Suffragette Movie (2015) Original Title

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➚ Suffragette Movie Storyline:
Based on true events about the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement who were forced underground to evade the State.

⇜ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-10-16
Category : Drama, History
Casts : Geoff Bell, Amanda Lawrence, Ben Whishaw, Lorraine Stanley, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne-Marie Duff, Brendan Gleeson, Romola Garai, Natalie Press, Samuel West, Meryl Streep, Adrian Schiller, Adam Michael Dodd, Grace Stotter, Carey Mulligan
Duration : 106 minutes


Meryl Davis and Charlie White–Art on Ice 2016 

Suffragette 2015 full movie Online

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► Suffragette Movie Storyline
“ Based on true events about the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement who were forced underground to evade the State. ”

► Suffragette Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-10-16
Casts : Geoff Bell, Carey Mulligan, Anne-Marie Duff, Adam Michael Dodd, Grace Stotter, Meryl Streep, Helena Bonham Carter, Samuel West, Natalie Press, Lorraine Stanley, Romola Garai, Brendan Gleeson, Amanda Lawrence, Adrian Schiller, Ben Whishaw

Suffragette Movie (2015) Original Title

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↡ Suffragette Movie Storyline:
Based on true events about the foot soldiers of the early feminist movement who were forced underground to evade the State. 

↚ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-10-16
Category : History, Drama
Casts : Carey Mulligan, Natalie Press, Geoff Bell, Anne-Marie Duff, Amanda Lawrence, Samuel West, Meryl Streep, Adrian Schiller, Helena Bonham Carter, Grace Stotter, Adam Michael Dodd, Brendan Gleeson, Romola Garai, Ben Whishaw, Lorraine Stanley
Duration : 106 minutes

Ricki and the Flash Movie (2015) Original Title

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← Ricki and the Flash Movie Storyline:
Meryl Streep stars as Ricki Rendazzo, a guitar heroine who made a world of mistakes as she followed her dreams of rock-and-roll stardom. Returning home, Ricki gets a shot at redemption and a chance to make things right as she faces the music with her family.

⇔ Movie Details :
Release Date : 2015-07-10
Category : Drama, Music, Comedy
Casts : Rick Springfield, Meryl Streep, Sebastian Stan, Kevin Kline, Audra McDonald, Nick Westrate, Charlotte Rae, Ben Platt, Mamie Gummer
Duration : 100 minutes

Platonic III

•Chapter III•


She woke with a cold sheen of sweat covering her body. Maks was wrapped around her, keeping her once cold body warm.
Kicking the sheets free from her body, she moaned slightly when Maks pulled her closer. Turning in his arms to face his front, Meryl was surprised at how close they were lying face to face. She inhaled his muscular scent as his minty breath blew gently into he face. Reaching up, she stroked the hair grazing his forehead back. “He’s just so handsome.” She thought. “How can there be such a perfect creature?”
Leaning forward, Meryl made the impulsive decision to give into her desire. Gently pressing her lips to his, Meryl almost moaned at how good he tasted. Ready to pull away, she was shocked to feel a hand slip behind her head and press her more firmly into the muscular body before her.
Gasping in shock at being caught, Maks took the opportunity to slip his tongue into Meryl’s mouth.

“Maks” she moaned as he flipped them so he was on top of her, laying between her now spread thighs. Pulling his mouth from her now bruised lips, he nipped his way down her neck until he came to her chest. Slipping his hand under the strap of her tank top, Meryl gasped when he pulled the garment down forcefully.
“Maks-” she tried again when she heard her shirt ripe. “Oh-.” She whimpered. Attacking him back, Meryl’s hands flew to his boxers. Pushing them down past his hips, the small brunette strained to look between their bodies, eager to get a glance at the man she has been in love with for years.
“Relax baby.” He pushed her back and crushed his lips to hers. Threading her fingers through his soft full hair, Meryl arched against him in delight when she felt him press against her center.

“Please…Maks-” she nearly sobbed.

“Baby.” He whispered. “Baby.” He said again, only this time sounding more distant.

Jolting awake, Meryl’s eyes snapped open only to see Maks confused face staring down at her. “Oh my-oh,oh,oh….” She heaved internally. “Did I just? I did!”

“I-I am so hot.” Was the first thing out of her mouth.

“Well you were tossing and turning like crazy, you probably worked up a sweat.” He said pulling the blankets away to cool her down, never taking his eyes off her.
Rising from the bed, Make disappeared out of the bedroom only to return a few moments with damp cloth and a glass of water.

“Here.” He said kneeling on the bed in front of her. “Drink this.”
Taking the water from him, she gulped it down as he gently began patting her down with the cool towelette.

“I-I can do that.” She tried suggesting. Having his hands on her was only making her more flushed.

“Baby you’re burning up…” He frowned touching her forehead. “…it feels like you’re getting a fever.”

“I feel fine.” She lied coolly.

“I am getting the thermometer.” He said rising from the bed.

“No! Maksim please I’ll be okay if you just come back to bed.”

“If you’re catching something we need to take care of it” he frowned.

“I am not sick, I promise.”

