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dnlcast characters as quotes from @shtpreschoolerssay


  • Me: “You’re running so fast. Are you hot, Malcolm?”
    Malcolm, age 3: “I’m fine, because of my awesomeness.”
  • Julianna, age 3: “Can I tell you a very special secret? My friends are my friends.”
  • Millie, age 4: “My dad woke me up early and I’m so mad at him because I need to grow extra muscles and I’m so tired every day.”
  • Teacher: “What do we need to take on our bear-adventure?”
    Rosa, age 4: “A stabber?”
    Tenzer, age 4: “Yes. A knife so we can cut up the bear.”
  • Me: “If a friend is sad, how do we help them feel better?”
    Arthur, age 3: “We don’t punch them or throw them over a chair…maybe we can hug them?”


  • Pablo, age 4: “You’re our treasure.”
    Me: “That’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said to me!”
    Lisa, age 4: “That’s not how he meant it. We’re pirates. It means we’re going to cut you up into pieces.”
  • Mimi, age 3: “Please do not smash me. Because I am fragile.”
  • Teacher: “I’m Sharky today.”
    Roy, age 4: “Actually no one here can be called ‘shark.’ We’re actually humans. I’m the only turtle here.”
  • Celia, age 3: “I love to pick up pretty garbage.”


  • Jack, age 4: “Today my name is Sad Cowboy Who Misses His Mom.”
  • Rosa, age 4: “I don’t like to follow rules, so I’ll just write a note to all my teacher that says ‘I’m sorry,’ instead of following rules.”
  • Frances, age 4: “I speak English, Catalan, Spanish and Mmmm. Here is how you say ‘hello’ in Mmmm: 'mmm-mmm.’”
  • Maria, age 4: “Everybody knows I’m a big girl because I keep the tears inside.”


  • Jillian, age 4: “I have light-up shoes that I used to love, but now I hate them because they don’t light up anymore.”
  • Mimi, age 5: “Everyone is beautiful on the inside; and on the inside, I am wearing a beautiful dress.”
  • Ariana, age 5: “Do you hear that disco music?”
    Me: “No…”
    Ariana: “Well it’s playing on my imaginary radio. I turned it to the maximum volume-24.”
  • Patty, age 4: “I am a doctor and I need to give you a feelings check-up. Yes, you are sad. Here, take some music-medicine.”
Your User’s Guide for movies to watch on Meryl Streep Day

Julia: if you wanna watch the beginning of a genius (read how to steal scenes from Jane Fonda) and have about a minute to spare

The Deer Hunter: if you wanna channel the inner childlike, vulnerable, shy and pretty woman in you

The Seduction of Joe Tynan: *intelligent and pretty Southern belle*  *personal fave*

Manhattan : if you wanna see her be PRETTY TO THE POWER INFINITY

Kramer Vs. Kramer: see her overshadow Dustin Hoffman and win empathy while playing a semi-cold hearted bitch (bonus: first Oscar win)

The French Lieutenant’s Woman: if you wanna be happy over the fact that she was considered for the role over many accomplished English actresses (plus “I am the French Lieutenant’s Whore)

Still of the Night : the only pretty and good thing about the film is her

Sophie’s Choice: if you wanna cry yourself to death and fall in love with her in every scene (bonus: Second Oscar win)  *personal fave*

Silkwood:  watch her rockin’ a fab haircut and boots and smokin’ up with Cher

Falling In Love : for that one scene where she thinks she’s in a L'Oréal ad (plus sweet romcom and DeNiro/Streep chemistry)

Plenty: IDK you’ll redeem your seemingly wasted hour by just looking at her being pwetty

Out of Africa: Beautiful AFRICA!! Meryl being prefect af (bonus: Redford’s blue eyes) *personal fave*

Heartburn: smackingly witty yet poignant but mostly real life MOMMY/DAUGHTER chemistry!

Ironweed: um, ok. Meryl singing He’s Me Pal

A Cry In The Dark : Streep in weird eyebrows and an Aussie accent (bonus: The dingo stole took my baby!)

