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I drew this at 3 this morning, for some reason I wanted to draw Chloe. So here she is, haha.

I loved her and the turtles adventure together in TMNT: Amazing Advetures issues 5 and 6

Medio vs. Mitad

If grammar rules weren’t hard enough, The Spanish language decided to have two different words to mean “half”.


Medio-“half or mid”. It is an adjective and will agree with gender and number.


•Es medio hombre y medio vampiro. — He’s half man and half vampire.

•Fuimos a la fiesta a medianoche. —We went to the party at midnight (lit. Half or middle of night)

•Él corrió una media milla. — He ran a half mile.

•Nos falta una hora y media para salir del trabajo. — We’ve got an hour and a half left until we can leave work.

Medio is also used as an adverb, usually referring to adjectives. So essentially, it’s the adjective of the adjective BUT NOT changing in number or gender.


•Ése hombre está medio borracho. — That man is half(halfway) drunk.

•Las niñas dejaron las pizzas medio comidas en la mesa. — The little girls left the pizza half eaten on the table.

•A mi mamá les gusta los hombres medio traviesos. — My mom likes those half mischievous men.

Now we’ve got the phrase a medias which means “half” that can be used as either an adjective or adverb.


•Entiendo la canción a medias. — I half understand the song.

•Solo podía ver a medias las montañas ya que se nubló el cielo. — I could only half-see the mountains because the sky got cloudy.


The big thing to remember about Mitad is that it is the noun that means the “middle” or “half”. In a lot of cases, mitad is followed by “de” to express “half of what?”.


•La mitad de los estudiantes nunca traen los libros a la clase de español. — Half (of) the students never bring their books to Spanish class.

•Con el apoyo de gobierno, podemos reducir la pobreza a la mitad. — With the help of the government, we can reduce the poverty to half.

•¡Hay muchas cosas en venta a mitad de precio! — There’s a lot of stuff on sale at half-price!

•Vos pusiste la punta en la mitad del círculo. — YOU put the tip in the middle of the circle.


A mitad -> at half
A la mitad -> to half

The last leg of our Summer tour kicks off tonight with The Waxball party at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa w/ Girl Tears + CG Roxanne & the Nightmares. Remaining dates below!

08/20 || Costa Mesa CA || Wayfarer
08/23 || Riverside CA || Mission Tobacco Lounge
08/25 || Santa Cruz CA || Catalyst
08/26 || Oakland CA || Leo’s
08/27 || Fresno CA || Strummer’s
08/28 || Los Angeles CA || El Rey
08/29 || Upland CA || Way Strange Fest
08/30 || Tijuana MX || Moustache Bar
08/31 || Fullerton CA || The Continental Room

(photo by Robiee Ziegler)