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Hi! I’m pretty new on the Balmung scene, (read as I just name changed, level and story boosted, and fantasia’d an alt character I had on Balmung into a new character,) but I’d love to find some connections with the release of Stormblood and The Steppe!

This is Ochigin Iriq, but he’s really a Moks at heart. Not a boy given up by the Borlaaq tribe, but rather born into the Iriq tribe, he spent much of his youth upon the Steppe. His parents are also Moks, and I’d love some connections with regards to that. Some other Moks who he’s met and exchanged messages with, maybe?

Other connections I’m looking for for Ochigin include things like friends from the Steppe and Eorzea, people he’s done ‘odd jobs’ for over the years, (think things like general repairs and generic adventurer’s work. His IC ‘class’ is an axe-wielding one, though he doesn’t have the Warrior features like the Inner Beast or anything like that,) would be nice, and just friends in general would be kickass! Enemies and darker stuff are also welcomed, as is shippy stuff, though I prefer to chat for a while before promising a romance.

I’d also like blogs to follow even if you’re not interested in RP with Ochigin! Please just drop a like on this post and I will follow you :)

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