2013 Mesa Super Show

Rockford Fosgate drew long lines at the 2013 Mesa Super Show with its newest demo vehicle called mini SoundLab. This “oldies” custom car and low-rider show makes an annual appearance at the Mesa Convention Center and Amphitheatre in Mesa, Arizona. This year’s event was held on Saturday, April 27 and is enjoyed by thousands in typical 90° weather. However, summer decided to make an early appearance and topped-off the day with a high of 100°.

Authorized dealer Curacao (formerly La Curacao) from Phoenix partnered with Rockford Fosgate by providing a 20’x20’ tent to shade the mini SoundLab and 1996 Chevy Impala (featured in VOLUME 5.0 magazine, Subsonic Flight, Page #33) provided by RG Auto Group from Tucson, Arizona. Located inside vendor’s row next to the food trucks, “The all-day event was packed with car audio fanatics,” explained Heath Lunsford. “We were running through 30 to 40 SPL demo’s at a time” Heath continued. “We took 3 minute breaks in between runs just to ‘air out’ the Pressure Chamber because the weather was a bit warm. We wanted fanatics to enjoy the experience.”

The Mesa Super Show hosted some of the western region’s best looking vehicles with enthusiasts from Los Angeles, New Mexico and Sacramento making the trek to show off their beautiful cars. Most everyone who experienced the mini SoundLab knew who Rockford Fosgate was, either because their friends were showing-off amplifiers and speakers, or they had RF gear in their own rides.

“The best part of the show was the people,” explained Megan Foster “Despite the heat, everyone was very cool and very polite!” “It was great to see families with their kids enjoying the show. Many outsiders don’t realize, but many low-rider clubs are centered with a family atmosphere. This is how they enjoy their time, fixing up cars and trucks with their brothers, fathers and friends.

It was a lot of fun being a part of such a huge event and Rockford Fosgate definitely made its mark, just ask the restaurant/bar located far across the street that could hear the mini SoundLab pounding all day long! The mini SoundLab features a 3,600 Watt PRESSURE CHAMBER with 12 speakers, including six Punch 15″ subwoofers, and gives participants the opportunity to experience the full PUNCH of Rockford Fosgate car audio equipment.