She-Devil: Meryl in pink clothes being blonde but sassy and funny af

Postcards from the Edge: Meryl being Carrie Fisher being Meryl (bonus: Shirley/Meryl mom/daughter chemistry)

Defending Your Life: hmmm. White and after life and other crack

Death Becomes Her: Madeline Ashton is goals af (umm yeah JUST WATCH IT)

The House of the Spirits: if you ever had a doubt that she’s an angel this movie will reaffirm that she indeed is one!  *personal fave*

The River Wild: MOMMY IS STRONG!

The Bridges of Madison County: cry and then cry some more (bonus: Italian looking and speaking Meryl + Eastwood/Streep chemistry is enough to set the screen on fire)  *personal fave*

Marvin’s Room: Streep, DiCaprio, Keaton. Need I say more?


One True Thing: cry and cry and do not stop crying ever again in your life

Dancing At Lughnasa: Experience magic watching her do the Irish country dance (plus IRELAND)  *personal fave*

Music of The Heart: Streep playing the violin and being the teacher you ALWAYS wanted.

The Hours: have epiphanies about life with her (bonus: Kidman and Moore)

Adaptation: See her getting high

The Manchurian Candidate: Elanor Prentiss Shaw is senator goals af

Prime: *Prude Jewish psychiatrist mom*

The Devil Wears Prada: *That’s All* Need I say more?

A Prairie Home Companion: aww, watch cute Meryl singing in a nasal(Minnesota/Oshkosh) voice 

Rendtion: serious af

Lions For Lambs: serious af

Evening: oh, Redgrave/Streep reminiscing on life

Dark Matter: umm, watch her trying to learn Chinese and being sensitive to skin products.

Mamma Mia: me before watching it *Here I go again, my my, how can resist you?*  *personal fave*

Doubt: if you want her(Sister Aloysius) to scare the shit out of you

Julie & Julia: Bon Apetit!

It’s Complicated: watch her be the romantic lead at 60 and choose between Baldwin and Marin (bonus: her bakery and the house)

The Iron Lady: Meryl being Margaret Thatcher being Meryl (Bonus: THIRD OSCAR WIN)

Hope Springs: cute Meryl, awkward sex.

August: Osage County: Meryl Streep vs. Julia Roberts  *personal fave*

Into The Woods: fall in love with The Witch

anonymous asked:

Prompt: During their downtime in rehearsals, Meryl asks Maks to teach her some Russian.

Disclaimer: I do not speak Russian, so if any translations I write are completely off, take it up with google translate, not me. Also if someone would like to teach me Russian, I’ll be your best friend.

“The Sexy Russian” (aka the big teddybear) 

“You can’t pet me,” Maks mumbled against Meryl’s arm, trying his hardest not to smile as they embraced each other.

“Yes I can,” Meryl immediately replied as she rubbed his back, her other hand keeping his head against her chest.

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Maksyl Fanfic- A little trip (part 8)

Meryl just started at the text. That’s all she could do.

“Meryl is something wrong?” Charlie asked

She couldn’t let him know.

“Ummm, yeah my mom is coming over in like 10 minutes. I think you should go…” Meryl responded without trying to sound worried

“Your mom can hang with us. It’s not a problem. I just wanna spend more time with you… even if your mom is here”

“Charlie that’s a little weird… and besides she has to talk to me about something serious. You don’t wanna get involved.”

Charlie knew something was up. “Okay, I can take a hint. I’ll go, but I’ll see you tomorrow right?”


She smiled and Charlie kissed her on the forehead. She hated doing this to Charlie, when all she wanted was to hold on to this moment for as long as possible. But part of what she was saying was the truth. Her mom was coming to talk to her. She needed her help on what to do.

“Hey Mom, can you come over. It’s urgent” Meryl said to her mom on the phone

“Meryl I’m in the middle of something, can this wait?”

“No, mom. I wish it could, believe me I really wish it could but it can’t”

“Sure sweetie, I’ll be over soon”

Just like Cheryl promised, she was there in 15 minutes. She gave the best advice, and Meryl knew she had the best intentions for her, she would only tell her what’s right.

“What’s wrong honey?”

Meryl explained the whole story. Her falling out with Maks, Charlie revealing he loved her and that Maks was currently on a plane to Michigan. “… I don’t know what to do. I need your help” Meryl said.

