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32? WH At are you hiding from us askgtlah

LMAO my wips / drafts are where beautiful shards of inspiration go to die lmao

  • king’s adviser namjoon 
  • doctor dreamy pt2
  • future hearts pt6
  • loving him, loving her pt2
  • the purge
  • street-racer!hoseok
  • spinoff to painting the meadow’s void w/ hoseok
  • virtual reality w/ jimin (the angst was too real i had to take a break lol)
  • game of thrones inspired fic w/ ot7
  • ‘mad city’ w/ ot7
  • 7 part werewolf series for each member
  • ghost!oc w/ taehyung
  • study dates w/ taehyung 
  • harry potter drabbles for taehyung 
  • that beach boy vibe w/ jungkook
  • city girl oc gets sent to the countryside w/ jungkook
  • post-apocalypse w/ jungkook
  • soulmate jk fic (again lmao)
  • harry potter drabbles for jungkook
  • horribly depressing yoongi relationship angst
  • vmin threesome 
  • baseball player jungkook
  • baseball players taekook
  • surprise jihope fic inspired by a certain anime ;;;
  • yoonmin pwp
  • and then something with someone not from bts lol


As someone whose had people (neurotypicals my age) hate on me for my special interests or pass them off as ‘stupid’ I’m here to tell all of you right here and now that it doesn’t matter what your special interest is or if others don’t like it or make fun of you for loving something. If it makes you happy, you go right ahead. No ones negative opinion on it matters a damn thing.

My back is really bad today  (I generally have a bad back because the women in my family have a more pronounced curve in our spine that generally messes up our back, like if we stood up against a wall you’d see our lower back is pretty far and it takes a lot of painful effort to force it back hereditary back shapes man…) I think it’s the bed at uni because the mattress is very old and you can definitely tell it needs replacing, that and i’ve been writing so many essays lately that i’m pretty much stuck at a desk rather than going anywhere else (probably doesn’t help that I lug a backpack full of food home from town once a week either)

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Top 5 Jin pics (can be selcas too) 😇

you asked the wrong person haha, I can’t pick 5 eek. so take 10 instead!(disclaimer: these are in no order because each picture that exists of jin is the best)

1. okay, i lied, i think this is the best picture of jin. he looks so handsome and pretty and i just cry.

(rest underneath keep reading, cos i’m gonna be a while lol) 

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Ever get confused on why Snape haters bring up the " SNAPE ONLY JOINED THE LIGHT SIDE BECAUSE SOMEONE HE LOVED WAS KILLED!!"argument? It's makes no sense! Every good guy has something worth fighting for, and Snape's reason was Lily. Also, Albus Dumbledore changed sides when Ariana was killed, but of course they don't want to bring that up.... Glad I found your blog, btw. I'm on the hunt for more Snape positive blogs.

I know it’s such a stupid argument! And Regulus Black, the “””Brave Slytherin””” they like to stan in place of Snape, only left the Death Eaters because of his house elf! Like, either way their argument falls flat because other characters they love feel the same way.

 And thanks! There’s tons of pro Snape blogs popping up, I have a list of blogs somewhere if you need it

Few blogs to recommend:

@sebseyesandbuckysthighs who has a wonderful series going with Vampire Bucky at the moment (excellent writer as well!)

@buckyywiththegoodhair who always blows me away with their writing

@thejamesoldier another writing blog that has blown me away with their writing

@papi-chulo-bucky who I check probably far too much to see if they’ve posted new stuff

@justthinkingofwaystoavoidbusses who is still one of my favourite writing blogs and does some excellent stuff

@brighterlights who always has some excellent written work out there

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Hey girl... Can u link me that vmin camping fic mentioned in the last ask??? Thanks dear 😘

gahhhhhh sorry but i absolutely do not remember the name ;;;;;;; does anyone know??? it was for taehyung’s birthday and he asks jimin to go camping with him. they’re best friends but jimin’s in love with tae, but has hidden that bc they’re such good friends. you know just that good friends to lovers trope lol. but they of course end up doing not strictly friend things while camping????? WHY CANT I REMEMBER THE NAME