meryl's art

Move over Ocelot cuz this fandom ain’t big enough for the two of you.  This artist is not only made of 100% good and wholesome cowboy, but also provides us regularly with good and wholesome (cowboy) art.  For a vibrant style that immediately makes us smile, and an appreciation for small Snakes and large Meryl biceps, the ‘Authentic Art Cowboy of the Wild Wild Twitter’ award goes to Hialmberi!

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The Academy’s Pick For Quality Content

it always makes me laugh when an artist/entertainer takes a stance on a political issue and there’s an immediate influx of people telling them to stick to their art form and stay away from politics like…y’all realize that the point of a democracy is everyone getting a say regardless of their background right? like the career path someone chooses doesn’t negate their right to political input