Cheryl could tell Meryl was stressed out about this whole situation.

“Honey, the answer is simple. Who do you want to be with? Who can you see yourself with in an intimate relationship for the rest of your life?” Her mom reassured her

“Well, I think Charlie. Maks hurt me, he broke my heart.”

“Mer, if you want to figure this out, you have to put both Charlie and Maks on an equal playing field. Charlie hurt you too, and broke your heart. When he started going out with Tanith. Remember you were so upset for months.”

“Yeah, I guess so…”

“And you eventually forgave Charlie, and your relationship has gotten stronger ever since. I think you need to forgive Maks, and see from there where this relationship goes”

“Yeah, but after I do that, I think I’ll still be stuck. What would YOU do Mom? Who would you choose?”

“Meryl you know this isn’t anyone’s decision, but your own. No decision is the wrong one.”

After an hour of trying to get her Mom to confess which man she would prefer, Cheryl left. Meryl was still stuck though. There were things that Charlie could only give her and ways that Charlie could only make her feel. Same with Maks. They were both so different and still so perfect. Meryl tried to forget about the situation by sleeping. When she woke up she could worry about it…or so she thought. It was 12AM and Meryl heard a knock at the door. She opened it and saw Maks. She could see how tired he was by the dark circles under his eyes. But still, it had been months since they saw each other face to face, and he still looked like the most handsome guy out there. Meryl had no idea what to say or how to react. But Maks did. Within second, her face was in his hands and their lips were interlocked. Something inside told her she should break away, but she couldn’t. And of course that little thing inside her was Charlie.

Sorry, if this part was a little boring! Promise that things really heat up in the next section!

I thought this only happened in fanfiction...

I was reading some old interviews with Maks and Meryl (yes, the Glamour series I already posted about and am obsessed with) and came across this gem.  Meryl actually references their Foxtrot song.  I’m leaving the rest of the interview because it’s too cute not to.  I miss seeing them every Monday.  Interview text:

Update: These two [MnM] were attached at the hip backstage. We’re talking holding hands, bodies in sync, smiling at one another when the other is talking. If these guys aren’t dating, then either they are the best actors on the planet or General Hospital needs to cast them as their next super couple. Here’s what was said when I got the two of them alone:
Glamour: Maks, I mentioned this in my column the other week that we need to see you join Meryl on the ice once DWTS is over.
Maks: No, you don’t.
Meryl: Yes, we do.
Maks: No, you don’t.
Glamour/Meryl [in unison]: Yes, we do!
Maks: Both of you don’t need to see me on ice! Even my mom said, “You two need to do something on ice,” and I’m like, “Ma, last time you saw me on ice, I had 10 stitches.”
Glamour: Yeah, but you weren’t with Meryl.
Meryl: Yeah, I’ll protect you.
Maks: All of this? [motions to his body]
Meryl: All of me will protect all of you.
Glamour: Meryl, you said in the rehearsal package tonight that you and Maks “are connecting on a personal level as well.”
Meryl: What?!
Glamour: Um, yes, that’s exactly what you said. I wrote it down. [Ed. Note: And listened to it twice!]
Meryl: I don’t remember saying that.
Maks: I thought you had an amazing memory.
Meryl: Well, just because I said it, doesn’t mean…
Glamour: Let me say it this way: Based on the amount of comments and emails I get that pertain to you guys, most viewers want to know if this insane chemistry has translated off the dance floor. So, do you want to set the record straight?
Maks: Sheesh, are we going to be setting the record straight for the next four weeks?
Glamour: Not unless you want to set it straight now.
Maks: I’ve never enjoyed a season like I do now. You’ve never heard me say anything personal.
Glamour: Well, yes and no. And I’ve never covered a season of DWTS more where there has been so much interest in one particular couple.
Meryl: Wow, keep the mystery alive!
Glamour: Whether this is an amazing friendship or something more, it has been a joy to watch you two connect. It’s a lesson in human interaction, in patience, and in genuinely loving someone.
Maks: I love her, I do. This is my 24/7 responsibility. This is her show, and she deserves to enjoy this. Her and Charlie deserve to enjoy this. Everybody loves [her], and I want to make sure she benefits from this experience and [loves doing] it.
Glamour: Meryl, do you want to add anything to that? How you’ve benefitted?
Meryl: Nope. [Smiles]
Maks: We’re all benefiting!
Meryl: He’s an amazing partner.

