Better photos of Baby, in better lighting. Although the color still isn’t true :/ 

Day 3 of seasoning at about 23in, but I’m on my 5th(ish) seasoning session (I double seasoned during 2 of the days :3)

My back is a bit achy due to my scoliosis and spine having to work in ways it usually doesn’t have to. yay. :/ But, she is soooo comfy ^.^

These pictures son’t do the curviness justice, but then they never do, do they? lol

You'll never guess what I did

Well actually you might. So I’ve been wanting it for years and now I’ve finally purchased the Adam corset from Meschantes in black cotton. I know it sounds plain, but think of the opportunities a blank canvas offers. When I receive it, i’ll start making posts about the seasoning and eventual long term wear of the corset, so stay tuned!

I’m so excited!

redqueenwildboy-deactivated2017  asked:

I always thought Meschantes looked like a pretty slick corset company. I've considered buying from them in the past. What sort of horror stories should I be aware of?

Search around, you’ll find quite a few ‘horror stories’, such as this one

And this blog raises more awareness

I’m sure they also have many very satisfied customers, but I would personally not risk my money with a company with such poor customer service.

Day 1 of daily corset wear.

I’ve been wearing my corset since 8AM this morning. It’s not overly tightened as is don’t want to start off extreme. It’s a meschantes corset and I have to say, it is really snug and comfortable.

I managed to play with the kids and do paperwork at a desk for a long time without even feeling it. It is now 8:20PM and it feels really snug. I won’t wear it to sleep just yet though. Baby steps. Photos to come soon.

Will post again on day 5.

corvibae  asked:

I have been considering getting a Meschantes corset because they are pretty and the pricing seems fairly reasonable for custom work, but I've gotten a mixed vibe about them on tumblr. Thoughts?

AzhureSnow had a great experience with them. You can see the custom corsets she ordered and read her very detailed review here.

The pricing is excellent for custom work, but customer service can be hit or miss. The positive reviews mostly come from their etsy and ebay shops instead of the main company website, so I would stick to one of those.

My first corset was actually a custom overbust from Meschantes, and a few years later I bought their Etoile cincher. Well, actually I purchased one of their off-the-rack waist trainers, but they sent me an Etoile cincher and I was too lazy to go through the hassle of exchanging it. Both of them were quite reasonably priced, although not as sturdy as I have come to expect out of my corsets. They were only 2 layers of fabric, although the fabrics were thin enough to have needed an interfacing or something; also, they use the thinnest spiral steel boning and very flexible busks, which I am not a fan of. But to each her own, and not everyone wants a rigid piece of armor that can cinch you to within an inch of your life. ^.^ ~Clair