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A Pirate's Life For Me

Summary: The reader, a pirate on Captain Jones’ ship, sets foot on the island with her crew, and is met with and unexpected surprise.

 It was early in the morning when the crew first spotted the island. The coral sun was rising over the horizon, and the seagulls screeched their morning song. I had just woken up and began my morning chores. But when one of my mates cried out “Land ‘ho!”, I dropped the mop and ran to the side of the ship. 

From all the terrible stories I had heard from Hook about the evil Peter Pan and the dangerous island of Neverland, this was not what I had expected. The island was big and filled with lush green palm trees and sparkling sand. It looked like something out of a dream. My trance was immediately broken by the command of Killian.

 “Alright! I have set up a meeting with Pan in one of the island’s lagoons. We will meet, discuss and then leave on our next voyage. In this lagoon,we will be surrounded by dense jungle, and swarms of mermaids who are willing to drag you down into the sea and never bring you back up. Everyone needs to be one the lookout.” This little speech arose a cheer from the crew, but he held up his hand. “I will need a pirate to come on land with me. Y/n, ready yourselves for when we arrive.” I was nervous, yet thrilled. In all the time I had worked on this ship, Killian had always been overprotective of you. He treated you like a little sister, and had taught you all he knew about being a pirate. This was the first time he had allowed you to exit the ship. I stood up straight and tried to look tough as I walked back into my cabin. But as soon as I shut my door, I squealed. Grabbing my favorite leather satchel, I placed my knife, canteen, and some bandages inside. I decided to grab a loaf of bread and fruit as well, just in case.

 Making my way back up to the deck, I watched as the crew threw down the anchor and stairs. I looked upon the shore, and saw a face of a boy about my age. This couldn’t be Pan, I thought, He was supposed to be evil and menacing. But from where I stood, he looked innocent, and, and gorgeous. I waited for Killian to make the first steps off the ship and towards the island, before I followed.

 Glancing behind me back at the ship, I stepped onto the island. The sand felt soft and squishy, even under my shoes. We approached Pan, and he surveyed us all up and down. As his eyes landed on me, I saw a faint hint of a smile. I would have blushed under normal circumstances, but I needed to look like a pirate, scowl and all.

 “Hello there, Captain. I see you have acquired some new recruits” he said, again looking at me. His eyes seemed to hold a sinister look towards Killian, but when he looked at me, all I saw was kindness. “Have you brought what I sent for?” Killian grabbed a small velvet coin purse out from his jacket. 

 “There it is. And I believe whether or not I have gotten new recruits is none of your business.” Killian inched closer to me, until he stood next to me. He grabbed my hand and held it in his, which drew a laugh from Pan’s mouth. 

“Well, thank you for bring me this. Here is your reward.” Peter held a coin purse that looked almost identical to the one Killian had handed to him. Except, instead of holding the mysterious treasure, it held several gold coins.

 “Thank you” Killian nodded. “We must be off. I will expect your shadow to come around sooner or later with a new voyage to be made.” We turned around to head back to the crew.

 Suddenly, Pan appeared in front of us, a mischievous smirk forming across his face.

 “I don’t think you will be going anywhere just yet. I have another offer to propose.” This time, instead of gold coins, he offered jewels. “I would like her” he said, pointing at me, “and I am willing to pay.” I grimaced at the thought, and Killian looked as if he wanted to punch someone- more than likely, Pan. 

“I’m sorry” I said, “but I am not a prize that you can just buy and expect to get and how dare you-” I was cut off by Killian.

“Y/n is not something I am willing to trade. The deal was I brought you the treasure, you give me the money. That is it.” Killian drew his sword from it’s sheath, preparing for a battle I believed would not come. He stepped protectively in front of me, but I pushed him to the side. I could take care of myself! Especially against a boy in green tights.  Pan’s smirk seemed to grow wider after seeing this, and he brought his fingers to his lips, producing a loud whistle. 

“Boys, attack!!”

I hope you guys enjoyed A Pirate’s Life For Me! I was thinking of making a part two, so if you would like to  see it or send me any other requests, message me! And be sure to follow my new blog, @skylars-little-world xoxox

hi! i’ve submitted before but my url changed so i figured i’d say hello to everyone again :3 i’m ashley and i am queer™. check out this cool flag! if anyone lives in the NJ/PA area and needs a little extra validation, go to New Hope, PA. every other building has a pride flag on it and the town is small and quaint.
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Okay maybe not totally 100% back, but I’m slowly working through old drafts and I have every intention of writing up replies for the ones I want to continue. It’s been a long time, so be patient. It may take time for me to get back into Laurelin’s character. However, feel free to send some starters my way! I’ll be throwing some stuff in the queue so I should be getting back to posting soon. Drafts will be posted immediately after they are all completed.

I am so, so overwhelmed and appreciative of all the new followers and messages flooding my inbox expressing how much you guys are liking my tiny little corner of the internet here! I promise I'm not ignoring people - I actually just very recently had a baby who was significantly premature and have been a bit overwhelmed taking care of her but I will be back and more active again soon hopefully. Thank you all so much for being so amazing ❤

Hey I’m beck and I’m an 18 yo pre t trans guy who is hopefully starting soon. I use he/him pronouns and I’m looking for some new friends to message me and to follow my transition blog @becomingbeck it would be very appreciated.

Guess who started a bullet journal!! Using a squared moleskin and I love it!! Modeled my first week’s spread off of one I found on here so not my original layout but I think it’s a great way to start! Tag me or message me any tips you guys have for starting or using a bujo!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have a rules page? :)

aaah, no not currently since I deleted my old blog on impulse (and my rules with it), so I’ve been waiting until I finish a theme before re-typing them, but summed up my rules are:

I’m mutuals only. I don’t do NSFW. my triggers are suicide and self harm. I don’t roleplay with white maximoff twins. I’m 18 y/o, my name is Freya and I have BPD.

like I said, I’m definitely gonna get the page up as soon as I finish the theme, possibly before that, but you’re free to ask on or off anon if you have any questions <3