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bedroom recoloring set 

all the screenshots aren’t in bedrooms even though this is technically a bedroom recoloring set lolz but i mostly pictured these objects being bedroom clutter! enjoy :)

set includes 10 items:

- pillows (4 swatches) mesh by @cherry-sims

- backpack (8 swatches) mesh by @aroundthesims

- hanging bag (3 swatches) mesh by @sanoysims

- table (6 swatches) mesh by @slox

- fan (1 swatch) mesh by sweetmint-sims4

- chair (6 swatches) mesh by RSS

- poster 1 (5 swatches) mesh by @blackmojitos

- poster 2 (6 swatches) mesh by @slox

- poster 3 (7 swatches) mesh by RSS

- mirror (3 swatches) mesh by @k-hippie



Body chain, mesh dress, faux fur backpack. Goals.

Coachella, 2017, Weekend 2

tips for high school students
  • Carry around a water bottle to your classes. When you’re bored in class, you’ll drink from it, so it’s the best way to stay hydrated. Get a backpack with mesh side pockets to fit your bottle or buy a carabiner so you can clip your bottle to your bag. If you wear lipstick/chapstick/lip gloss, keep a bendy straw in your bottle so it won’t mess up your makeup.
  • Also carry around a bottle of pain killers (tylenol, advil, tums, etc.) so you don’t have to make frequent trips to the nurses office. Headaches, muscle aches, and stomachaches happen, so be prepared.
  • If you wear contacts, always bring your glasses to school with you (along with a glasses cleaning cloth).
  • Keep a small first aid kit in your bag as well (especially band aids).
  • It is perfectly okay to take a mental health day. If feigning a physical illness is what it takes to take a mental health day, do it. Your mental health is more important than trying to skirt around society’s stigma against mental illness.
  • If you wear a lot of makeup, bring makeup remover. Makeup runs on hot or rainy days, and sometimes it just needs to come off.
  • If someone calls you a hooker or a whore, be flattered. They’re saying that it looks like someone would pay to have sex with you. Take it as a compliment and move on, because there’s nothing wrong with looking sexy.
  • Wear deodorant. Please.
  • Don’t be afraid to eat lunch alone, but if you do, bring headphones. Eating alone is a lot easier if you can pretend that you’re in a movie or a music video.
  • If you don’t have friends, sit alone in the library. Chances are, someone will come talk to you. That’s how i met my best friend.

This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is bullshit. Since the beginning of the year our school put in a rule that you must have mesh or clear backpacks. I do not, and for the first three months, it was fine. One teacher didn’t like it so I would drop mine off at my next class, but otherwise ok.

But as of late, it’s become a problem. I’ve been getting sent out of class because it’s a ‘problem’ and they’re 'really cracking down’ on this. I’m assuming the problem is so many kids shoot up schools that we can’t have nice things, and they don’t trust a dumb white guy like me. (I’m sure the problem has nothing to do with race but whatever)

And no, I will NOT waste my money on a fucking clear or mesh backpack. And I will NOT go up to the third floor to put my stuff in my locker as it will make me late to each class, and having all my stuff is easier. How about the school LOOKS through my bag? Or how about they spend some money on a metal detector? Because I swear, if I get one more day of this, I will flip out on our pathetic excuse for a man assistant principal

anonymous asked:

Modern au. What do you think thrandy would be like in high school?

You had excused yourself from English, as he asked you to. He was leaning against the emergency exit, propping the door open with his boot. How he managed to get the door open without triggering the alarm was beyond you. His mesh backpack was slung casually over one shoulder. His expensive jeans were ripped at the knees, probably from a recent scuffle he instigated.

“I knew you’d come." 

"You didn’t know that,” you sniffed. “Not for sure.”

 He flashed you a sly grin. You both knew that was a lie. He pushed the door wide open and dipped his head in light mockery. “Ladies first.”

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so i’m pretty casually into fitness these days, and by that i mean i won’t join a gym, but i will fill my tiny apartment with as many workout accessories i can get my little protein powder dusted hands on. like today, man, today i bought a single dumbbell. i don’t think that’s a thing people do, buy just one dumbbell. it feels wrong, like buying one shoe. or five shoes. i went to the fitness stuff store and i looked at the rack of dumbbells and i picked one up and i felt like i was buying an avocado. like i felt it in my hand and squeezed it and then picked up another one and felt that like, “yeahh okay, this one’s…ready.” basically i had no idea to pick one out. i was over thinking the concept of, “lift a heavy thing, repeat.” the way dumbbells are supposed to work, to my understanding at least, is you buy a dumbbell and workout with it, and then after a while you move up to a heavier dumbbell. but dumbbells are expensive, they’re like a dollar a pound. that’s more per pound than like, really nice bananas, i mean, to bring it back to the produce section. anyways i’m not about to start buying dumbbells or shelling out for a fancy adjustable set so i just bought one that i thought was decently heavy and figured that would hold me over for a while. but like, i had to pick it out in public with people around, so of course i bought one heavier than i thought i should just to impress the middle aged guy ten feet away buying a knee brace. 35 pounds. does that sound heavy? yes? no? no frame of reference? well it is heavy when you have to carry it back uptown 130 streets and the only bag you have is a mesh drawstring backpack you got free from your cable company. like a god damn cinder block in saran wrap. it was so ridiculously form fitting there was no way to hide the fact i was just carrying around a dumbbell. i got on the subway and i was like, “will it look bad if i sit down? i clearly deserve the seat, or do i? my weight is literally just a weight. there’s a guy with six bags of groceries, that woman is holding a baby, i have a big heavy piece of metal, the purpose of which is to be heavy. i bought it to carry it, please allow me to sit and cradle it on my knee like my son.” i’ll be honest though, it makes you feel kind of powerful, if anyone tries to attack you, you just hurl it at them. 

Top 10: Bags for the Gym

Tote your workout clothes in a sporty carryall

The gym is a necessary evil, so why not make the trip a little more enjoyable and trade in your old bag for a new athletic tote to carry all your workout gear. Whether you prefer a drawstring backpack for your water, keys, phone and sweatshirt, or a large duffle for all of your sporty necessities, we have the gym bag for you. Any of our top 10 styles below will put an extra pep in your step the next time you want to sweat it out.

Jack Wills Gym Bag in Claret

Small Gym Bag

Fabric Gym Bag With Logo

Alexander Wang Drawstring Glove Deerskin Gym Sack, Bottle

Lazy Oaf Carry All

Croco print duffle bag

Herschel Supply Co. Ravine Duffle

Travel & duffel bag

‘Sack Pack’ Drawstring Nylon Bag

Mesh Drawstring Backpack

Daddy 5SOS Preference: Mini-Me

“could you do like a mini me prompt or something where the 5sos kids do something that their fathers used to do when they were kids”

A/N: THIS WAS TOO CUTE OF A PROMPT I ABOUT DIED. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did writing!


When Luke picked Kayla up from school that day, he was surprised to see the first grader crying and holding a sheet of yellow paper in her hand. Luke watched her crawl into the backseat before he turned and frowned at his daughter sympathetically. “What’s going on, baby girl?”

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