Hot and Bothered

This is a fun fluff drabble I wrote about Meryl and Maks getting a little competitive at a dinner at Maks’ parents’ house. Happy reading!

“Meryl!” Maks called, yanking his shirt over his head. “We have to go soon, my parents are expecting us in half an hour!”

Meryl cracked open the bathroom door, slipping out with a huge smile. “You like?” She gave a little twirl, showing Maks every angle of her outfit.

“Wow,” Maks surveyed her bare shoulders, the tight skirt that perfectly hugged the curve of her hips, the tiny sliver of skin peeking out just above her waist. “You think my parents would notice if we just skipped?” He asked, stepping forward to capture her lips forcefully with his, pressing her body back into the wall.

After allowing him a moment of passion, Meryl pushed him back. “Maks, we’re going to a family dinner. Control yourself,” she teased.

“Oh, you’re preaching to me about control?” Maks raised an eyebrow. “I seem to remember one day a few weeks ago when you got so hot and bothered we had to leave the party early just so you could get it all out.”

Meryl laughed, her cheeks flushing a bright pink. “We’re such a mess, aren’t we?”

“We really are,” Maks snorted. “This is becoming kind of a problem.”

“Tell you what.” Meryl tapped a finger to her lip. “How about we make a little bet?”

“What kind of bet?”

“Well,” Meryl challenged, “How about we see who can go the longest tonight without getting, as you said, ‘hot and bothered’.”

Maks nodded, a tiny smirk spreading across his lips. “I like it. So what does the winner get?”

“Oh, I can think of a few things,” Meryl winked playfully, watching Maks’ eyes light up at the thought. “So it’s a deal?”

Meryl extended her hand towards Maks, the two of them shaking hands solemnly before bursting into laughter. “Deal,” Maks gasped, trying to regain his breath. “Now come on, we really have to go.”

The second they arrived at the house, the door was thrown open, Larisa immediately attacking Meryl and Maks with hugs and kisses as Sasha stood in the background smiling. “It’s great to see you,” he said, wrapping his arms around Meryl as he led them inside, Larisa still chattering away, unable to contain her excitement.

Dinner was on the table within moments, Larisa running frantically back and forth to make sure everything was in its proper place. Once she was satisfied, she took her seat at the table, beaming at Meryl and Maks while they began to fill their plates.

Meryl lifted the first bite of food to her mouth, smiling appreciatively at the delicious flavor. “This tastes fantastic, Mrs. Chmerkovskiy!”

“Dear, how many times have I told you, please call me Larisa! Or Mom,” she chided with a good natured grin, glaring at Sasha, who was trying his best to conceal a laugh. Meryl opened her mouth to reply, gasping instead as she felt Maks’ hand grazing her thigh. He slid it slowly upwards, pushing her skirt up inch by inch.

“Maks,” Meryl hissed, hoping his parents wouldn’t notice. “What are you doing?”

“You never said we couldn’t try to get the other to crack first,” Maks whispered mischievously, his thumb rubbing gently across the tiny patch of exposed skin on her hip before Meryl finally shoved him away.

“Fine,” she muttered under her breath. “Two can play at this game.”

“What are you two talking about over there?” Sasha teased. “Secret conversations at the dinner table?”

“Oh, I think it’s sweet,” Larisa gushed. “They’re in love.”

“Mom,” Maks’ face turned red. Sensing a weak moment, Meryl reached out to squeeze the firm curve of Maks’ butt, choking back a grin as she felt him jump in his seat. Knowing he was nearing his breaking point, Meryl smoothed her hand over the soft fabric of his pants, feeling his every muscle tense in return.

To Meryl’s surprise, Maks still didn’t fold. Gritting his teeth, he picked up his fork, forcing himself to eat normally despite her teasing. “Good,” he murmured, lips barely moving, “but I can do better.”

