mesh window


Sorry for the lack of useful activity coming out of my Simblr, guys! I was on vacation. Long story short, I spent a little time in a Phuket Old Town, a brilliant corner of the world where the buildings are Chinese-Portuguese architectural hybrids painted in candy colors and gilded with eye-popping street art.

I’m so inspired. I have this vision in my head of a low-CC Sims 3 world populated with rainbow rowhouses, beach shacks and street vendors.

Also these windows:


Keeping cool can be tricky when you’re coated in thick insulating feathers, help your feathered friends cool down with some of these activities!

  • Allow access to a shallow dish of cold water (most heat escapes from their feet and beak, getting their feathers wet can trap heat let them walk around in cool water to help cool down)
  • Put perches or cushions in the freezer to cool them
  • Feed them some homemade sugar-free fruit popsicles 
  • Put ice cubs in water bowls, frequently check if they’re thirsty by placing them on to the dish
  • Tie an ice pack to the wall of the cage, place something chewable between the bars and the ice pack so the bird can’t chew the ice pack.  The ice pack will cool the bars and air around them. 
  • Offer frozen berries
  • Provide water-rich foods such as fruits or lettuces to ensure they’re getting enough fluids
  • Make cold fruit juices (no added sugars)
  • Supply daily bathing opportunities
  • Have a fan blowing out the mesh-covered window to draw hot air out, keep inside doors open to allow for more air circulation
  • Close the blinds if there’s direct sunlight

Also read up on the signs of heat stroke and immediate care response! Take care and keep cool!


THIS is why it is so important to do your research on mantis enclosures.

There is nothing wrong with this terrarium; it is an excellent size for adult mantises, as it gives them plenty of room to molt from and allows for a clear view of them as well as doors to offer them food through..

However, the lid is made of steel mesh. Aluminum and steel mesh can cause damage to mantis’ tarsi and they can get caught in it–which is exactly what happened to this person’s mantis.

Mantises need something grippable like fiberglass (AKA window) mesh. If you order/purchase this sort of terrarium, please replace the lid with fiberglass mesh. Essentially it is the same procedure as replacing a window’s screen.

There is nothing wrong with this sort of terrarium–just please be proactive and replace mesh that can damage tarsi ahead of time so that you can prevent a premature death in your mantis.