mesh band


My first clothes cc mesh! This patterned off shoulder romper!
This is my first mesh so let me know if there are any problems in game if you use!

Completely recolorable in 3 areas: main fabric, pattern, waist/shoulder bands

Mesh and pattern 100% by me Please do not reupload, convert or edit in any way

Download for Sims 3

Sorry about my ugly sim

Kinktober #9: Lingerie

HAPPY HINAKAGE DAY!!! This is office AU/executive KageHina verse~

It’s late.

Silent on the workfloor late. Second glass of scotch late. Light from a single desk lamp glinting off the floor to ceiling office windows late. If Hinata turned it off, the reflection would die, and there would be nothing but him and all the lights scattered in the city below.

Hinata leans back in his chair and rubs at his eyes. He should probably call it a night, but he’s working on a deck for a major funding presentation and he doesn’t want to quit until he has a rough outline for all the slides. They’re on a roll right now, just closed a huge deal earlier that week. They need to keep that momentum going.

He gets up to stretch his legs, remembering to grab his scotch glass at the last moment. One of the perks of being co-CEO of one of the most successful companies in Japan is this executive suite—it can barely be called an office. He’s never been one for these ostentatious displays of power, but he understands the nuances of business enough to know that it’s not handshakes, but where those handshakes take place, that close deals.

And he loves these windows. Wall-to-wall of his corner office, looking out over Tokyo. He leans up against the window, the glass cool on his forearm. He’s long since discarded his expensive grey suit jacket, rolled his sleeves to his elbows, loosened his tie. He leaves his vest on, only because he’s too ready to be done to bother taking it off. It’s been one of those days.

A knock on his office door surprises him. The door is open, he rarely closes it to encourage people coming in to see him, no matter what level of employee they are. He turns to see who else is still on the floor this late and… of course.

Kageyama, the company’s other co-CEO (initially its only CEO, before they took the big risk of bringing Hinata on), works on the other side of the building, in the other corner office. He tends to venture out far more rarely than Hinata does. Hinata likes to take laps around the floor, or go up to the rooftop, or down to the zen gardens to feed the koi in the pond, sometimes all in the course of one day. Occasionally, he manages to convince Kageyama to come with him, when he really needs to think out loud. But Kageyama prefers to stay at his desk, only leaving for meetings, and lunch.  

He’s here now, though, leaning against the doorframe, watching Hinata without a word. He’s wearing one of his overcoats; Burberry, Hinata thinks. Long and black and no doubt expensive, even though it’s not cold out.

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The Herbalist and the Dragon

Obiyuki Week Day 5: Any Fairy Tale - The Peasant and the Dragon

Would you like to hear a story?

Once upon a time in the kingdom of Tanbarun, there lived a young maiden with bright red hair. This determined woman named Shirayuki lived on her own, and practiced her trade as a herbalist and healer in her village.

Then, one night, a terrible storm tore apart the night sky. Bundled up safely in her cottage, Shirayuki heard a great crashing not caused by the wind, and a roar of pain. When the morning came, she ran outside to see a dragon, black as night, lying in the field. He was exhausted from fighting the storm, and covered in wounds. Ignoring the panic and warnings from her fellow villagers, Shirayuki did all that she could to heal the dragon.

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