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¡Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson y Samuel L. Jackson os saludan!

Tenemos un mensaje muy especial solo para vosotros de Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson y Samuel L. Jackson! ¡No te pierdas Kong: La Isla Calavera en tu Kinépolis favorito el 10 marzo de 2017!
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Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson have a message to Spain!


So I’m from Barcelona, (Catalunya) Spain and in Madrid, the capital of Spain, there’s been an orange bus that has a transphobic promotional sign saying: “Grils have vagina, boys have a penis, don’t get fooled. If you are born as a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you still will be a woman”.

The bus itself:

This sign is promoted by a hateful catholic group called “Házte oír”.

The good thing about it is that there’s a response and it’s been banned and probaly won’t be driven around any town no more until the transphobic sign is gone.

To make sure that this ends, there’s a petition to stop it and it would be really helpful that everyone who can do it, pelase sign this petition to stop this. There’s still too many firms left pelase!

Please boost!!

I love trash villains ohmygod

If you want a keychain of this man send me a message ! (Spain only)

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Edythe was attempting to take the large suitcase out of the trunk of the car, though it was more than evident that she was failing miserably at it. Up to that point she’d gotten enough help to lift it wherever it needed to be lifted but she hadn’t thought it through to how she would get it through her front door. Considering the car was rented, she didn’t want to chance it getting damaged somehow because she couldn’t lift a suitcase. Before too long, she grew frustrated, pulling on the suitcase enough to take it out but only to watch it hit the ground with a hard thud. “Fuck. That’s what you get for never traveling light, Edythe.” The redhead spoke out loud to herself. 

papa-matthew  asked:

(To Antonio): Don't you listen to what those others say my little boy. You are a sweet and wonderful child, someone that I love having in my life. You are important and special and above all loved just the way that you are.

Do you really mean that? You aren’t lying right? I would never doubt you papi, not even for a second. But…I don’t know. Your the only one who ever says those things to me. You’re the only one who feels this way. So it’s always becoming harder and harder to believe. I love you so so much papi. But I don’t know if I feel so special or important right now. I’m sorry.

The only thing worse than missing my bff is finding out she’s lonely despite the excitement of living in a new place and misses food from home and seriously needs me to cook for her and hype her up as she does her photography thing.

I don’t know why did you feel like the fact of taking out the Spanish flags was such a lack of respect?

As Catalans said(lol), everyone has the right to express themselves (and even though I don’t support the independence of Catalonia, I do think that they have the right to be heard. Of course)

So that’s what we did: express ourselves. Express our bother with this situation, express our feeling as a nation because we do want to be together in this. Spain is a mess. Our government is a shit and that’s why we are more together than ever.

I’m really tired of hearing that people who wear the Spanish flag probably support fascism and oppression. No. We wear our flag because we are Spanish and proud of it. And like I said before, what we did (taking out the flags) doesn’t justify what happened today in Catalonia.