Things have been getting pretty busy here! But it’s a wonderful kind of busy, as I’ve packed up from my amazing to-good-to-be-true residency at Snug Harbor, Staten Island, and moved to my next artist residency at Soaring Gardens in Laceyville, PA. I’m all alone at the moment, but my roommate will be arriving tomorrow. I’ll be sticking with photography, and she will be creating films. I’m living in a renovated church in the middle of nowhere, and although it can be a little scary, it’s absolutely breathtaking here!

(I moved in June 1st, and there was no internet. It’s back now, after a 2 hour long phone conversation. Oh, glorious, glorious internet.)

Expect more vast, empty landscape photographs in the near future!


Ugh unsuccessful art day. Ugh Ugh ugh.

Things not working as planned, that’s not supposed to happen!

Had to do some work on my laptop. Ugh photoshop, I can’t seem to get the hang of it nor do I want to. So strange that everything is on a screen, I can’t touch it like I can with film. Boring.

So I read instead. Here, have some grainy photographs of my tea cup.

Also, besides the grey, rainy weather: the cat didn’t even visit today!


Welp, my art residency at Soaring Gardens in Pennsylvania has come to an end. I ended up with some interesting wood transfers, I think, which I shall sell at my upcoming show at Chashama in NYC (more details about that later!) Also, I found that deer skull during a sunset walk on the side of the road. You can’t possibly understand how excited I was to carry that home. It will find a nice place on my shelf along with the rest of my anthropology collectibles.

But! The next adventure has already taken place! I got a job teaching Digital Photography for a summer program at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. I feel so fortunate to be here. So far we are just training and preparing, the students won’t arrive until Sunday. It’s so odd to be back in a dorm room. I really like it, I wish I could go back to school and learn forever. But alas, it’s too damn expensive.