DiigoSims Presents: Tumblr Life Collection - Part 2

Sooo… this was supposed to be for my 300+ followers gift , but I didn’t have any time to finish it , so now consider this as a 400+ followers gift! \o/

This collection is all about “Tumblr Inspired” Stuff! Get your sims all dressed up to take those cute aestethic photos you’ve always dreamed of!

This part has less clothing pieces , but i’m going to do some stuff “soon” to compensate :)

I used my own pallete in this clothings.

Spellcasterr’s Swimsuit:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 3 patterns
  • You need the mesh -here-

Lucassims’ Crop Top:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 3 patterns
  • You need the mesh -here-

Tajsiwel’s Top:

  • Comes in 26 colours + 2 patterns
  • You need the -mesh-

Spellcasterr’s Simple Swimsuit:

  • Comes in 5 patterns (i couldn’t do basic colours ;-;)
  • You need the mesh -here-

Note: If the thumbnails aren’t appearing in CAS , update your game or delete the thumbnail cache. It should work by then :)

- Read My TOU before downloading-


Simfileshare / Dropbox


  • @spellcasterr , @tajsiwel and @lucassims for the meshes
  • Google and Tumblr for Ideas and Patterns/Designs