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DJ Tozier

Richie flung himself across the room to the other end of his large desk after having gently lifting the needle of the record. “You’re listening to the Rock Block with DJ Tozier aaaand that was ‘Hurt So Good’ by John Mellencamp and speaking of hurt, Eddie Kaspbrak you really hurt me but I’m hoping you’ll take me back?” Richie spoke casually into the microphone, not too close though so the sound wouldn’t fuzz up. 

“And now here’s…..” Richie flung himself across the room again on his wheely chair to find his notes. “ ‘Keep On Loving You’ By REO Speedwagon, requested for Julie from Adam, who’s hoping you’ll forgive him for kissing your sister.” Richie read the requested message while holding back laughter and changing the record, setting the needle down and taking off his headphones. He breathed a sigh of relief and bit his lip. 

He’d been building up all his nerves during his classes about asking for Eddie back on live radio…surely it wasn’t that big of a deal, it was only their college radio station but he put it out there anyway. He was expecting his phone to light up any second with texts from an angry Eddie but it remained dark. He frowned and waited for the song to fade out. “And this is DJ Tozier signing off for tonight. Thank you lady and germs!” He shouted and signed the show off with no problem. He pushed himself away and stood, forgetting the headphones were still around his neck and was tugged back violently as he walked away. 

“Shit!” He cursed and shrugged them off, storming out the door. 


Beverly was sitting in the courtyard with her legs crossed, sweating up a storm with Mike to her right. Between them sat a small radio they’d bought at a garage sale for just this purpose. Mike turned the dial off and sighed. “Richie’s nuts.” He shook his head and Bev giggled. 

“I think it’s cute.” She shrugged “I wish someone would do that for me.” She chuckled as Ben and Bill approached them. Ben put his hands on her shoulders and she looked up with a grin. 

“Poetry too outdated?” Ben asked and teasingly poked Bev’s shoulder. She tapped her fingers on his hand. 

“Never. Keep doing it.” She smiled and stood to kiss his cheek. Bill plopped down next to Mike and started to pull out all his homework. He set it down in a large pile as Stan strolled over, raising one of Bills books to his eye and browsing through it as he sat down. 

“C-c-catch Richie’s s-show?” Bill asked him and Stan put the book down. 

“I support him, so I turn it on but….If I’m honest, I put the volume so low it’s basically muted.”Stan said with a straight face. Everyone giggled and Bill punched his shoulder. 

They heard some distant shouting and all turned to see Richie Tozier barreling towards them, tripping over his feet and tumbling to the ground. He started to stand until Mike held his hand out and helped him. “You guys know if Eddie listened to my show today?” Richie asked, catching his breath and disregarded any possible injury he might have for what was important to him. 

The five of them looked to each other and shrugged. “Sorry Rich maybe he missed it-” 

“RICHIE FUCKIN’ TOZIER!” came a loud shout and all six of them shot their heads to the right and spotted the tiny Eddie Kaspbrak stomping over.

“Oh shit.” Richie went limp and stood frozen in his spot until Eddie came to stand toe to toe with him. He had to tilt his chin so far up to look him in the eyes, luckily Richie’s head blocked the sun. 

“Did you have to ask that on the radio? Do you know how embarrassing that is?” He crossed his arms and Richie bit back a grin. Of course he knew that, it was part of the appeal. The rest of the five watched them awkwardly. 

“Y’know me, Eds. I love to embarrass you.” He went to rub his fist through Eddie’s hair but he swatted him away. 

“We’re too frickin’ old for that Richie. Can we just have the fight I’ve been building up in my head?” Eddie pouted like a child and Richie nodded, shoving his hands into his jean pockets. 

“Does the fight end with you taking me back?” Richie poked him and Eddie sighed. 

“Possibly.” Eddie pondered it over in his head and answered. Richie nodded again. He took his hands out of his pockets and shook himself as if preparing for a physical fight. 

“Alright, hit me with your best Eds.” 

“You never shut your God damn mouth and you fuckin’ embarrass me any chance you get and never and I repeat, NEVER tell my professor I was late because I was dirtying it up with you ever again, you hear me Tozier!” Eddie stomped and their five friends gaped their mouths open, so that was the reason for the break up. 

“Dirtying it up? That’s not exactly how I phrased it, Eds.” Richie chuckled with amusement at the fuming Eddie who gave him an expectant look. 

“Alright. I agree. I won’t do it again. I’m sorry.” Richie pouted and brought Eddie closer to him. Eddie allowed it and from the background they heard Mike whisper ‘Ohhhh gettin’ interesting.’ Eddie shook his head.

