How To Read Fluff 101

1. Go to bed (fool everyone into thinking you’d actually sleep early)
2. Read.
3. Gently lay down your phone, tab or whatever device you’re using.
4. Embrace blanket to your chest.
5. Roll and lie on your stomach.
6. With your face on your pillow, let out the screams, giggles and stuff.
7. Once you’re a bit satisfied, roll and lie on your back.
8. Pick up phone/tab etc.
9. Repeat steps 2-9.

  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine.<p/><b>What she really means:</b> What the hell happened to The Chimera Ant Arc? I thought Hunter x Hunter was supposed to be 'fun'? Why the hell did Ging make Gon and Kite meet? Why the hell did an innocent kid get eaten? Why the hell did Kite die? Why the hell did EVERYONE died or almost died? Why the hell did my babies have to suffer? Why would you broke my Gon like that? My Killua? Where the heck was Hisoka when you actually need his meddling? What the heck are Chimera Ants anyway? Where did they ALL come from? What was the deal with the Royal Guards (and fuck you Pitou, I hate you no matter what others say)? Why was the King so powerful? Why was there a blind girl? Why do I love the blind girl? WHY DO I LOVE THE BLIND GIRL AND THE NAKED TURTLE KING TOGETHER? WHY THE HELL DID I LOVE A VILLAIN LIKE MERUEM? WHY THE HELL DID THEY HAVE TO DIE TOGETHER? MY HEART.<p/><b></b> AND AGAIN, WHY THE HELL DID GON HAVE TO BREAK? LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. HE'S A SWEET CINNAMON HE DIDN'T DESERVE THIS. AND SO DID KILLUA. THEY ALL DIDN'T DESERVE SUCH MENTAL TRAUMA.<p/></p>