sugar baby.

1. For one thing you may get views but not everyone who views you will message you.

2. You can send out detailed messages to different whales on the site but there is a chance that they will either read it and not message you even saying no

3. The waiting game is very hard, it takes time to get use to waiting on them to respond to your messages

4. You start to question if sugaring will work for you and if you can find the right person.

5. You realize that if you quit now, how much time you would have wasted and you keep pushing through. Because their is someone out there for you. You just have to find them.


These are some of my favorite shots I got of the orcas on Saturday. Still trying to nail down who this pod is, I might message the whale-watching company to see if they were able to ID them.

Kinda hard to tell in the last pic, but that’s a shot of a female going directly under me! She was so beautiful and massive, I had to put my camera down just to watch her glide by (which is why I didn’t manage to get a better shot).