mesa amp

Prince played these MESA amps.  Not amps like this or
of this brand name but these actual amps.  
During a moment in time these pieces of equipment
were attached to Prince and Electrified.
So yeah, When I got the time, I took the time to visit these
and show some love and respect.  You might think that
is strange or mundane, but for me it was A CLEAR MOMENT,
a moment of continuity and awe.

                                             JX Badwell, Summer 2017
                                                          Spirit Stage
                                     33rd annual islands folk festival


Went to Mesa,AZ & Avila Beach,CA to see this wizard twice in less than a month!! I had a blast both times, insane & unforgettable! #KidCudi #ppds

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Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 3/5/14


Sunday afternoon guitar shopping in and around Toronto, Canada:

  1. At Tundra Music (Danforth & Jones, Toronto)Fender Custom Shop ‘69 Stratocaster Relic.  Note the reverse (and painted!) headstock and reverse bridge pickup!
  2. At Steve’s Music (Queen & Spadina, Toronto).  Fender Custom Shop ‘65 Strat Relic.  Note the transition logo on the headstock!
  3. At Cosmo Music (Leslie & Major Mackenzie, Richmond Hill). Fender American Standard Telecaster Double Cut
  4. Also at Cosmo Music - the cutest Mesa Boogie amp ever!

NOTHING says “Christmas” like guitar shopping at Toronto’s much-loved vintage guitar boutique, Capsule Music!:

  1. Wow…I had never even heard of this model before…it’s a 1981 Gibson Firebird CMT.  I like Firebirds enough normally, but this one is really interesting and only $2,350!
  2. Refinished 1967 Epi Casinos.  Yes, refins, but EXCELLENT refins!  And the price reflects the mods nicely at $1,999 - like ½ to 1/3 of the price of an all original 67 Casino!  Unleash your inner John Lennon!
  3. Cool vintage resonators!  On the right is a 1921 National Style 1 tenor at $2,100, and on the left is a 1930 National Style 1 mandolin at $2,400.
  4. TRUCK!
  5. Too quote David Lindley…  "if I had money, I tell you what I’d do, I’d go downtown and buy a 3-30 or two!  I’m crazy ‘bout a 3-30!“  (see below …) It’s a lovely Gibson USA ES-330 in blue - a rare colour even for this modern example.  $2,300
  6. Nice, but recent.  ES-335 in "faded” finish.
  7. I think someone boogered on this Boogie!  :D
  8. Hofner basses - paired with #2 above and unleash your inner Betales!
  9. 1964 Thunderbird IV.  $7,000!
  10. For my mate guitarlust!  A lovely lefty Les (Paul)!