mesh fix

Gucci Print Tshirt Mesh Fix

This bothers me so much, so I fixed it. It’s an overwrite. Just replace the previous file. Recolors will automatically get fixed too. Also I secretly added the yellow swatch in the Marais Classic Mule post.

Download link remains the same.


5C_AF_Kenneth Pool Princess Gown

Model - Marissa Cooper download @milusimblr

The original mesh is by BEO

FIXED by me, there was a small gap between the top and the skirt so I closed the gap.

Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo {Follower’s Gift?}

Hi, guys! I hope you are all doing awesome :) From one of my previous posts, I had a couple of asks about this, and I wasn’t going to release it since part of the foot looked weird. But I really want to share with you, especially since I haven’t really posted a follower’s gift yet. And you guys are so sweet, so this will be in honor of the 400+ of you!! So yeah, I fixed this mesh to the best of my ability. Then I decided to make the BeatBo(the green one), so now your little babes can have either or..or both of course!

Four different swatches: Pink off (top left), Pink on (top right), Green off (bottom left), Green on (bottom right)

You can locate Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo in “Kid’s Decor”, and I think I put it down as a toy at the last minute. So check that category as well, because I was too lazy to go back in game.

Please remember- basic TOU and ENJOY <3 


NightLife defaults. I thought NL came with only 4 new hairs… 6 if you count the gypsy and old Crumplebottom and I was a little bummed. But I almost forgot those toddler hairs. Oops! Anway, defaults, yay! Poppet’s v2 textures and colors

MhairSideSwoop - replaced with Stealthic Hysteria. Unnaturals included

FhairRaveKimono - replaced with Trapping’s JPN Long. Alpha edited by me

FhairVampire - replaced with Momosims’ Hourglass

MhairChoppyPeaks - replaced with Lapiz LaPlace 

PhairBonnetBlue - replaced with Bfly 93. Defaulted by YanderePlum

PhairBonnetBrown - replaced with Peggy 6969. Defaulted by Bergatory

PhairBonnetPink - replaced with Peggy 5853. Defaulted by YanderePlum

PhatAnimalBrown - Replaced with Bunhead’s Cupcake hat 3t2

PhatAnimalGreen - Replaced with Trapping’s Monster Mash 3t2. Mesh fixed by Rented-space

PhatAnimalGrey - Replaced with Trapping’s PomPom 3t2. Mesh fixed by rented-space

~ Download NL Defaults


More defaults ^_^ These are all the basegame child and toddler hairs. Poppet’s v2 colors and textures, except for Myos25, Natrobo’s braids and ModTwist 3t2, those are recolors rather than retextures. 

CFhairBun replaced with MTcakestore’s hair6 (all ages by trapping). This one is ridiculously high-poly.. I did a mesh edit to get rid of some strands but it’s still over 19000. Use with care ^^

CFhairPigTails Replaced with Raon’s Little Sister

CFhairFormal replaced with Bound Up Bow 3t2

PUhairPuff replaced with NAtroboo’s little braids for PF and Mod Twist 3t2 for PM. Mesh fix for the little braids by Kayleigh. 

PFhairMod replaced with Raon’s 53 - alpha edited

PUhairSimple replaced with Myos25

PUhairBaldSwirl replaced with Romanza Pixie Bow 3t2 (and Bowless for boys)

Download All 

Credits: Poppet, Trapping, Raon, Natroboo, SAU, Rented-Space, theseredshoes


Ok well i bring you choices…either clay or alphas…i myself prefer alpha textures but i know others who prefer clay….anyway whichever you choose is cool…you can have both in game and it wont interfere…I also fixed the mesh…it use to cut into the forehead of the sims…well it doesn’t now…

Thanks goes to Cazy for the mesh…

Click to download alpha version

Click to download Clayed Version

Hugs enjoy…


[DOWNLOAD] (sfs)

Please, like or reblog if you download :)

Trapping’s 3t2 Un’ Do: female, all ages, binned/compressed/familied, 4 colors and grey for elders linked to black

Trapping’s 3t2 True Romance: female, all ages, binned/compressed/familied, 4 colors and grey for elders linked to black

Trapping’s 3t2 Pixie Cut: female, all ages, binned/compressed/familied, 4 colors and grey for elders linked to black

(rented-space’s mesh fixes included)

Credits: EA/maxis, Trapping, Rented-Space, Zeusar, Pooklet

Meshes fixed and compressed!

So I have fixed all my meshes (those with SIMPLY in their name):

1. No more exploding fat morphs
2. Wallee UV issue fixed
3. All file sizes shrunk

So you guys don’t have to download them all individually again, I have made a clothing dump which I will keep up until next weekend.
Please replace the old files with these! If you use CC Magic then go to My Documents/Electronic Arts/CC Magic/Content/Packages and extract the zip files there and click “yes” when it asks if you want to replace. Then load CC Magic and let it rebuild the sets where you put my clothing!

Toddler Meshes Fixed

Child Meshes Fixed


Here is the requested Anto Nocturnal clayified~ It’s enabled for males and females in all 18 EA colours. This hair doesn’t work with the body sliders so bigger sims will get some serious clipping through their breasticles. 

To get rid of the original textures on the mesh here is a tutorial I made. This hair does not look right in laptop mode. 

DOWNLOAD <- The mesh is required for it to show up in game! 

Credits: S4S, Anto.


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The next set of special “LoscheDay” Gifts - 6th of July


I combined the skybox and backdrop together so now it’s easier to cut background out of landscape screenshots with photoshop (use sintiklia “How to cut sim with quality" tutorial)

1. LOT VERSION: as recolors of my “The Great Sky of Totalitarianism”-skybox mesh! There are absolute black and absolute white recolors + mesh package.
P.S. original mesh FIXED for SimNopke SkyFix, the dome was enlarged + now it has no shadow with high settings of graphics. All archives are updated. Feel free to contact me if you want the old (small) dome.

This skybox has an animated texture: it’s black, then white, then black again, and so on.
If you pause your game - you can make a screenshot with completely white sky. Then you unpause your game amd quickly pause it again to get the wxact same screenshot but with black skies. After that you can easily photoshop in any sky you want!
You can find it in Effects section. Just look for preview pictures with swans (the Great Sky of Absolute Nothing).
Place them somewhere in the middle of your map.

DOWNLOAD (updating….)