“Ok, you’re officially taken back.” Eddie smiled and Richie picked him up and spun him around. 

“Yeah! I knew you’d miss me!” 

Eddie giggled and punched his shoulder. “Put me down, ass.” 


“This is the Rock Block with DJ Tozier and that was ‘Baby, I Love Your Way’ by Peter Frampton, requested by myself for my boyfriend Eddie Kaspbrak because Mmmm Baby I Love Your Way.”  Richie hummed in a sing-songy voice before signing off. This time almost immediately, His phone bore light into the room from Eddies texts.

Richie picked it up and read 

‘That was sooo embarrassing!! (Keep doing it <3)’

Richie broke into the biggest grin. 

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After my ex broke up with me I was so mad I went looking for revenge and only had a couple weeks to find it. his brother messaged me asking me to go to the bar with him and then we went to a club and started kissing, we then went to his brothers apartment and fucked. Their mom came knocking on his door that morning saying he was late for work and I had to hide under the blankets. We told my ex, everyone cried, but then a year later my ex told me he cheated on me twice and i lost all sympathylol

How Do You Know - Part 2

A/N: I FINALLY WROTE PART 2 AYEE! Are y’all proud of me now? I’ve just been so busy with school and I didn’t have time. I’m probably gonna fail my test tomorrow cause I wrote this instead of studying but oh well
I wanna thank everone that messaged me and requested a part 2, you’re a real one! I suggest reading the first part so this whole thing makes sense. Here’s the link: Part 1.
Fun fact: I tried uploading this like 4 times but my laptop kept crashing before I could save the draft so that’s great :))) Anyways, I hope you like this one!

It was as if time had stopped. Jonah couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. He only stared at the kitchen door where you had been standing just seconds ago. Confusion and shock were written all over his face, making it clear he had no idea of what was going on. Your words rang through his head, loud and clear, while he was trying to put the pieces together. And then it hit him. “…break up with (Y/N)” That must have been what set you off. That little part of his speech must have been the only thing you had heard.

Suddenly the room started spinning. Jonah’s vision turned blurry, his ears were ringing and his breathing came out shallow. He saw the guys talking to him but his mind couldn’t comprehend what they were saying. When did they even come in here? It was as if someone had taken over his body, making him lose all senses. His thoughts were racing, going a million miles per hour. He tried to stop his body from shaking but to no avail. Tears were streaming down his face, making it hard to see. There was a deep ache in his chest which finally pushed him over the edge. A hand trying to grab him was the last thing he saw before everything went black.

You were curled up on your couch, surrounded by tissues and stared at the wall blankly. You had run out of tears after crying for hours straight. Now the only thing that was left was the dull pain. You tried distracting yourself but your mind seemed to only focus on the one thing you desperately wanted to forget. You kept telling yourself that you were okay, that this was for the best but you knew you were lying. How could you be okay? You loved this boy with everything you had. The hurt you felt when hearing his words seemed humanly impossible. It was as if your whole world had fallen apart, destroyed by the one person that had made it complete. Jonah was your everything, your forever and always, your first and you thought he would be your last too.

“How could you be so stupid?” You were angry. Angry at Jonah for doing this to you, angry at the boys for playing along but mostly angry at yourself for letting him wreck you like this. You wondered how long he had felt this way, how long he had been faking it. Maybe it was never real to begin with? You thought back to all the memories you had made, the day you had met, your first date, going on adventures in the middle of the night, him teaching you how to play the guitar, slow dancing to random songs in your small dorm room, all the inside jokes, all the laughs you shared, every hug and every kiss. No. That couldn’t have been fake. You knew Jonah better than anyone, you could read him like an open book. You remembered how his face would light up whenever he saw you, the small smile he would wear when you were talking and the love in his eyes whenever he would look at you. Thinking back to the incident, you remembered how excited he had been when he saw you and the way his face fell when you started screaming, the confusion clearly prominent on his face. He didn’t want to break up with you.

The ringing phone next to you brought you back to reality. Zach’s name along with a dumb picture of him flashed across the screen. The boys had been calling you non-stop since you got home but you declined every call. This time though something told you to pick up. “Hello?” Your voice came out quiet and shaky and you mentally cursed yourself for sounding so vulnerable. “Oh god, (Y/N), you finally picked up!” You had never heard Zach sound so stressed like he did in this moment. There were a lot of different sounds and voices in the background, making you wonder where he was. “Listen, Jonah, uhm he- he had a panic attack. After you left he got so quiet and we tried talking to him but he wasn’t responding and then he started shaking like crazy and collapsed onto the floor. We’re at the hospital right now and I’m just- I’m so scared. (Y/N/N), you need to come please. He needs you. We need you” The last part came out in a whisper but you still heard him loud and clear. “I’m on my way” was the only thing you said before hanging up and jumping off the couch.

