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  • BM: grey colored sweatpants, sunglasses, Rolex watch, small black leather notebooks, big but good dogs, night walks, pranks, overuse of emojis in messages, streetlights, leather bracelets, hoodies, cologne, forehead kisses
  • Jiwoo: frayed denim jacket, post-it notes, pink pen, hamster, pastel colors, cupcakes, pizza, 2am calls, graphic t-shirts, balloons, black phone case, smoothie, peaches
  • J.seph: old books, creamy coffee, earphones, black clothes, silver rings, couple clothes, polaroid cameras, naps, joke books, snuggles, monochrome pictures, fall
  • Somin: bright lipstick, cute handwriting, cheesecake, ear piercings, white shorts, female bomber jacket, hearts after goodnight messages, black nailpolish, white converse, strawberry juice, markers, bunny plushie, love playlists

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Hab mal geschaut, was das Armband zu bedeuten hat, welches sich die beiden wohl geholt haben: A delicate amulet that conveys a powerful message. These bracelets are more than mere jewellery. 'I am in Peace' is a commitment to peace. To our hope for a peaceful world – and that hope has to begin with us: GIVE PEACE A FACE 😄☺

Awww wie süß 😍🙈 ☮


Today’s as good a day as any to share these:

More cool swag for your wrists coming from yours truly! Based on the designs of the LGBT, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, and asexual pride flags, these bracelets are made of freakishly shiny miracle beads!

Guaranteed to garner complements and make you the talk of your next pride event, these beads will blind friends, family, and haters equally! They have a lucite core covered with a mirror finish, giving them a bright shine, but that mirror finish is coated with layers of colored lacquer. The lacquer is transparent enough to let light through and bounce off the mirror finish beneath, giving it that “bead within a bead” effect. Pictures do not do them justice; they look like they glow, even in low lighting, and you should see them in the sun!

They are only $5 in my Etsy shop, AND if you use coupon NOTENOUGHHOURS2015, you can get 10% off your entire purchase. (If you see this in the future, just message me for that year’s coupon.)

Now, for the most important part. I’m guessing a lot of you who see this have never heard of me before. I do a LOT of custom work. I am happy to make other pride flag bracelets for you, like the aromantic bracelet in the last photo. I am ALSO happy to adjust the size if you need. Your size, whether small or large, should not restrict your ability to have cool wrist swag. We all know there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” These bracelets are about 7.25" each, and have 24-25 beads to fit in complete repetitions of the flags’ colors. I can add to or subtract from these as necessary, and I’ll work with you to make the exact bracelet you want. :) 💜

One more thing: I do carry these at all of my conventions now. Message me or check out my blog to see if I’ll be coming to your area!

One more one more thing! I always enclose a personalized thank you note in every package. If you’re trans but are purchasing under the name your parents gave you, you can let me know your new name if you’d like me to put it on the note. 💙 I also write gift messages.

Mythology inspired Morse code bracelets on Etsy.

Custom options also available, so you can have your own mythological themed message coded into a bracelet!

I think a lot about Mad Max’s bracelet. Is that weird? I think it’s one of those Paracord Survival Bracelet that once you unravel to use as rope, is almost impossible to make back into a bracelet. 

Is he saving it for some truly important moment? After all he’s been through, how has he not used it by now? Why do I care so much?

God I love that movie. I care so much about that man’s bracelet it’s giving me feels.

UPDATE: Thanks so much for the many messages! Turns out the bracelet is owned by Tom Hardy himself, and it has big sentimental significance for him. He even made similar bracelets for some of the other actors. MY HEART.


Sherlock Holmes Morse Code Bracelets

Hello friends! This is something I thought some of you might be interested in. These are Sherlock Holmes themed Morse code bracelets that I’ve started selling on Etsy.







There are also tons more designs available, including custom options!

Each bracelet is hand-made by me and uses international Morse code to spell out the character or place name. Each round gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dot, each long gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dash, and each coloured bead signifies a space between letters.

I make each bracelet to order, so you can choose whether you’d like a gold or a silver bracelet, and between different sizes, colours, and messages, and each bracelet comes in a matching jewellery pouch with a slip of paper translating the Morse code. The jump rings and calottes are gold/silver-plated; the clasps and beads are gold/silver tone.

You can check out the shop here, and I’d really appreciate signal boosts!

Lover’s knot bracelet!

This is both a fanart for aicosu, as thanks for writing the amazing Message Sent fic, and a gift for my boyfriend.

I’m making two of these because I really liked the idea in Message Sent and my bf also loves Dragon Age so why not.

Also, many thanks to deedylovescake for the lovely fanart that was drawn for aicosu, which helped me a lot with the design. This fanart is beautiful!

I almost used a single braided cord, but I like the loop and button thing so I bought two wooden bûchette buttons and made two separate cords. The infinity knot is technically large enough to allow taking off the bracelet without unfastening the button, but I don’t want to stretch it too much.

Please take a look at my etsy store which you can find here!

I am selling chokers / necklaces / anklets / bracelets with the following pendants:

For a choker or necklace just choose your chord length upon purchase and if you are interested in an anklet or bracelet just message me through my etsy store!

Each item is £5 or two for £8.50 with postage costs varying depending on where you are from. I ship worldwide though taking payments through paypal. 

I have already posted the chokers shown below and many more! I usually post items on the next working day so they should be with you in around a week or shorter! 

I would be so grateful to anyone who buys something as I love making these and I am saving up for summer and creating another hobby so starting a small business seemed fun <3 

[TRANS] Junho AneCan August 2014

A Kiss From Junho (From 2PM)♥

Super popular artist who refrained from performing solo at Nihon Budokan, Junho from 2PM.
To commemorate our 7th anniversary since launching, we decisively took action during our hectic schedule to do a special photoshoot!
Coming to you so that you may also receive a kiss from him on your Cruciani C bracelet♥

Message for AneCan
“Happy 7th anniversary, AneCan!
For us 2PM, it’s also the 7th year since our Korean debut,
but I think it’s really amazing to be able to continue for 7 years.
Please keep on running like this until it’s the 70th anniversary.”

[photo caption] A kiss to this month’s issue’s gift “Cruciani C bracelet"♥

7 Keywords that Illustrate Junho

A profound analysis of Junho-san’s diverse charms using 7 keywords.
He authorized these 7 things himself as things he’s "concerned with"♥

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