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Hello my fellow simblrs!

I was talking (whining) to @deetron-sims about how I had run out of things to recolor, so she was nice enough to give me the tee mesh to use for this set. A huge thank you to Dee for being amazing as usual <3

Tee mesh IS included, but you must have Spa Day for the pants to show up in game.


Sorry guys. I accidentally uploaded the file without the mesh. Oops! Please redownload.



Feel free to recolor, but please don’t include the mesh. Link back to this post. Please do not claim as your own, or upload to pay sites.


SimLaughLove Ruffle Tee Dress recolored in 24 patterns + 15 Candy Colors.

Because my first recolor of patterns had a lot of download, i decided to bring them back in other dresses as well adding some pastel colors!

You will need these mesh for my recolor appear: [Mesh] Ruffle Tee Dress by @simlaughlove

[Download Patterns] [Download Candy Colors]

Any problems, please tell me!

Don’t reupload it to another pages.
Don’t say that you make this
Optional: If you use it, please tag me so i can reblog it ♥

Mesh - SimLaughLove
Candy Palette -  @javabeandreams

Yesterday was my birthday and I whipped up a little present for you all but i was so wrapped up in the party shenanigans I just did not get around to sharing here it is! I love Tee Turtle tees but I can’t really afford as many as I would like so if I can’t have them in real life I can have them sims like..and now you can too :) I actually got the Cupcake one yesterday for my birthday and I’ve had the blue shell tee for a while now so my RL collection is growing..anyway hope you like em!

base game tee no meshes or expansions required ENJOY!