“Did you have a bad dream?” He frowned getting back in bed and pulling her into his arms. Eagerly accepting his embrace, Meryl buried her face in his neck and nodded her head, yes.

“Do you want to tell me about it?” He asked going into protective mode. Shaking her head in a negative motion, Maks pulled her closer.

“It was so real.” She whimpered a few minutes later. “I didn’t know what to do but then it all just happened at once and-and then it was gone…I woke up! ” she cried. Her shoulders beginning to shake.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Maks soothed. “I’m sure whatever it is it will come back too you.”

“No it won’t!” She whined burying her head deeper into his neck as she cried. “It’s not fair…”

“Meryl…” He sat up with her in his lap. “Look at me.” He said when she refused to pull away from her little hiding place.

“No.” She mumbled.
Forcing her from him, Maks immediately felt guilty when he saw her tear stained cheeks.

“You had a bad dream honey that’s all. I am here and I am not going anywhere so stop your tears Merylushka.” He whispered peppering her cheeks with comforting kisses.
“But it wasn’t a bad dream!” Her goddess screamed. “Oh his lips felt divine!”
Leaning forward she returned his kisses. She placed two on each cheek, one on his chin, and then stopped at the corner of his mouth.

“Feeling better?” She nodded her head only to return to her spot on his shoulder. “Tired?” She shrugged.
Sighing, he laid on his back so that Meryl could stay completely on top of him.
Rolling so she was on her stomach, Meryl tucked her head under his chin and began playing with his chest hair, dozing into restlessness.


The next time Meryl woke it was around 9. Still frazzled from last night, Meryl sent a quick text to Jenna and got dressed as fast as she could to go meet her.
Leaving a slumbering Maks reaching for her.

“Someone’s not in a good mood this morning.” Jenna laughed as she eyed the brunette sliding into her booth.

“I had a dream last night.” She began right away.

“Was it a good one ?”

“It was a sex dream…about Maks.” She gulped in embarrassment. “We were in bed together and he had to wake me up because I was moaning and moving a lot. He thought I was having a nightmare.”

“OMG-” Jenna burst out laughing. “Did you guys finally-”

“What! No! He thought I had a fricking fever so he tried getting the thermometer.”
By this time Jenna was disturbing the restaurant they were currently sitting in with her boisterous laughter.

“It’s not funny Jen, I cried!” Meryl snapped shutting the lighter brunette up.

“What, why? Was the sex bad?”

“No. It was the complete opposite if you must know.”

“Then why did you cry?”

“Because when I woke up and I realized that it wasn’t real and It was never going-” she tried to finish but she teared up.

“Hey…” Jenna patted her hand. “I am sorry for laughing. I know this must be hard for you. I just don’t understand why you won’t just talk to him about this. You guys are best friends, you tell each other everything."she finished with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

"I can’t. Not this. What if it destroys us? I can’t risk losing him just because I can’t keep my legs closed!” She admitted.
Snorting in shock, Jenna placed her cup of coffee down.

“You make it sound like you’re the average harlot strutting the streets. You’re still a virgin Lyrem…Maks would never think that.”

“What the hell am I supposed to do then?”

“Seduce him.”


“Seduce him. Put something sexy on, make him dinner, and then offer yourself for dessert .” She suggested nonchalantly. Her inner goddess was drooling in agreement in the corner as she dug through her non-existent lingerie drawer.

“Are you kidding me right now. That’s you’re advice. Have you seen the woman he’s been with. He literally dates models.”

“ Meryl!"Jenna said turning serious. "Maks loves you, I can see it. He’s more emotionally faithful to you then most husbands are to their wives. He comes home to you every night, if the group goes out he always makes sure you come—and the few times you did stay in, he stayed with you. He goes over the top for your birthday every year…and how many girlfriends has he tossed over you?”

“I get it.” Meryl whispered. “What I don’t understand is why he hasn’t tried anything with me…”

“Maybe for the same reasons as yours, he doesn’t want to mess anything up. Imagine if things did fall through. It would literally be like a divorce…”

“Thank you Jenna!” Meryl snapped.

“Come on.” She said rising from the table after leaving a tip. “We’re going shopping.”

“For what?”


“ I have lingerie!”

“From when, High school?”
Meryl didn’t answer. “That’s what I thought.”


“How bout this one?” Jenna asked holding it up in the mirror, not really pleased with what she saw.

“Maks doesn’t like yellow.”

“Fine. Next.” She sighed to the sales associate.

“No! It looks like you’re trying to hard.”

“White says virgin.” Jenna said on her sixth lingerie set.

“I am. A virgin !”

“You weren’t last night.” Jenna winked causing Meryl to sigh in frustration.
Another hour spent in the store and still nothing.
Meryl searched high and low but nothing seemed good enough for Maks. “After all, this was the first time they were going to make love.” She mused thoughtfully. Walking around the store for a third time that day, Meryl paused when she came across a sheer pink set. The bras was scrunched on cups, tapering into a racer back clasp. The panties were very high waisted but minus a small triangle in the crotch area, the entire piece was translucent. Rubbing the fabric between the pad of her thumbs thoughtfully, Meryl pulled it from the rack and took it up front to the counter.

“Do you have thigh highs in this color?”