Eyes still trained on Meryl, Maks raised a bite of pasta to his lips, flicking his tongue across the buttery surface. Seeing her eyes widened, Maks decided to take it a step further, reaching a thumb to stroke the tender skin of her inner thigh as he slid the pasta slowly into his mouth, every inch gliding across his full lips before he gave it entrance.

Meryl’s body began to shake with the effort of holding herself back. Reluctantly, she finally forced herself to give in. Standing up, she took her plate in hand. “Thank you so much for cooking this meal, it was amazing. Maks and I will clean up, to thank you for all your work. You two just relax,” she suggested to the older Chmerkovskiys, who nodded in appreciation. Meryl sped off towards the kitchen, hearing Maks’ footsteps following closely behind her.

Meryl dumped her plate into the sink, feeling Maks’ hands grip her waist, spinning her around to face him. “So, does this mean I win?” Maks asked, leaning in until his lips were less than an inch from Meryl’s. Feeling the heat radiating from his body, Meryl nodded reluctantly. “Yes,” she gasped. “Now, kiss me, please. I need you, Maks. Now.”

Grappling his hair with her fingers, Meryl pulled his lips to meet hers, taking complete control as she kissed him passionately, wanting to taste every inch of him. Maks moved his hands to rest on her lower back, sending shivers up her spine as he pressed his hips into hers, closing the gap between them. Lost in Maks’ touch, Meryl didn’t even notice the slight draft that had entered the usually warm kitchen until a tiny cough alerted both of them that they weren’t alone.

Whirling around, Meryl saw Larisa trying her hardest to tiptoe away without being seen. “Mom!” Maks groaned. “What are you doing?”

“Well, I’m sorry!” Larisa protested. “I just came to see if you needed any help, and-”

“Mom, please,” Maks shook his head. “I know you better than that.”

Larisa threw up her arms. “Fine! You two are just so cute, and I just love the two of you so much and-” Maks pushed the door shut, cutting her off mid-sentence. Turning back to Meryl, he brushed a strand of dark hair away from her forehead. “You know,” he smirked, “I believe you owe me later for my masterful win in this bet.”

“I know. And trust me, it’ll be a prize you’ll never forget.” Slipping her hands under the collar of Maks’ shirt, Meryl slowly trailed her lips across his chest, giving him a preview of what was to come later.

Learning to Trust Again - Chapter 1

HI! So this is my first Fanfic I’ve every posted. I’ve written a one-shot before but never posted it. I was never a writer before this but I got the inspiration and started writing. This is obviously not based on true events. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you like it. I have chapter two ready and will post it sometime tomorrow.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes Mom. I’m sure. I need to start anew.” Meryl smiled at her Mom hoping it would give her some comfort.
“But couldn’t you just take a nice vacation? We could cancel some of your events and maybe a show or two.”

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Okay, so after I made a post about Meryl and Maks getting competitive over the ice bucket challenge, I had a few requests for a fic of it, so here you go! Enjoy!

Meryl’s heart leapt when she saw Maks’ name on her phone screen. She scooped up her phone, answering on the first ring. “Hey, babe!”

“Hey princess! What’s up?”

Meryl felt her face light up at the sound of his deep voice. It had only been a day, but it was too long. “Not a lot, I’m just getting ready to fly out to do the ice bucket challenge with Danica tomorrow.”

“Oh, yeah, I got challenged too. I wish we could do it together.” Meryl heard him sigh on the other end and pulled her knees to her chest.

“Maks, I know, I wish we could too.” Meryl sat silently for a minute, trying to think of how she could distract him. Her heart broke hearing the hollowness in his tone, and she needed it to stop. Now.

Meryl laughed into the phone. “I bet you just wish you could have me there to make your video worth watching.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Who wouldn’t want to see sex on a stick drenched with water?” Maks teased. “Dripping from head to toe, water sliding slowly down my chest, trailing all the way down to-”

“Maks!” Meryl gasped. “My mom is at the house right now!”

“Well, whose fault is that? You should tell me these things! Not that I mind you being a little naughty…”

“Okay, Maks,” Meryl laughed. “Now you’re just trying to distract me because you know your challenge will never compare to mine.”

Maks coughed disapprovingly over the phone. “Sounds like a challenge, Davis.”

