meryl is a disney princess

Kristi Yamaguchi truly created a one of a kind show uniquely special to Hawaii. Hawaii has not seen an ice show for nearly 20 years. The show was hosted by Daniel Day Kim (from Hawaii 5-0) and Kristi herself. She assembled a cast of both Olympic and World figure skating champions from the U.S. And Japan (past and present). Also, featuring live local Hawaiian singers and hula dancers. She assembled this amazing show all for the mission to help promote early literacy in Hawaii’s public schools. As a teacher for early childhood, this truly touched my heart! She has adopted 4 local Hawaii schools. 👍😊

The skating was topic notch. The show was 3 hours long. Meryl and Charlie opened and closed the show. I posted videos earlier of both numbers. Watching them skate LIVE took my breath away. If you get an opportunity… Don’t hesitate to do it! I was eight rows from the ice and had an awesome view. Meryl Davis really is a Disney princess on ice and more beautiful in person than in pictures. Sadly I did not meet her or charlie though I brought gifts. I waited till everyone left and tried to inquire about a meet and greet but that was a special event only for sponsors. Shamelessly I tried to sneak behind the curtain (where they entered the ice) and flirt with the security guards to let me go see them and both attempts were an epic fail! 😳😳😳 seeing them skate was a dream come true. Meryl and Charlie were sooo connected and to see them skate so fast while being able to emotionally translate the story… I was blessed to witness why they are our current Olympic ice dancing champions. But watching the whole cast really was a dream come true.

A few special moments for me…

1. The moms of the show skated with their daughters. I will post some videos… Miki ando, shizuka arakawa & Katarina G. MADE ME CRY!!!!
2. Hearing my all time favorite local group… Na Leo Pilimehana sing while Yuka Sato and shizuka arakawa performed
3. Jeremy abbot is so fun to watch. His coach is Yuka Sato. They did a duet together.
4. Kurt browning, Brian boitano and Jeremy abbot performing together. 👌👌
5. Takeshi can jump, jump, jump!!

Most special moments: watching Kristi Yamaguchi ice skating with her daughter & watching her older daughter dance hula!!! 😍😍

All the skaters didn’t hold back and kept their level of difficulty and artistry at the highest standards. To quote… “ hula dancing is the Hawaiian art of telling a story and all the skaters tonight are Hula dancers on ice.” 🙏😍😍😍

I was mesmerized for 3 hours. Sorry my recap was so long! But it was just that GREAT!!!!!!!
In Hawaii we never say goodbye but “ a hui hou” …which means “until we meet again.” Mahalo skaters and Kristi Yamaguchi!