Unique Weapons >> Energy Weapons

Grouse grants you this unique weapon at Paradise Falls (Zone 2.08) during the Miscellaneous Quest: Strictly Business. This hypnotic resonance cannon is used to daze (or "mez”) specific targets, after which Slave Collars are attached and the victims sent back to Paradise Falls for a Caps reward. Mezzing non-quest-specific humans results in a daze, attack, or head explosion.“

Fallout: New Vegas Slavers

Seriously Obsidian?! I know you guys were the ones who ran the New Vegas project, so I already wasn’t expecting much, but seriously?! Caesar’s Legion is a band of empire based slavers from Arizona, and the Courier isn’t given a Mesmetron throughout the entire game??? >:O


DLC Weapons >> Point Lookout

“Don’t need the hypnotic power of the Mesmetron, but want the same bulky device in a handy aggressive battle package? Then seek out the Microwave Emitter, found in a locked Vault Room in the hidden Underground Laboratory under Point Lookout Lighthouse [PT 6.29]. Burning foes into crimson piles of ash, this offers great offensive capabilities because it ignores Armor. However, be aware of the delay between the trigger-pull and firing.”