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Syaoran was a 9 years old when he met Sakura, Touya even said to Yukito he didn't care about that almost fight and when Sakura said "Syaoran-kun always help me" Touya said "That's why I don't like him". In episode 67 Yukito also defended Syaoran saying he is a good boy and Touya was like "yeah but he will take someone [Sakura] away"

True! When Yukito asked him why he hated Syaoran so much, if it was for what he did to Sakura the first day he came, Touya said that it wasn’t for that, that it was nothing from the past, it was for what is going to happen.

So this makes me think he knew this for a loong time 🤔

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I really hate it when people say Steve deserves better than Nancy. What did he do to deserve better exactly???

Yeah, I don’t agree that Steve and Nancy deserve or didn’t deserve each other. It’s about them needing different things, different forms of support and coping, and could not give those things to each other. So they broke up. It was messy and they didn’t fully understand at the time what they had done wrong. But that’s essentially what happened lol.

Steve deserved someone who understood him better, but so did Nancy. Moreso, because she had lost someone close to her. She was the only one who truly lost someone in season 1. Mike saw El - or thought he did - the same night she disappeared in 1983. Nancy knew, for a fact, Barb was dead. It would’ve been confirmed by Hopper when they returned with Will from the Upside Down. Mike had hope almost immediately. 

There’s no canon proof that Nancy led Steve on or lied to him. She more likely did care for Steve and thought he was what she needed. But when Nancy’s secret harmed Barb’s parents and she wanted to take action, Steve could not - all-out refused to - support her. Nancy’s guilt had to be so painful. Her friend is dead, and she blames herself. That pain demands action of some people, and Nancy was definitely one who had to do something with her guilt and pain. The stakes were never as high for Steve. 

But Jonathan understood that pain and desperation that Nancy was experiencing, bc he had felt it when he thought Will was dead, and then had to save him. So Nancy turned to Jonathan for help bc she sensed his understanding. There are so many  layers to the emotions these three teens were going through, and it’s an insult to all their characters to simply it to misogynistic sentiments like “Steve deserved better”. 

أشتغل على نفسك.

إقرأ، أنصت، تقبل عيوبك حاول لا تنتقد نفسك أكثر من اللازم، حاول تطوير علاقتك مع نفسك، أفهم نفسك كي تستطيع فهم ما حولك، وسع افقك و كثر مصادرك الموثوقة، تعلم، لا تحتقر نفسك، اجتهد المهم أن لا تمل و كمل تأكد أنك في طريقك للتغيير.

اسلام مغربي

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To be fair, Touya had every reason to despise Syaoran in the beginning. He did try to physically take the cards from Sakura, as if he was acting like a thug that tried to mug someone in the back alley. Now it's just him being protective of his sister.

Yeah, he did a very bad first impression… 😬. I wonder when was the exact moment when he realized Syaoran was going to ”take Sakura away”. One thing is sure, he knew he was going to be someone important in Sakura’s life in the first arc, considering how he looked at him in the christmas episode 😅

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My theory is that Yoongi liked the Reader who was Namjoon’s girlfriend at the time. So, they had a fallout kdrama style! I love your work 💓💓

heheheh well i feel like there’s only so many directions i can take it in, so you may very well be correct 👀 i don’t know about the falling out kdrama style though LOL thank you so much 💕

The Forgotten Fandoms #3

Lately there’s been a bit of a lack of variety in requests, so I thought I could do another part for the forgotten fandoms that don’t get requested as much in case any of you wants to send something for one of them. Remember that preferences, headcanons, prompts, scenarios and dating would include are open but imagines are not ;)

  • Deadpool
  • Doctor Who
  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
  • Harry Potter
  • Kingsman
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Merlin
  • Star Wars
  • Stranger Things
  • Supernatural (especially Jack, he’s so pure and cute! :3)
  • The Last of Us
  • The Outsiders
  • Uncharted 
  • Youtubers: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Phandom, CrankGamePlays, Smosh/Smosh Games…

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Touya probably will accept Syaoran, he knows what happened between Fujitaka & Nateshiko's family and it would make Sakura sad. He helping Sakura to see Syaoran already showed it, he knows Syaosaku will happen anyway so it's better accept it lol

You’re right. I feel like he already accepted him. In episode 9, instead of going to save Sakura himself, he let Syaoran do it 😌

I’m sure he knows Sakura’s happiness is being with Syaoran, and Touya wants his little sister to be happy, right? :D

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does someone know the fic about rival gangs and ur motorcycle breaks down in the middle of the road and yoongi gives u a ride to his car repair shop. u fuck. then tae comes to pick u up and thats when yoongi sees his jacket and realizes ur from enemy gangs. i need to see if they have pt2 lol i dont remember who it was from

oooh, if anyone knows please comment below !!!

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I bet you that if Touya saw Sakura do the puppy dog eyes at Syaoran, he would still say "THAT KID!" Like in the Sleeping Beauty episode with the Light and Dark cards. Sakura was the one that leaped onto Syaoran to hug him, but Touya blamed Syaoran instead. LOL!

Hahaha yeah 😆 He might have accepted him, but that doesn’t mean he has to see them being so close to each other! hahaha

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yoongi getting worried/defensive the second reader started bringing up namjoon. damn that boy is really whipped. i'm so excited to find out what really happened between him and namjoon and how serious his feelings for reader really are

yeah his defensive was definitely immediately up after she mentioned namjoon, poor guy :// if he really does like her as much as everyone thinks then deep down he knows he’s on borrowed time with the oc. she is after all still getting over namjoon and he knows too, that she is more than likely still in love with him…
things will become a little clearer next part, but i’m afraid i’ll still be keeping things cryptic until pt 5, that’s when yoongi begins to get more honest eek !!