When crack theories go bad.

checkersvalentine: and in that little jar, apparently

slenderthor: If I’m right.

mesay20yr: I will officially dub this the weirdest way to ward off slenderman if that is true.

mesay20yr: Fucking PEE!?!?!

mesay20yr: Are you kidding me?

slenderthor: mythological precedent

slenderthor: it’s totally plausible.

mesay20yr: it’s totally weird.

The theory: The little jar that Caught has, contains urine. WTF!?!?!?


I just realized that I had never posted this. The contents to the lockbox. 

  • A CD containing the Mesay2.avi video. The folder name was Carrog or crow in Gaelic.
  • A piece of easily bendable and I imagine cut/etch-able metal with the inscription. “All Is Ready The Harp Of Apple Has Been Carved The Location Is Set Now We Must Choose Who We Wish To Speak With.”
  • The inside lid with the words: “Light the candles To light the way. Watch the candles burn away.

The video of opening the lockbox.