@TeatroArciliuto – I Lunedì dell’Arciliuto: “Per Chi Suona la Campana?” – Lunedì 1 febbraio 2016

@TeatroArciliuto – I Lunedì dell’Arciliuto: “Per Chi Suona la Campana?” – Lunedì 1 febbraio 2016

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L’Arciliuto presenta


Ricordando Giancarlo Cesaroni e le sue “stanze polverose”

Dalle ore 20,00 AperiCena a buffet
Ore 21,30 Spazio Teatro



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1 Hey canım, this maşuk is suffering for you On the road of aşk eyes has put Wandering like always this meskin For the bird’s heart Who strokes it and who’s company enjoys close This belated maşuk has no place left to go. For a dark time took place, no waste tho, Cos the darkness…

Can was originally published on Daily Zahar

Turki : Su-34 Rusia Langgar Wilayah Kami

Turki : Su-34 Rusia Langgar Wilayah Kami

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Sukhoi Su-34

Kementerian Luar Negeri Turki mengungkapkan, satu pesawat tempur Rusia Su-34 memasuki wilayah udara Turki hari Jum’at (29/1/2016) sekitar pukul 09.45 UTC. Pesawat itu memasuki wilayah Turki, meskin pejabat-pejabat Turki dan NATO telah memberi peringatan berulangkali.

Presiden Turki Recep Tayyip Erdogan mengingatkan Rusia akan menanggung “konsekuensi” jika terus melakukan pelanggaran…

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From Cleveland To Israel: Worlds Apart, but Still So Close

“There’s a really strong sense of community in Cleveland, and that same feeling of closeness is here in Israel as well.”

-Daniella Israelstam, current Year Course participant

Cleveland and Israel may seem like they are worlds away from each other but for Itamar Nurko, Talia Fleshler, Eitan Meskin, and Daniella Israelstam, they are closer than ever. These four Clevelanders are in Israel, spending a gap year between high school and college on Young Judaea Year Course. Although Cleveland and Israel are separated by thousands of miles, they have been able to find a community as a home away from home in Israel. They spent the fall semester studying Hebrew, Zionism, and Religion in Jerusalem, and for the spring semester they are living and volunteering in Bat Yam, an underprivileged city just south of Tel Aviv. They are spread out at different locations throughout the area, with Eitan at a soup kitchen, Talia at an elementary school, Itamar at a school on the sea, and Daniella at Save a Child’s Heart.

Although they have only been in Bat Yam for a month and a half, they have been able to integrate into Bat Yam’s culture and community. Talia feels that, “it’s important that we are here because we’ve learned the socioeconomic status and demographic of the community. When you are here you feel the type of environment- it’s the “real” Israel- it feels more authentic.” Eitan adds that, because Bat Yam is a smaller city he feels that he is, “making an impact on the community”. The soup kitchen where he volunteers distributes over 700 sandwiches every day to children who cannot afford to bring lunch to school, and working in that kind of environment has been very rewarding for Eitan. Daniella is determined to “leave Bat Yam better than we found it”.

Apart from the volunteering and classroom education that these four have experienced, they all feel that they have matured and become more independent throughout their time on Year Course. For the first time, they have had to learn how to cook, buy groceries, budget their money, go to the doctor, and take public transportation as their main method of traveling. In short, according to Talia, they are learning how to “do things that our parents did for us”.

In fact, some of the most amazing experiences that they have had in Israel have been outside of Year Course. A few weeks ago, Eitan and Itamar went rappelling in a salt cave near the Dead Sea!

What kind of adventure will you have next year?

Times of Year Course is produced by Young Judaea, which offers gap year programs for young American adults with Jewish roots who want to experience Israel in an in-depth program.

Young Judaea programs are for people of all Jewish backgrounds, with no specific or religious opinions, who aren’t afraid of eating too much falafel.

To be the first to know insider information about Young Judaea’s programs, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To learn more about Young Judaea’s Year Course, click here! Join the gap year trend- join Year Course!

Fuerzas Armadas sirias recuperan la ciudad estratégica de Sheik Meskin en Deraa y el pueblo de Ein al-Hanash en el campo este de Alepo

Fuerzas Armadas sirias recuperan la ciudad estratégica de Sheik Meskin en Deraa y el pueblo de Ein al-Hanash en el campo este de Alepo

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Deraa Según una fuente militar, las unidades del ejército recuperaron el control de la ciudad tras intensos operativos aéreos y terrestres en los que fueron eliminados todos los terroristas que se atrincheraban en los edificios y en las casas de la urbe. La fuente agregó que los zapadores del ejército han peinado la ciudad y desactivaron todas las minas y las bombas sembrados por los terroristas.…

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L'armée syrienne confirme avoir pris le contrôle de Cheikh Meskine

L’armée syrienne confirme avoir pris le contrôle de Cheikh Meskine

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Les médias ont rapporté mardi matin, se référant à des sources locales que la prise par les forces gouvernementales de la ville de Cheikh Meskine avait permis de couper aux djihadistes les voies de communications entre les parties sud et ouest de la province de Deraa. L’armée gouvernementale syrienne a pris le contrôle de la ville stratégique de Cheikh Meskine, dans le sud de la province de…

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Syria’s Army Liberates Sheikh Meskin from Terrorists

Donate Now the government troops are controlling 95% of Sheikh Meskin On January 26, Tuesday, it is reported that the Syrian Arab Army’s 15th Brigade of the 5th Armored Division, closely coordinated with the National Defense Forces and the 7th Mechanized Division, carried a massive assault in the western district of Sheikh Meskin and imposed full fire control over the Sweida-Nawa road and which made government troops to control of 95% of Sheikh Meskin.

