sweet and simple: meskouta

On occasion, I resort to baking, as I do with writing, drawing or running and, more recently, barre 3, as a therapy and an outlet. Ironically, not that long ago, I couldn’t bake a cake to save my life. Today, namely when I need a lift in morale or if I am tired or stressed, baking will do the trick, and I’ll make a pretty decent and edible cake.  Fortunately, morale is mostly high and while we do like cake, apart from indulging in dark chocolate, no one at the house is really a sweet tooth. And, if we happen to get enthusiastic, there is always someone with whom we can share the goods.

Two days ago, I was having a rough one; I hadn’t been sleeping through the night for 3 nights and, on that 3rd night, baby E was feeling playful… from 2:30 to 4:30 am! I was dragging myself through everything I needed to get done the day after, and my brain would flatline what seemed to be every 5 minutes. So, I decided it was time to heat the oven. And, although it took me forever, I finally chose to bake meskouta; a moroccan orange cake.

I came across this recipe on and swapped the vegetable oil for coconut oil. You can check out the recipe for this cake here.

We loved the citrusy taste and smell it had - the fragrance in the house after baking it was amazing and capable of lifting any morale! - however, it becomes dry fairly quickly. Meskouta has a bread-like texture, so I tried toasting it and served it with butter for breakfast and it was perfect!

Regarding sleeping patterns here at the house, thankfully, we’ve all been sleeping PROFOUNDLY and sleeping in for the past two days!  

I hope everyone has a very rested and relaxed weekend!



Meskouta - Moroccan Yogurt Cake Recipe - CookingWithAlia - Episode 184