Zach’s words hit you like a bus. You felt everything and nothing at the same time. Your emotions were going crazy and there was no way to control them. Quickly, you threw on a hoodie, some shoes and grabbed your key on your way out. You didn’t even bother checking your appearance, knowing you looked like death. You sprinted to your car, Jonah the only thing on your mind. Driving as fast as you could, not even bothering if you hit any red lights, you made your way to the hospital. When you walked in you already saw Zach and Daniel waiting at the door for you. Catching their attention immediately you ran over to them and wrapped them in a tight hug. You could see the worry on their faces and their tear-stained cheeks made it clear that they were as scared for him as you were. The three of you walked to Jack and Corbyn and once they saw you approaching, they got up and hugged you too. That’s when the tears started falling again.

You had been sitting in the waiting room for what felt like hours, trying to get comfortable on those chairs. Your crying had stopped but the atmosphere was still tense. “Are you here for Jonah Marais?” Hearing the voice, you all jumped to your feet and looked at the doctor. You only nodded your head, unable to form words. “You don’t need to worry, he is stable. Mr. Marais had a panic attack due to huge stress and passed out. I believe you all know what had caused the stress in the first place. Anyways, he woke up about ten minutes ago and is now ready for visitors. But be careful, don’t overwhelm him.” The doctor gave you a little smile and turned around, leaving to go see another patient.

You just stood there, awkwardly staring at the door. Zach gave you a little push and nodded his head, signalling for you to go in first. You closed your eyes, taking in a huge breath and walked towards the room. You entered and closed the door behind you.

Jonah heard the door close and looked up. Once he realized it was you a huge smile made its way to his face. But it was soon gone when he remembered the events from earlier. He looked at you carefully, wondering what you were doing here. You walked further into the room, stopping directly in front of the bed he was lying in and surprised him by bending down and wrapping your tiny arms around his shoulders. Jonah didn’t hesitate for a second and pulled you down so you were sitting next to him. He nuzzled his head into your neck and breathed in your scent. He didn’t know when he would get to hold you like this again so he wanted to savour this moment.

He pulled away when he felt something wet making contact with his shirt and when he looked at your bloodshot eyes and tear-stained cheeks his heart broke a little. “Don’t you dare do this again, Marais, do you understand me? Do you have any idea how worried we were? We didn’t know what was going on, nobody wanted to tell us anything. I was already preparing myself for the worst. And the boys were so scared, I mean, they wouldn’t admit it but I could tell by the looks on their faces. We thought we would lose you!” He just stared at you, taking it all in. He looked at your cheeks that had red dots all over them from your salty tears, at your nose that was red from blowing it too much earlier, at your lips that were quivering, into your eyes that were still glossy, at your hair that was hastily thrown into a bun and had a few strands falling out and at your fingers that were playing with the hem of his sweatshirt out of habit. He knew he had to tell you. It was now or never.

“I love you.” You froze. Looking up you were met with Jonah’s eyes staring at you. Did I hear right? You thought you were dreaming but judging by the hopeful look on his face it was real. Tears started to make their way down your face again but this time out of happiness. You let out a little giggle and leaned forward “And I love you.” That was all it took. Jonah placed his lips on yours, pulling you into him again. You both smiled into the kiss and only pulled away when you heard cheers coming from the doorway.

“I can’t imagine my life without you. It’s you and me forever, princess.” “I know, Jonah, I know.”

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HAVE A NICE MESSAGE! Your #silly hash tag on jokey posts, particularly when you're being sarcastic or pretending outrage, is an absolute lifesaver to me, and I want to thank you. I'm an autistic woman, and I often struggle to read tone; and then, I get mocked for not realising it wasn't serious. That little hash tag tells me immediately it's not a serious post, and it means I can laugh as intended without the anxiety. So thank you. You are awesome. Xx

Oh, you’re welcome! I want to make sure people know things aren’t serious. I try to use a “silly” or “sarcasm” or gave my tags clarify.

Be safe ❤

Update: Mexico City

Hi everyone and thank you very very much to all of you that have sent me a message or akd about how am I today.

Well, for all of you who haven’t heard or read aboit it, today it was not only the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake, but also we had another earthquake.

I’m happy to tell uou that me, my friends and family are all ok and safe. I’m so not happy to tell you that it was horrible. Horrible. Buildings fell, people are stuck in the fallen buildings, fires, gas leaks, deaths… Really a jorrible experience. I was checking BBC News earlier today and a couple of photos are from a fallen building a block away from my office and our morning evacuation drill.