Reviewer List - PRD 2016

Jag Virdee

A Brit that moved to the USA in 2000 chasing her American dream! I started out designing static/flash websites 15 years ago and am now proudly the Creative Director of Insomniac Design. Bursting with passion and energy. I love to create and collaborate! My mantra is simply inject fun into anything you do and the magic will happen! Check us out at and let the work speak for itself!

Mal Jones and Sarah Meskin

Mal Jones and Sarah Meskin are Rocketkoi, a tiny design team with huge capabilities. They team up with small and medium sized businesses and non-profits to create effective and beautiful design, ranging from websites to print materials to illustration. Mal has been in the business for 13 years, and Sarah has been working in design for 16 years. And our website:

Kaleena Porter

Principal, Creative Director/Designer; Kaleena, LLC

Kaleena specializes in logo and brand identity design with a portfolio that encompasses creative direction, photography, and graphic design. She has over 7 years of experience in both small design studios and large advertising agencies for various clients ranging from associations and nonprofits to local restaurants and nationally recognized brands. She values design that is smart, efficient and can transcend traditional boundaries across mediums. Kaleena also has served on the board for AIGA DC for 4 years now as the Education Chair.  

Whitney Schepf

Whitney Schepf is a graduate of UMD’s graphic design program, and has been working with the Stamp as a graphic designer since graduating in 2010. She has produced marketing campaigns and stand-alone designs for Stamp and campus departments, including the Stamp Gallery, the Art & Learning Center, and the Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA) office. She also maintains the Stamp’s official social media presence, an especially important outlet for sharing her department’s designs and messaging.

Carrie Madigan

Carrie Madigan decided to switch careers and become a Graphic Designer after going to UVA for her undergraduate education and a few years in the working world. She earned her Masters degree in Communication Design at Pratt in 2010, has designed for magazines, and small and large design firms and ad agencies. Currently, she is a Senior Designer at Grafik in Alexandria, VA. She loves meeting fresh new talent and reviewing their work!

Ruth Lozner

Ruth Lozner has worked and taught in the graphic design field for over 25 years. She currently holds the title of Professor Emerita of Art and Design from the University of Maryland, College Park having retired in 2014. She previously held the positions of Associate Professor of Graphic Design at the Parsons School of Design, NYC and Chair of the Illustration Department at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She is a member of the National Education Committee for the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, Smithsonian’s design museum in NYC.  In addition, she is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, UK. 

Don Starr

Don Starr has a MFA in Integrated Design from the University of Baltimore and a BS in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is an Assistant Professor and Director of Graphic Design at George Mason University’s School of Art, and serves as Faculty Advisor for the Mason AIGA Student Group.

Don is also the Creative Director at Glyph, a unique letterpress/screen printing/graphic design studio in Havre de Grace, Maryland, where he explores the traditional techniques in both artistic and commercial applications. He is active as a member of the American Printing History Association, Chesapeake Chapter, and his collaborative letterpress work with Lead Graffiti’s Tour de Lead Graffiti is included the collections of The British Library and The Library of Congress, among others.

Prior to teaching at Mason, Don worked at several Washington design studios and advertising agencies, serving notable clients such as FedEx, Special Olympics, Nissan, Graduate School, USDA, Time Magazine and—of course, the region’s largest employer—the Federal Government.

Sara Utz

Sara Utz is a multidisciplinary designer, junior art director, and writer. For the past five years she has worked at the Baltimore-based agency, Drexler. She leads the ongoing digital marketing of the agency’s largest white label client—Crate and Barrel and CB2. In addition, she has worked on digital design for numerous clients, including Bose, Blake Lively’s Preserve, Pizza Boli’s, The Greenwich Hotel, and Apple Vacations. She graduated summa cum laude and top of the graphic design program from York College of Pennsylvania and was one of the first accepted candidates to the School of Visual Art’s MFA Design Criticism program.

David Somerville

David Somerville, Digital Design Director for The Atlantic, has been doing graphic and web design since before he graduated ten years ago. JEEZ, TEN YEARS?!?! WHAT THE—ahem. David is a total pro who loves black coffee, Radiohead, strong typography, Dostoevsky, thoughtful subversions of design convention, Bill Peet, and eating the wrong foods with chopsticks.

