What Happens In Weirdmageddon Part 2
storyboards by @drawnwithoutref
preview picture by @thisismouseface

Dipper and additional voices are me
Soos is @milesdafoo
Wendy is @discguise
Mabel is @shelbeanie

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Here we are again, with another video dedicated to Bill Cipher.
Though, this one is a bit more intense on the feels….
Also, be sure to stick around until the end….

Bill Cipher - Me
Dipper - Me
Soos - Me
Grunkle Stan - Me

This awesome comic was created by: modmad

All music used in this video is owned an composed by Shiro Sagisu. I do not own any of the copyrighted material used in this video.

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I do not own anything, except for my voice.

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[SD.R] Paul George - The Future Of This Game [Mesooo] (от SlamDunkRuMixmakin)