Meryl rolled her eyes at her phone. “Sounds like somebody’s scared.”

“No I’m not! You should be though, princess. I take ice baths every day, I will destroy you.”

“In more ways than one, I’m sure,” Meryl whispered, hearing Maks’ laugh through the phone. “But there’s no way. I am the queen of adorable videos, just you wait, Chmerkovskiy.”

“Want to make this interesting?” Maks asked.


“Let’s make a little bet. How about whoever’s video gets the most views gets… Hmm, what should they get?”

Meryl tapped a finger against her lip. “How about whoever wins gets to, shall we say… Destroy the other in whichever way they choose during our next night together?”

“Sounds great. I’ll just be over here plotting exactly what I’m going to do to you,” Maks murmured seductively into the phone.

“Yeah, well while you’re doing that, I’ll actually be planning the greatest ice bucket challenge in history. Prepare yourself.”

“Oh, I will. Trust me.”

“I have to go, my plane leaves in a few hours. Love you babe!”

“Love you too. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

Meryl hit the end button and drove to the airport. The second she saw the plane, she knew exactly what to do to make the best ice bucket challenge video in history. “Try and beat me, I dare you,” she whispered as the plane took off into the sky.


Meryl stood next to Danica, already shivering slightly in her teeny bathing suit as they turned on the camera. Danica smiled nervously. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely. This’ll go viral, Maks will regret the day he ever tried to compete with me.” Meryl rubbed her hands together. “Well actually he might enjoy the punishment. But as long as I win I’m happy.”

Danica shook her head in disbelief. “You two are crazy. It’s a good thing you ended up together, because you might drive any other partner insane.”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” Meryl shoved Danica playfully onto the grass.

“Wait! Stop, the plane’s coming!” Danica giggled, pushing herself back to her feet. “We have to start.”

Pressing the record button, Meryl and Danica stepped into position. “Hey guys! It’s Meryl and Danica, and we were challenged by Amy and Candace to do the ALS ice bucket challenge. So here it is!”

Danica grabbed Meryl’s arm just as they had rehearsed. “Wait? What’s that?” She pointed to the sky.

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… ICE WATER!” They screamed together as the water poured from the sky, drenching them both.

“Frick, that’s cold!” Meryl shouted, teeth chattering. “Well, we challenge Nene, James, and Drew. Thanks for watching!”

Meryl waved to the camera as Danica ended the video. “Just wait,” Meryl smirked. “He’ll never top that.”


“Hey, Meryl, check out my video. I think I won,” Maks said the second Meryl picked up her phone.“

"There’s no way. We got thousands of views, it was great.”

“Oh, but greatness can only take you so far,” Maks sighed dramatically as Meryl clicked the video, gasping.

“Maks! You cheated!”

“No, I didnt! We didn’t say I couldn’t use sex appeal to get views! And it’s not my fault I’m so sexy,” Maks joked.

“You disgust me,” Meryl rolled her eyes, watching as the water seeped through Maks’ tiny white shorts, the camera zoomed in a bit too tightly to be an accident. “This is not fair.”

“Oh, you’re such a sore loser,” Maks groaned. Lowering his voice to a whisper, he continued, “But you’ll be even sorer when I’m done with you.”

Meryl’s cheeks flushed a bright red. “I guess at least I have this video now to keep me company.”

“That you do,” Maks replied. “I’ll be back soon to collect my reward.”

“Can’t wait,” Meryl murmured. “This might be the best second place prize I’ve ever gotten.”

“Trust me, it will be. I promise. I have to go, love you Mer.”

“Love you too,” Meryl hung up, smiling to herself as she clicked the button to watch Maks’ video again.

