mesquite chicken

Southwestern Spicy Mesquite Barbecued Chicken Flatbread Pizza

This is another one of my Flatbread pizza creations. Barbecued chicken thigh fillets marinated and rubbed with mesquite seasoning, smoked paprika, cayenne, black pepper and bacon fat, grilled and cubed. Other toppings are sliced red onions, sliced orange bell peppers, Chipotle salsa mixed with nacho cheese - salsa and dried oregano, and mozzarella cheese all on top of mini flatbreads.

Serve with wedges of lemon or lime and sour cream on the side.
Pasta Salad

My mom makes this when there’s leftovers in the fridge but not much else. It’s pretty versatile, and keeps for a week–leftovers are even more yummy than the final product!


  • pasta–we usually use rotini, but any small, thick pasta will do. Bowties, penne, macaroni, whatever. Even thick linguine that’s chopped up can be used.
  • cheese–in chunks. you can buy it in cubes if you’re not a fan of chopping, or you could coarsely grate it. it should be something sharp and hard. Cheddar, colby jack, and pepperjack are my favorites.
  • Italian dressing–personally, I always have a bottle in the fridge because it’s good to spice up almost any plain dish. If you don’t have any, experiment with different oil-based dressings that are salty with garlic and/or onion.
  • veggies–cucumber and tomato are the most common for us, but you could also try red or green bell peppers, sweet peas, corn, or any other veggie that’s a little crunchy and a little sweet.
  • meat–optional! pepperoni is our favorite, sliced or torn into bits. any meat that has a salty or spicy (not sweet) flavor will do fine. We’ve used mesquite chicken, barbequed pork, lemon pepper chicken, plain old baked chicken with salt… anything that’s in the fridge. 
  • greens–once again, optional! sometimes we add spinach greens just for color and crunch.


  1. Cook the pasta as directed on the package, then drain and allow to cool completely!
  2. Toss with cheese, veggies, and dressing! add meat and greens if desired.

there! youve made a perfect and beautiful pasta salad! stare at it lovingly for a few moments before devouring.

to store, put it in an airtight container. if you don’t have tupperware or something similar, plastic wrap over a bowl or pot will work just fine!