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Ciao, hallo, ahoj, здра́вствуйте…that’s hello (hi) in languages that I’m learning - italian, german, slovak/czech (my first language) and russian. As you can see, I love languages. You could call me a language freak. I enjoy learning them and I would love to see other people enjoying it too. So that’s why I’m here today. Writing this post about how to learn any foreing language.


For me, vocabulary is the most important part of any language. You can know the grammar, the pronunciation and everything else, but if you don’t know words, you can’t do anything. For many years, as I was younger, I struggled to learn new words. I often just translated them and that was all. Then I finally did what was necessary. I wrote them down.
Yes, that’s the first step. Write the freakin’ words somewhere, then write the translation, if you need to, a sentence where it is used (in languages such as german, do it so the word will be in nominative, so you won’t mess up the article). Read it out loud and when revising, make flashcards.
One tip when it comes to flashcards with vocab. Don’t make a flashcard of every single word you have on your list. It will consume your time, paper and your energy. Do it only with really hard words that you can’t remember.

  • 2. GRAMMAR

This is the most annoying thing for me to this day. I don’t like grammar, I struggled with grammar even in my native language (because we have i/y and billions of rules, you would understand if you were from Slovakia). What usually works for me is a simple training. Make a chart of the words in sentence, and write how did they change, or where do they need to be and so. Then just write simple sentences and have someone to correct them (teacher or some friend who is really good in the language).

  • 3. READ

Read books and articles in the language that you are trying to learn. Underline and translate the words you don’t understand (then follow the steps in 1.) Reading help so much. My english is not a product of teachers in schools and language courses after school. It’s the product of me reading every single book in english since I was 10 (or around 10 I think). Don’t worry about you not enjoying the book or the plot. That will come later. First few books are there for you to get used to it and then you will enjoy it. I promise.

  • 4. SPEAK & WRITE

Find someone who you can speak and/or write with. Native speakers are the best and if they know your first language, that’s even better. This can help you so much, because you are actually using the language in real life situation. If you don’t know anyone in person, try the internet (if you want to speak with me, message me any time).


This one is really simple, just set the language to the one you want to learn. First you can try with only subtitles, then also the language. Maybe you won’t notice, but you will learn the correct pronunciation of words and you will learn the accent.


If you are on your computer or phone, use sites like:

  • duolingo
  • memrise
  • quizlet
  • any news site in language of your choice

There are also applications where you can create digital flashcards (Wokabulary for example).


Never forget - the biggest thing is to have motivation. Don’t learn a language without one. Find something you love about the language, have some goal or something, but don’t learn the language just because you need to. It only makes you hate the language.
For example I learn italian because I love the culture and people there and I want to be able to make friends in Italy as I go there every year. My reason to learn german is that I want to study (and late maybe live) in Austria and there is only a limited number of universities that teach in english so I need to be really good in german. Find something like this and I guarantee you that your next hobby is going to be called “foreing languages”.

I hope this will help you on your journey to become the ultimate language freak like me.

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can???? we?????? not reblog stolen art, thanks????

Sorry, I reblog art from the source always under the assumption that it’s an original work posted by the original artist. Though I rely on intuition to the best of my ability to determine  if something is reposted, I can’t always know if everything is from the source.

Unfortunately vague messages like this help no one, I’m not sure if you meant to link to what post you are referring to or not, but please in the future message me off anon letting me know specifically what the problem content is so I can tackle it or so we can discuss things in private. I will not publish asks/messages of a private manner (art sources, tag requests, deletion requests, etc etc) so please don’t be afraid to contact me politely in private.

Even if you are not the original artist, please feel free to message me if I’ve reblogged reposted art regardless of if you have the original source, as I’m more than happy to try and track down the correct source.

Thank you!

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I think you should start having people monitor this blog for you, this list is starting to lack. It's not that up to date. Where's Dreamtale and Cross!Sans. I could go on...just put more people in charge you're falling behind

You know….I don’t think you understand just how much work goes into a blog this big, how much work goes into digging for correct and proper source information, making sure I have certain people’s permission to add AUs (Which can take months if they never reply back to me), setting up posts I can’t queue for this blog that have to be manually added, digging through thousands of messages and hundreds of submissions to try to get information I need, etc. There’s almost 20k followers on this blog, and I try to make sure I see everything sent to me, but I am one person. 

Do you know how frustrating it is when I open the ask box and say “Hey, I need suggestions to revamp the blog, please do not send me AUs” and I get hit with over 100 new mail ONLY asking for new AUs to be added? People upset I have the submission box off when I posted clearly that it is off until I figure out what would be best for the direction of this blog? Spam mail nonsense, people trying to RP with me, stuff that isn’t actually helpful to anyone such as this ask?

I already had another blog of mine I had a helper with (a friend who I trusted) be gutted and literally destroyed overnight because they decided they didn’t want to help with it anymore, instead of just leaving me to handle it. I can’t risk that here. I have too much work into this blog and too many drafts done to risk everything being deleted by someone who I don’t know or trust enough with helping me. 

I also don’t think you’re aware I started this blog in my spare time to do something nice for this community. I have a lot of medical issues that I juggle that don’t always allow me to be able to sit here and write nonstop, so yeah I can vanish for a while since I can’t do these posts on mobile. I don’t get paid to do this, I do it solely because it’s fun for me and I love Undertale and the UT Community, and I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t be so negative when I am doing the best I can do with what I have to work with. 

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I love your account, you're so intelligent with the way you tweet and answer asks and it's clear all the information you put out has been checked to make sure it's correct and from a reliable source. Honestly, it shows how mature you've been about the whole situation and it's not jealousy (don't know if anyone's said you are) and I just wanted to let you know how much of an amazing account you run.

THANK YOU!!!! Messages like this make MY HEART SWELL. I try with everything in me to be reputable, so when someone acknowledges that, it fills me with joy. :’) ILY!!!!!

Dear tumblr, just so you know:
  • Effective: I disagree because...
  • Ineffective: You are a fucking idiot
  • Acceptable: I believe that you are wrong.
  • Unacceptable: Fucking *adj*scum
  • Correct: -ignores/blocks people who are needlessly inflammatory and offensive-
  • Incorrect: -sends anon message with the words "kill yourself"-
  • Reasonable: Studies disprove your opinion *source source source*
  • Unreasonable: You are literally a piece of shit. I am done arguing.
  • Smart: This person will never see eye to eye with me. -stops replying-
  • Not smart: This person offends me so much I am reporting their blog for having a difference of opinion.