Headcanon #31: Cuddling with Tate

~You laying on his chest

~Him playing with your hair

~Him humming softly

~He would only do it when he was really tired or after sex

~You being mesmerized by the fact you cant hear his heart beat

~He would talk about how beautiful you are

~He would play with your fingers 

~He’d study you face when you weren’t looking or your eyes were closed

anonymous asked:

I'm curious what you think is the best acting or acting moments you've seen in a tv show (I'm talking specific people rather than whole casts). As someone who has just started Orphan Black, I'm pretty partial to Tatiana Maslany, but was curious as to your opinion.

Anna Torv got a lot of stick for being “wooden” on Fringe until you saw AltOlivia as a bouncy ball of energy and realized that everything reserved about Olivia was a choice.  She’s pretty damn amazing.

There is nothing not amazing about Mary McDonnell’s transformation over the first season of Battlestar Galactica from unprepared and overwhelmed secretary of education to throw them out the airlock and I’m going to start a civil war in the fleet over a battle of wills with Bill Adama.

Claire Foy in The Crown as she transfigures herself from Elizabeth Mountbatten into Elizabeth Regina is pretty mesmerizing and all done in shades of subtlety.  

Laura Innes in The Event has this incredibly scary and otherworldly quality as an alien leader who is at first sympathetic and than truly terrifying but completely not human.

And there is nothing about Allison Janney in The West Wing that isn’t a tour de force from high drama to slapstick comedy which never takes away from the weight of the humanity and intelligence she gives CJ.


Time and time again, Los Angeles based singer songwriter and producer vōx has mesmerized us with her ingenious sonic creations, and the left field pop found on new single I Still Care’s is no less unconventionally spellbinding. Deep pounding percussion and dark haunting production gives I Still Care a dramatically gripping effect, while vōx’s smoky twisting voice draws us deep into her inky sensual world. I Still Care’s video is also esoteric and mysterious. The single, whose headiness is reminiscent of a combination of Sylvan Esso, BRAIDS, and Sevdaliza, is a taste of vōx’s forthcoming EP, I Was Born, set to arrive in May.

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Wait. So why did Damon "love" Katherine for all that time? Even with all the flashbacks, I still don't really get why he was in love with her. Like yeah, she's beautiful and "fun" but, like, he was in "love" with her for more than a hundred years. That's crazy. While I think he was more obsessed with her than anything, I still don't know what about her had him obsessed. Do you know? Maybe I am forgetting something, I never really cared for Damon so maybe I just didn't notice. lol. Thanks.

Well the thing about Katherine is that she’s supposed to be enchanting, mesmerizing, she’s supposed to have an air about her that bring men to their knees, which is why she had a thing with Elijah and Trevor fell in love with her, which is why she had that tomb vampire obsessed with her and she had Damon wrapped around her finger and why she could manipulate Mason and why she was so preoccupied with Stefan who was like … yeah, no. She’s supposed to just have that charisma and we’re supposed to believe that Damon fell victim to it and was ensnared by it and it drove him to ruins. She’s supposed to be like Carmen or Helen of Troy (depending on which characterization of the tale you choose), I just never got that air from Katherine even though it was supposed to be there.


Music video for “Dream Fortress” by Grimes (directed by Anastasia Shulepova)