[KCON 2016 LA] Star Countdown D-7 by BTS

sleepyfrost  asked:

But as consolation, s6 is pretty much good material for steter fics, with Stiles being forgotten and Peter being the only one being able to remember him (the sheriff was spirited away too but he didn't remember his own son, omfg) as seen from the trailer. Lydia is a banshee, so maybe she's immune since she's more in tune with what's going on beyond the "illusion"? I am getting these Peter Pan vibes, with Stiles as Wendy and Peter as Captain Hook. XD

I would never have guessed they’d actually put in Peter/Stiles interaction in s6. Like, ever since s1, they only ever had a few scenes together but each of them had so much potential. And it never got anywhere. So hopefully, s6 will develop these two a bit more. Personally, I’m getting more Neverwhere vibes, with Peter as a mob boss or post-apocalypse-like leader.

anonymous asked:

KHC: Sam Winchester, Bucky Barnes and Barney Stinson

Kiss: Sam (but only like a quick peck for like good luck or something, he’s more brotherly in my opinion)

Hug: Barney

Cuddle: Bucky, let me cuddle with the beefy Bucky bear…mmm..

elbeamodoesnotcare  asked:

Alright, consider: Lance and Keith going on a date and being followed by the crew (minus Pidge and Shiro because they have better things to do )

#investigate klance is a go…..allura makes a new group chat w/o keith & lance. they follow them because pidge jokingly said “i wonder what they do on dates” and allura was like Must Find Out

coran goes along because he always loves having a reason to pretend to be a Top Secret Spy (he also does with no reason. the investigation of who threw the full jar of peanut butter in the trash is still a go)

hunk somehow gets roped into it. he came home just as allura and coran were leaving and allura just grabbed him by the arm and dragged him along

shiro was like “i’m not going to ruin their date nights” yadda yadda but he still checks the group chat for new updates and pidge just. wanted one night of peace

it turns into an actual thing? they follow them everywhere and do the typical movie thing where they sit at a café across the street and wear big sunglasses and hide their faces behind the menu

they’re painfully obvious but keith and lance don’t suspect a thing