Milagros Arrisueño

Milagros Arrisueño is an art director at a leading branding agency, She has routinely helped clients find their singular voice and unique visual expression. She’s been a critical design lead across efforts for video, print, interactive, and experiential. Mila is an active member of AIGA DC, having served as a board member for several years. She holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the Corcoran College of Art & Design.

Tomás Snoreck

Tomás is Creative Director and Founder of ripe, an award-winning branding and design agency. With over two decades of experience in the design industry, he’s worked with companies of all sizes in various different sectors, such as USA Today, The World Bank, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Ted’s Bulletin. Tomás is an active member of the DC art and design community and has served as an Advisory Board Member of the Arts Coalition for the Dupont Underground and the Board of Directors Continuum Co-Chair for the DC AIGA. Above all else, Tomás believes in strategic and useful design and the power it holds to solve our every day problems.

Ocean Eiler

Ocean Eiler is a Designer, Developer, DJ and Rock Climber. He has been a photojournalist, a president of a non-profit, and, for a brief time, a piercing apprentice. Ocean’s colorful background has allowed him to dabble in a lot of mediums of communication.

Currently, as the Senior Designer for PBS KIDS Digital, Ocean has molded this ambiguous title to translate to: UX design, web design, frontend development, Flash development, video editing, audio FX creation, soundscape mixing, print design, game development, mobile development and a touch of management. His teams’ work has won a variety of awards for children’s media and has allowed him the opportunity to speak in educational settings about Designing for Children.

Nathan Hill

Nathan is the founding partner and principal designer of of Nh.d Studio. He began his design career at a small boutique design studio in Georgetown, where he learned the foundations of design and project management in a small space. His passion for design led him to pursue experiences with interactive agencies, non-profit organizations, consulting and marketing firms – eventually leading back to a design studio environment where his creative skills extend to woodworking, screen printing and illustration.

Nathan serves as Education Director for the AIGA DC chapter, is an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University’s Corcoran College of the Arts and Design in the BFA design program.

He is also the host of the monthly design podcast Design Intercourse.

Mira Azarm 

Mira Azarm is the founder of GoodJinn, where she serves as creative instigator, social designer and inventive educator. Mira consults with organizations dedicated to creating (or reinvigorating) an internal culture biased toward innovation. Mira also holds the job titles of Design Thinking facilitator at the University of Maryland’s Academy for Innovation & Entrepreneurship; faculty member in the combined MA/MBA in Design Leadership program at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA); and Design Coach in the LaunchPad initiative at The World Bank. In all of her roles, she’s known for developing and prototyping interdisciplinary, experiential coursework, bringing social design methodologies, design thinking and the creative process to undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and global financial experts, to name a few. She’s a skilled facilitator, conference presenter, and—last but not least—award-winning graphic designer.

James Hobbs

James, or “Hobbs” as he’s known professionally, recently finished his role as Senior Designer in the Office of Digital Strategy at the White House. While at the White House he was the lead UX/UI designer for all White House digital properties in addition to serving beside the Creative Director as brand ambassador for White House branding and special projects. Before joining the White House, Hobbs was an Art Director at Threespot where he led the digital design strategy for some of the worlds most well regarded brands such as The Smithsonian, Harvard Business School, Brookings Institution, and The Kennedy Center. Hobbs will be joining the Digital Product team at The Washington Post in mid February where he’ll be working on the future of digital news.

Daniel Givens

Daniel Givens is a senior designer and developer at Drexler in Baltimore, MD. Throughout his 10+ years in the industry, he has worked on everything from local businesses to national brands. For every project, he applies the same high level of passion and always brings a fresh perspective.

Daniel believes being driven, versatile, empathetic, maintaining a strong aesthetic, and business instincts are crucial to being successful in any creative discipline. When he is not coding or obsessing over design details, you can find Daniel cooking, hiking with his dog, practicing yoga or experimenting with personal projects.

Eva Quintos Tennant

Eva Quintos Tennant currently heads the Marketing and Communications unit with the Adele H. Stamp Student Union at the University of Maryland, which produces graphic design, marketing and promotional campaign services for a wide variety of clients. During her 20-year career, Ms. Tennant has led nationally award-winning creative and marketing teams in the areas of health care, business and publishing. Her portfolio of work includes branding, art direction, consumer publications, production management, graphic design, photography, writing and editing. An advocate for women, animal welfare and the literary arts, Ms. Tennant provides her expertise pro bono to local organizations supporting these issues.

Kimberly Arias

Kimberly Arias is a graphic designer and UMD alum from Washington, DC. Kim is currently working as an in-house designer for Ullico, Inc and handles all company needs from print marketing materials to advertising campaigns, video editing, digital assets and social media graphics. Outside of Ullico, Kim freelances by taking on branding and identity projects for startups while also providing creative support for local non-profits such as Voto Latino and LULAC. Aside from designing, Kim also serves on the Board of Directors for the Washington, DC chapter of AIGA as the programming director and DC Design Week chair.

Gavin Wade

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Jason Mannix

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