Some city zones do not have electricity because of the leaks, etc. and buildings keep falling all over the city. Where I live there are no damages, not even broken glass and we have electricity, land line and wifi as usual. I truly am lucky.

Thank you all for your concern and please, everyone currently in Mexico City, Puebla, Cuernavaca and Estado de Mexico, please let us know that you are ok.

I’ll make a different post with the reccomendarions for everyone’s safety, stuff needed, where to go and the internet resources we have right now to find people or report damaged buildings.

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So my boyfriend tried to cheat on me a few months ago with this girl he said was his friend many of times. We always had arguments about people saying they were getting close etc and I read there messages, she rejected his physical efforts. Since, I've been wanting him to feel the way I did... so I'm planning a prank, making it appear that me and a (fake) guy are texting stuff back and forward and maybe more. It's all just me texting myself through a text app. Is what I'm doing really wrong?

To be honest I think you’re going about it the wrong way, but I see what you’re trying to achieve (to make him see it’s wrong and to make him jealous?). Although if he’s “tried to cheat,” used “physical efforts,” and been rejected after making a move on someone else, isn’t that just as bad as cheating? Think about how you really feel and if you’re not okay with it (and I think it’s normal not to be okay with this), then maybe you should leave him honey. He’s not doing right by you.
Good luck darling 💘

I’m not gonna lie :

Receiving messages and comments on my latest story (this one : “You deserve so much better than…him”) about how reading it made some of you guys want to know more about “Uncharted”, and how some of you never played the games and know nothing about this awesome saga and yet you still liked my story ? …Well it makes me extremely happy. I was so unsure about this particular story, about writing things with Uncharted characters and all, that you all totally made my day with your support <3. Thank you very much !

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yo can i ask what the #FindFinn2k17 thing is about?

A very very very long lost friend who was, and still is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very dear to me, who I have not had the opportunity to speak to in almost nine months. Circumstances forced him off of all social media, leaving me with no way of contacting him, or even knowing if he’s okay. I put that on my blog to let him know that I miss him every day, and I just want him to know that I still think about him, and that it’s okay to message me any time, even though it’s been so long. 

Finn, if you’re reading this, my god I hope you’re okay. 


If you want to join me while I stream, go right ahead! But be sure to read the description!! Here’s the link:


- Be nice
- If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask
- Respect everyone around you
- Have fun
- Don’t ask for a request twice. I read the chat, I see your requests.
- Don’t get mad if I don’t draw what you want.

Day 6 - Sleep

Soooo, this the last one. I know. I bet that you were mad at me because I post too much. I know.

Oh well, this time is a PortUk/EngPort! Angst! (/owo)/

I also wanted to write about NedPort, NorNi (Norway x Japan), RusOz, IceSey and PortNor. What I am saying? Obvious that I’ll write about them! It won’t be related to this wonderful event (thank you so much for hosting it!), but, still, if you want to read them, you can follow or send me a message and I’ll notify you!

Please, enjoy!

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Your sim style is sooo cute! I just read your legacy again from the start and I love the whole family, they're adorable. Your posts on my dash always make me smile :D

Awwwww thank you so much, you just made my day 💙💙 No words could ever describe the happiness I feel when I receive these beautiful messages 💙💜💛💚😊

Rewriting Rev Reminder

Good God, I love alliteration… That title just made me feel things… 


Hey y’all!  This is your one month reminder!  The fics for my Rewriting Rev challenge are due on October 21 and I can’t wait to read them all!  I’m excited to see what y’all did with my words!

If you’ve already posted your fic and I’m tagging you here, shoot me a message with the link, please!  I had a few stretches where I couldn’t get onto tumblr and my tags got a little backed up. :)

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As much as I’m looking forward to reading what you write, if it turns out you need some extra time or need to drop out, that’s fine just please let me know!  

And to those not tagged - if you’re scrolling through your dash and this is the first time you’re seeing anything about this challenge or if you’ve seen it before and been on the fence… you can still sign up for an open prompt!  I decided to let the signups roll on this one so as long as there’s a prompt and you feel like you can write a fic by the due date, you can send me an ask and join in on the fun!!

