Nakapag shoot din ulit ng mga banda after ilang dekada. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na kahit mga nakatira na sa Amerika ang pinoy na nagrakenrol ngayong gabi hindi pa rin nawawala ang ispirito ng OPM sakanila. Long live OPM \m/

Salamat sa pag imbita ng tropa kong malalim ang pinaghuhugutan na si Macky hahaha! Makakatugtog din tayo ulet pag dating ng panahon tsong, tiis tiis muna sa ngayon hahaha

THE PHILIPPINES’ PRINCE OF ROCK LIVE IN LOS ANGELES! A very successful show indeed! Thank you Happy Box for this opportunity and for making this amazing tour possible. And of course, Sir Bamboo Mañalac for giving everyone a solid rock and roll experience! The tour is still on going so grab your tickets now! \m/



When I came home to the Philippines last January 2015, I met this kid while I was sitting in our doorway. She came into me smiling, with baby powder all over her face, hair was all soaked and was wearing this big pair of slippers. She just took a shower I assumed. I remember looking exactly like her when I was a kid. I’d often sneak out from the house to play with my friends and never once cared of how I looked like. Life was so simple back then, oh how lucky am I to meet this kiddo, she sure took back my childhood memories. She was so adorable and sweet, so I took a couple of pictures and basically spend my time talking to her. I just love how these pictures came out, she wasn’t able to tell me her name, though I remember her saying something about “Anna” and so this name reminded me of her.

Started with.

It all started with my love for these 4x5 memory-preserving objects called pictures. Treasured bunch of them and pile all of them up through photo albums, websites and literally anywhere I can save it.

Became a musician after years of frustration for photography. Fell inlove deeper, finally declared my love for Music Photography

Dreamed of taking up multimedia arts for college but ended up with nursing. I liked nursing but I love photography. Realized the big difference of liking and loving something. Frustration grew bigger.

Migrated from PH to LA in 2013. Still hoping to become a photographer. In February 2014, received my first professional camera Nikon D3200, an 18th birthday present. And that’s where all my dreams started to come true. *bow*

O'right guys, im finally back and im trying to catch up with a lot of things recently hopefully I didn’t missed too much. HAHA. So I’ve finally came to the point that I decided to change my URL to:


why? let’s just basically think that it’s all because I wanna make things easier for everyone. End of the story. For the lovely followers of mine who stayed even though I’ve been inactive for weeks, thank you so much for hanging on, I promise to be more active, now that I’ve settled everything down, im good to go and ready to rock it on again with you guys! sooooooooo… LEZDUDIZ!