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Halloween Event

The new Halloween event and the news about the Banshee Momiji is unfortunate, but let’s not forget that that set isn’t everything! Look at all these beautiful sets!

It’s unfair and really unfortunate, I agree and I also feel the same way. This won’t be the last time we’ll see the Banshee Momiji situation, but this also isn’t going to happen that often. This is only the beginning for the US version! So let’s try our best! Let’s also appreciate and not hate on the players who do get the set. We will all do our best so let’s appreciate everyone’s efforts! We are all friends and we should be a positive community overall!

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Hi! I was curious to know, what do the chocobro think about excessive leanness (not anorexia)? I have a difficult period in my life, associated with this (I was always skinny, and therefore do not like my body), so I want to know how they will react on this issue... (Sorry for my terrible English)

How would chocobro react, if their fem!s/o had complexes about thinness and hated her body?

So, I got two similar requests, I’m going to mush them together. if theyre not the same, please let me know. Also know that i’m going with experience with this and a bit of research, so i’m sorry if this is really off. As someone who also has body issues and holds themselves to a certain standard… I feel you. Just know that you’ll only get one body. Please take care of yourselves.


  • He would notice when you aren’t eating your favorite food (hc that when he has his s/o their fave becomes his second favorite), when you stare at the mirror too long.
  • He’ll ask you what’s wrong and he’ll have no idea what you’re going on about.
  • He loves you, he loves your body. He loves all of you.
  • He doesn’t care about how thin you are, he loves you as is.
  • He is not the type of person to go half-ass into anything. He loves you fiercely, he will do whatever in his power to show you that. 
  • Expect more complements. your body, your talents, anything to distract from the negative thoughts.


  • When you tell him what’s wrong after he sees you not enjoying the photographs he took of you, he’ll get this look in his eye.
  • You know that he knows how you’re feeling exactly. 
  • He’ll tell you, “Babe, I’ve had issues like this too… Different side of the spectrum, but the thoughts are the same…”
  • He’ll show you different methods of positive thinking that helps him through the worst of days.
  • “Ahh, i know its not much, but it’s better than getting blue. You gotta train yourself sometimes, especially when the thoughts are too much, y’know?”
  • He’d want to do a shoot with you, you in your favorite clothes, smiling and comfy, you in nothing at all except your underwear.
  • but you’re painted in hearts, all kinds of colors. hearts everywhere!!!
  • “This is how much I love you, y/n, nothing will change that.”


  • s/o with body issues? no matter what it is, Gladio has got your back! 
  • This man, this man with the physique of an illegal pickle, you know he on you for this.
  • He tends to plan your meals for you, cos he knows all about nutrition and stuff.
  • But he also knows when to lay back, take you in his arms and just love you, tell you how much you mean to him.
  • He’ll be calling you beautiful so much, he’d make it your new name.
  • Also, he’s the type of guy to just kiss the areas you hate the most. just out of spite.
  • He’ll let you vent out any and all frustration, let you do whatever you need. But you have to agree with him that your body is amazing, at least once.


  • Ignis will, undoubtedly, get very technical and serious about this.
  • He’s just like Gladio, he’ll cover the meal plan and everything. but he loves you, he loves you endlessly, he’ll show you again and again.
  • Prepare for the barrage of complements because hoooooooo boiiii, he is not going to stop. He will not stop. Not until you’re smiling.
  • And yes, there are times where it won’t really work how it used to but it wont stop him from kissing you all over.
  • He will sit you down in his lap and for every question like, “aren’t you disgusted?” or “why do you still love me?” he’ll have an answer for you, followed by a kiss somewhere on your body.
  • “Why would I be disgusted, your body is merely working at a faster rate than others, you’re still a wonderful human being.” 
  • “I love you, because you are still you, no matter how you weigh, or how you look. I love you. I love you endlessly, I adore you, my love.”


[photo of an egg carton labelled “Gunning Bum Nuts - bloody good eggs from free ranged happy chooks”. A somewhat crass cartoon depiction of a rooster squeezing eggs out of its butt sits beside a serene photograph of hens in a grassy field. The word “Australia” is seen on almost identical cartons in the background.]

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Error! Error! Barton looks too warm and inviting! Cognitive dissonance rising! Does not compute! Does not compute! *explodes*

Does this make more sense 

When you find an anime/manga really great at the start, but, the romance they added later on completely ruins it.