First time writing

So I’m a silent shipper and I’ve never written anything before, but I wrote this right after the WW interview and have just been holding onto it. In light of today’s events, I thought maybe now was the time. Please be kind! I also want to say that I appreciate the fam so much and Maksyl has taken over my life!! ;-)

She was finishing her second glass of wine, surrounded by people who were quickly becoming family. It had been a whirlwind of a day and the alcohol was doing nothing to ease the tension in her body. Maks sat next to her at the table, so close that they could almost share a seat. Somehow, his nearness calmed her. It felt like home.
She was so tired. Physically tired from dancing and traveling and being sick, mentally tired from all the attention and emotionally tired from all the probing questions.
Her face burned at the thought of that morning’s interview. Who asks perfect strangers if they are having sex? On national television? When their moms are watching?
He felt her tense next to him and watched as she took a deep gulp from her glass. He could see the wheels turning in her mind and the blush creeping up her face.
Damn that host, he thought. How dare she cheapen what they have and embarrass Meryl that way.
He ran his hand down her leg and leaned in to whisper in her ear.
“Let it go, babe.”
She turned her head towards him and whispered, “Can we take a walk? Need air.”
Dinner was finished some time ago, so no one paid much attention when Maks stood up. He grabbed Meryl’s hand and they slipped out the back door towards the pool.
Meryl loved the backyard of Maks and Val’s New Jersey home. He led her over to a lounge chair and he sat, pulling her down with her back on his chest.
“Talk to me babe. I could see you trying to work something out in your head.”
Meryl took a deep breath and let her slight buzz spill her thoughts.
“I just hate that woman. I hate the media. I hate Hollywood. Why do people care? I’m so embarrassed that my mom has the thought of us having sex in her head. I love you and I want to spend every moment with you and I can’t stand the thought of us not seeing each other every day but why the frick does everyone think I need to declare my undying affections for you to the entire fricking world?”
Maks let her vent, watching her beautiful face with slight amusement. When she paused to take a breath, he seized the opportunity and jumped in.
“Babe, you have to understand. I’ve been dealing with this crap for years. If I hug a woman in a club, I’m having a secret affair. If I walk out of a studio at the same time as a woman, we must be sleeping together. God help me if I give a girl a ride! You have to take it with a grain of salt and know that what we have is between us and who WE choose to share it with, not with every talking head on TV.
That being said, yes, she was totally out of line this morning, but you handled it beautifully. People are going to talk and speculate and wonder, if it’s not about us, it’s about somebody. It kinda goes with the whole celebrity thing.”
He was rubbing her shoulders as he talked, making her burn for an entirely different reason. She turned, raising her face to him and pressed her lips to his. She was gentle at first, but as he parted his lips she became more aggressive. She raised herself over him to straddle his lap and wrapped her hands around his neck.
He delved into her with his tongue, tasting the wine on her lips. She let out a soft moan as he pressed himself into her and moved his hands to lift up her dress.
“Here?” she breathed.
“Here,” he growled. “No one will see.”
She kissed her agreement and he freed himself from his too-tight pants, lifted her dress and slid gently into her.
As they slipped back into the house, Meryl finally felt like she could let the embarrassment go. There was something fun about having a secret. Of course their close friends and family knew, but she rather liked the idea of keeping the public wondering.
She decided from that point forward, she was going to deny it when she felt like it, let him kiss her when he felt like it and let their fans think whatever they wanted.
She had the medal, the mirrorball and the man. No one else mattered.

The Weight Of The Past - Part 2


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“So, what did you need to tell me?” Meryl chews on the inside of her cheek as she leads her mom to the kitchen. “Coffee?”

“No thanks, Mer.” She shakes her head as she pulls out a chair at the kitchen table, Meryl sits next to her. “I got a call from Charlie last night. He was looking for you, he said you weren’t answering your phone. He told me just to have you call him when you got the chance. It sounded important.” Her mother smiled and looked around the kitchen. “Where’s my beautiful grandbaby?” She questions her daughter.

Meryl points to the stairs. “She’s asleep, but I’m gonna wake her up to eat soon. Was that all you had to tell me? You could have just called.”

“I wanted to make sure you and Anastasia were safe.”

Meryl could tell her mother was lying and got up from her seat at the table. “You really should just tell me, ma.” She says as she makes her way to the fridge to get food ready for Anastasia.

“Well… Have you seen any magazines lately?” Her mother fidgets her hands in her lap.

“No, why?” Meryl asks suspiciously.

“It’s not a big deal, I just thought you should know that Maksim and his wife got divorced.”

Her mother knew Maks was Ana’s father, Cheryl had never approved of what they were doing, she felt Maks was using her daughter, but Meryl was old enough to make her own decisions.

