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just thought on how funny it would be if Pharah and McCree has a daughter and never told Ana, -mainly because the thought she was dead- and they have to explain what happened. Like Ana is all nice and grandma like to the kid teaching her stuff and giving awesome grandma candy, yet when she isn't around Ana is just in full predator mode ready to attack either McCree or Pharah

HAHA yes! So um mom you know that troubled teen Mccree….*child comes from behind Pharah* Ana is internally screaming* x’D



This was the most fun I’ve ever had on a “vacation” but then again I did spend it with just my boyfriend and was not forced to do things I didn’t want to do and take our time. So man Idaho was fantastic ; the people, the atmosphere, the weather REAL WEATHER, the community just everything! Like I was scared of course that they would be like “eww California people” but Cameron and I were being are true selves aka polite. And there was diversity; I wasn’t the only POC as my mom thought and there were ALOT of Mexican restaurants which was funny, I guess they like the food? It seemed so fast yet so slow. Boise was so energizing; I felt so positive there. People and me included think Boise / Idaho has nothing that it’s a speck on the US but they actually had everything! They even have their own stores of course and unfortunately I couldn’t fully experience Fred Meyer’s it’s like a TJ Max and grocery store combo. And everything connects; the freeway we were already getting use to it and getting to downtown. And of course the biggest news Cameron and I actually got an apartment and are expecting to move in around March 15. It’s a cute little place $690 for 2 bedroom apartment.Just wow I can’t believe this happening this would never happen/ be able to in California.

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This is the first time I’ve felt this. Recently about a month ago I finally watched Jojo and even started to read it to find out what will happen and in the is time I joined a Facebook group. I thought it would be nice to introduce myself to others and get friends in the process but I was wrong. I wrote the post and I should have reread it too but basically I told them about myself a little and said originally I have caught up in the anime and manga. So then people started commenting and they were nice next thing they are asking me 50 questions and some were being rude saying “don’t call it a fandom”. Lol ok are you the police of terms? So 10 minutes later I stopped saying anything and edited to post to say “I caught up with the anime and started reading the manga”. The next thing got me someone posted “She stopped replying” “good” and that comment got thumbs up. Just wow thanks for making me feel like shit that I “don’t belong”. Yes I’m new, doesn’t mean you have to treat me like that. If someone came up to me wanting to talk about Metal Gear I’m not going to say “yeah ok that’s nice but *pulls out a quiz* fill this out so I can know if you’re worthy to even talk to me” that’s fucked up. We are suppose to welcome any and all fans not shove them away when they say “hello I’m new”. Because I HIGHLY doubt all those people first started reading Jojo over 20+ years ago. I even turned my boyfriend to Metal Gear Solid, he’s never played it yet when I first asked him I didn’t say “what-a loser I can’t believe you’ve never played it before” because a) that’s rude b) who am i to judge? c) that’s ok and why not share something i love with someone. And yes I admit I haven’t played ALL the games; gasp I’m NOT A TRUE FAN. I haven’t’ played the NES, GB AND PSP games included Peace Walker. But you know what? It’s not a big deal. You AREN’T any better if you PLAYED or WATCHED or READ EVERY SINGLE THING that franchise has to offer. Yes you are more knowledgeable but the love each person has for what they have seen is special. Just I don’t know that’s just me. I welcome anybody to any of my interests no matter how much they’ve played, watched or read.


conflicted about reblogging nsfw posts i might tag it as dirty burd so if you have tumblr savior you can block it, i mean i already tag stuff with nsfw or nsfw? even if it’s tame but I want to reblog some naked manly men weh so yeah maybe i’ll do that, you’ve been warned

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June is here aka the summer so from June to August you’ll be seeing Hoss in heat (lol) and 4th of July you’ll see Rawk Hawk enjoying fireworks and for my birthday, Bigby Wolf celebrating with party horn and hat. So be on the look out for them.