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Hey Bf! Was wondering how I could wear bralettes? Like I want them to show but not too exposed and suggestions with shirts or dresses?

You could pair it with a drapey style tank (loose arm-holes and neckline). If the bralette’s design is more interesting/intricate in the back, try a backless dress or top to show it off. A mesh or sheer shirt or top with the bralette underneath would look good too. Here’s some ideas, and I hope they help! x Steph


Jared Leto For Flaunt Magazine

  • 1st Photo: Suit (Dolce & Gabbana); Mesh tank (Alexander McQueen)
  • 2nd & Third Photos: Jacket (Balenciaga); Mesh tank (Saint Laurent); Pants (Marc Jacobs)
  • 5th & 6th Photos: Blazer (Marc Jacobs); Tank top/Pants (Michael Kors)
  • 7th & 8th Photos: Shirt (Prada); Tank top (American Apparel); Pants (Marc Jacobs)
  • 9th Photo: Jacket (Balenciaga)
  • 10th Photo: Coat (Diesel Black Gold); Tank top (Michael Kors)