For a second a flicker of hope flared in Meryl’s chest, but it was quickly replaced with anger. He literally fucked her and left her to fend for herself and now his baby. His baby that he’d never know was his. This was all his fault.

Meryl’s hand is shaking now, but she continues to make Ana’s food. “Well that was never any of my business, was it? At least she won’t be married to a cheater anymore.” Meryl didn’t mean to snap at her mom, but by the look on Cheryl’s face, she understood.

Meryl turns away before her mother can say anything else. “I’m going to get Ana. You can join us for dinner if you’d like.”

She hurries up the stairs and into Ana’s room, leaning against the inside of the door and letting out a choked cry. As she fights the tears, she notices Ana watching her curiously from inside of the crib. “Oh baby, what are we gonna do?” Meryl whispers as she approaches the crib. “It’s been almost two years since i’ve seen him, and I still can’t get him out of my mind.” Ana makes grabby hands at her mother and stares at her with those big brown eyes, his eyes, as Meryl talks about her father. “I’m glad you’re not old enough to know what’s going on yet, Tash. Mommy’s trying to be strong for you, for us.” She whispers to the small child before picking her up and making her way back down the stairs.

Cheryl’s gone by the time she reaches the small kitchen of her apartment. Meryl figured that her mother saw her distress and knew she needed to be left alone. She didn’t want her mind to wander to the past, to question if she made the right choice. Perhaps if she didn’t leave she could have told Maks that Ana was his child. She shakes her head in attempt to clear it, Meryl knew deep down that she made the right decision. She couldn’t have forced Maks to take responsibility for two children, but it still drives her crazy to think about the what ifs.

Ana and Meryl spent the night watching disney classics, drinking warm milk and definitely not thinking about Maksim Chmerkovskiy.


“Come on Mer! When does an opportunity like this come up? We all know you don’t like Michigan anyways. At least think about it?” Charlie whined over the phone.

An opportunity for Charlie and herself had come up, if she agreed they’d be teaching at an ice dancing studio back in Los Angeles. It was great pay and it’d support her and Ana, with plenty to spare. The only problem was Meryl’s fear of returning to LA, and realizing the possibility that Maks and herself could run into each other at places of common interest.

When Meryl had tested positive she decided to move back to her home state, and moved in with her parents. Charlie had decided to stay and he took over her old apartment so she could leave before the year lease was up. She eventually found an apartment in Michigan, and settled down to make sure Anastasia had the best possible life that Meryl could give her.

Now Charlie was asking her to give up her quiet life to jump back into the craziness and pressure that comes with being back on the ice.

Although doing this was going to be scary, moving back to exactly where she ran from, she knew that she needed to take the risk. She needed to do this, for Ana, so that she would have enough money to support her, always. She was going to forget about the past and be the strong woman that Ana needed in her life.

“I’ll do it.” Meryl finally breathes into the phone. “I’ll do it.” She repeats herself louder this time.

“Really? Wow, that’s so awesome Mer! This means so much to me, you will not regret it. You can stay with me at my place, well I guess your old place, until you find out exactly what you wanna do.” She can hear the excitement in Charlie’s voice and it gives her the last reassuring push that she needed to know that this was the right decision. Charlie wouldn’t get the job on his own.

“Awesome. I’ll be there next week. Love you, Charlie.” She smiles as they hang up. She’s going to do what she loves again, and she couldn’t help but feeling a little giddy.

Learning to Trust Again - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

            Meryl woke up a little sad but also excited. Today was the first of her last three shows. She was happy that they had a show tonight but this was the beginning of the end. Her morning routine was normal. Maks was all over her though. He wanted to make sure she was feeling ok and that she was going to be ok to skate today. She was actually feeling really well today. Sure, she still had morning sickness but it was fast and the gross feeling didn’t last long. She was sure glad about that.

            Maks on the other had, didn’t have that great of a morning, He was stressing all morning. He knew that this was the only time he’d get to be with Meryl today until after the show. He was worried because he was not going to be with her to keep her safe. He knew she knew what she is not allowed to do but it still scares him that she is skating while pregnant. All he wants to do it be by her side and keep her safe.

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