Rewriting Rev Y1K Challenge

Ok I need to say this because I’ve seen a lot of harsh things being said these past two days regarding BTS’s new comeback and it’s not just people from other fandoms but also ARMYs. It’s ok if you don’t like the album, the title track, the concept or something else but don’t say that BTS “changed” and imply that it’s a bad thing. No one forces you to keep stanning them or anything, they themselves said it in the Pied Piper, they in no way want you or your life to revolve around them, which reminds me - no, the lyrics aren’t problematic, the english translations are just not 100% authentic, it’s your fault you don’t know hangul and think everything you read is legit, even korean media wrote articles about how innovative the lyrics and their approach to the fans is and how basically only those who really pay attention to the lyrics will understand the message. BTS didn’t change, it’s you who are trying to limit them to only one image, to only one genre, to only one concept which is the worst thing you can do to an artist and a creative person in general. We’ve always said that we love how they’re always genuine and real and diverse yet you try to put them in a frame, you try to force your own expectations on them. If you don’t like them then just say it and leave, all of this slandering like saying that they’re “generic” isn’t necessary, at least respect their hard work because we all know disappointing their fans is the last thing they wish to do. I get it, you want the HYYH era, the WINGS era, you want the dark and raw stuff because you relate to them the most because you yourself probably feel at a dark place right now rather than a bright one. But BTS didn’t change, they’re still the same and those eras will always be there not because they’re legendary(which they indeed are) but because they’re part of who they are and they’re part of their growth. Did you hear the hidden tracks? The title track is very optimistic but the hidden tracks are so raw and you can see the same worry and anxiety bleeding out of them. BTS didn’t change, they’re not trying to put a fake new image for the world and the hidden tracks prove exactly that. You can never get rid of your personal demons, you might try to fight them or hide them but they’ll always be there deeply engraved and hidden at the back of your mind just like the hidden tracks and the Highlight Reels showed, all you can do is keep trying to love yourself regardless. Fame and happiness are fickle things and they know it and they don’t take it for granted and they’re afraid of falling and they’re experiencing the same anxieties now that they did during their pre-debut days. They want to be good people and talk about real problems but they also realize how dangerous that can be sometimes because preaching about something is easier than constantly being able to back it up with real actions and a “perfect” image to match the good intentions you claim to have since humans are still humans and prone to mistakes regardless of how hard they try to avoid them, and other people are just waiting for that one mistake so they can discredit everything you’ve done so far. And I understand them, do you know how many times their concepts and lyrics have been called “fake deep”? Also, you are all suddenly acting like they never had fun songs and concepts like Dope and Fire. As I said, it’s ok if you don’t like them or their music anymore but don’t say you don’t like their music because they “changed”, no, you don’t like it because it’s not your cup of tea or because it doesn’t match the made-up idealistic image inside your head of how you wish them to always be.

*dials Savanna’s number*

Johnathon (thinking): Oh no it went to voicemail, should I leave a message??

J: Hi Savanna, it’s Johnathon. I’m really sorry about last night, but there are some things I need to explain so that you’ll understand. I love you Savanna, June is a stalker and I told her to stay away from me. Please just let me explain…

*Please read Johnathon’s Backstory in my last post, it’s pretty important to the story*

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I can't believe I've only just found your fic on AO3 but I have and I'm binge reading to catch up. It just so wonderfully fantastic! I love the premise of an ancient elvhen being such an integral part of the Inquisition and in love with Solas. Really I'm just in love with everything about the story!

Originally posted by i-am-a-lucky-artefact

*squeals* OOOOHHHH Anon, you are too kind! ;_; I’m so glad that you’ve found my story and that you’re reading it - BINGE READING no less! That’s so incredibly moving. It makes me ecstatic to hear you like it - I have had so much fun writing it and exploring all my options with Aravae being an ancient elvhen, especially with her relationship towards Solas when she knew him as Fen’harel. I’ve got many great things planned to come - I hope to see more of you in the future! :’D

i’m sorry for not being on this account i’m sorry for not replying to messages or asks, i’m just not in a Good Place Mentally™ and i’m constantly scared of being toxic or triggering to other people so yea,, also the tumblr app on my phone won’t let me log into this account for some reason and i haven’t had access to my laptop for a while so there’s that too

Yes, you can still send me prompts!

I know some people have been unsure now that I’m busier, but yes I’m still taking prompts. Obviously keep in mind that I won’t be answering as many or as frequently. But don’t let that discourage you from messaging me! I love having ones to choose from based on my own ideas and inspirations.

A couple reminders about prompts:
- my response will be ~300 words. so if I can’t reasonably address the prompt with that many words, or even give a snapshot of the scene, i probably won’t fill the prompt
- the more you leave it open for me to inject my own creativity, the more likely I am to answer the prompt. meaning if you give me something really specific that’s more like a personal headcanon to you, i enjoy reading it but I’m less likely to fic it.

There are lots of reasons why I may not answer a prompt, the biggest being I simply do not have time for all of them. So please do not be discouraged if I haven’t answered your prompt in the past. Please do still send me new prompt ideas.