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I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while but,

If I were to start doing a seasonal zine for queer creators, would any of you be interested in contributing?

a thought

(Oh wow she’s having Thoughts again what a concept)

I was having some conversations with friends in the last couple of days about some of the more… inventive prompts that people have been coming up with lately. And I know that some people are uncomfortable with some of them. And I wanted to know… what are everyone’s general thoughts on this?

It’s funny because just like a week ago I was all “oh I don’t want to write things that will trigger people or be harmful bc younger followers etc.” and now I’m… helping to run this thing that has come up with some ideas that I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. Like others can have at it, that’s fine.

But also I know that… people will find this stuff whether or not I have anything to do with it. That doesn’t mean I feel comfortable perpetuating it.

My concern is not with like a/b/o or tentacles (which, someone is working on now???) or sex pollen. My concern is mostly with non-consensual stuff. Of course we’re going to tag everything appropriately and have trigger warnings for whatever we can think of - I try to do that anyway. And I’m not going to reblog the prompt fills on this blog (unless I wrote it, obvs), so it’s easy enough to just not follow the kink meme blog. But that doesn’t mean I’m not playing a role, so…

I don’t even know what I’m asking really, I’ve just been having conversations with people and I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, especially younger people, because I am an Adult, I’ve been around the block, but this can be… a thing for others.

But let me know your thoughts, if you want trigger warnings for anything in particular, etc.

Opening commissions soon

…so I can go to San Diego and visit my buds. I’m still working out the details but ppl have approached me over the last few months asking if I was open and I thought I’d drop a heads up here. If any of you see this and are still interested, feel free to message me privately. I’ll give y'all first slots. Sorry to not message directly, my pm’s get pretty busy, so y'all get buried real fast lol.

(For the record, it’s gonna be mainly pencil commissions and possibly one full digital slot… Still on the fence about that one.)

I haven’t drawn anything for @fantrollcharity recently, so here’s to hopefully being able to get back to drawing weekly! I love the 1920s flapper aesthetic.

i have two intact eastern gray squirrel skulls and one gray squirrel jawbone for sale within the US! all three animals were found as roadkill and cleaned with dermestid beetles. i’m selling these skulls + the jaw for $20, plus $7 to $10 shipping priority. these skulls have only been soaked in water, and can be sold as is, or i can degrease and whiten them for an extra $2. shoot me a message if interested!

i also still have the fractured skull of the one that the jaw came from, if the buyer is interested, i can throw it in at no extra charge.

Updated photo of all of the working and partially working Furbies that I currently have for sale! Message me if any interest you! I also still have a few extra eyelashes if the Furby that you like is missing one/both!

Also, since I’ve had a few people asking for mute/glitched voice Furbies, the Valentines Day Furby is mute and the Leopard Furby has a glitched voice!

Podfic Voice Acting

If I’ve spoken to you about helping voice characters in the podfic version of my Homestuck fanfic Death Valley, and you’re still interested, please send me a message. If you were at one point interested but no longer wish to participate, please let me know that as well. I’d prefer using the message system because asks tend to get eaten. Tech for the theatre show I’m working on is finally done, so I’ll have some breathing room to work on it.


A lot of people have been telling me they want to buy my prints recently, so I wanted to make a post about it! 

I have ~25 of each of these prints that I’m willing to sell. The top 3 (11x14)  would be $20 each and the bottom one (22x15) would be $30. Shipping will be a little extra if needed, I’m still trying to figure it out Message me if you ‘re interested. 

If I get a lot of responses I might make an etsy, just to make the transactions more organized and easy to manage.

punk-rock-delacroixs  asked:

Hi i just saw your post about a wicdiv zine, idk how old it is tho. Is that still in the works?

Ahhhh… I wish I’d had the wherewithal to keep that project going! I made that post in my first semester of grad school, when I still thought I would be able to make time for non-academic side projects. HAH. I would still love to help a WicDiv Zine happen, but I would not be able to be a main coordinator for the project. If anyone is seriously interested and has the time, message me! I still have access to a Gmail account + Google Docs for the project and maybe someone with better getting-stuff-done skills can revive the dream.


edit: I’m closed for now! Thanks for the interest! <3 

hello! I’m opening commissions because I messed up my phone and I need to pay the bills for the replacement which ended up being a bit pricier than I thought :c

please consider commissioning me if you are interested! If you aren’t then any signal boost will be much appreciated <3


>> All the prices are in USD, any additional character is the same price, payments are paypal only! (Fanart or Original is okay, please provide picture references)

>> I will start commission once I receive the payment, feel free to send me a message about the progress at any time

If you are still interested please send me a message with the commission type you would like, as well as references and any additional character info. I will respond back with my email for the payment. you can also email me further info if you wish! Thank you for your attention :D


Here’s a second wave of my YYH shipping mugs! :D All mugs are available on my Society6 page and they are on sale! I am also taking requests for this series (and other shows actually) so if you don’t see a mug that interests you, just send me a message! I still have 4 more that I want to do so be on the look out for it. :D

Jouya Mug
KuraHi Mug
Kuwakina Mug (lord forgive this name LOL)

YuHi Mug
Kuwama Mug(the link HAS been changed!)
Kuwameshi Mug
Kurameshi Mug