meruem x komugi

Yeah but does your otp involve a monster who is also a king who develops romantic feelings for a weak blind girl…and protects her? 


Or is your otp destined to meet but also die


Or…does your otp spend their last moment alone and together? 


Then…does your otp complete each other’s phrases? 


Does your otp really die together? 


Is your otp even really canon? 


And being capable to have a heartbreaking story while just being antagonists


Oh…I thought so. 


I was just saying.

thing i learned from hxh characters
  • gon:go after what you want
  • killua:cherish the people important to you
  • leorio:be selfish for the right reasons
  • kurpica:your friends safety is more important than revenge
  • meruem:no matter how emotionless you think you are, you will love someone someday.
  • komugi:someone will appreciate you for who you are
  • pouf, pitou, and youpi:being too loyal can be your downfall
  • kite:you can't do everything by yourself
  • hisoka:dont trust everyone
  • alluka:if everyone hates you but you have one person who truly loves you, you'll never be alone.
  • pariston:its not about the goal, its about the journey thats fun (this shouldnt be serious but it is fuck)
  • ging:follow your passion (just dont have a kid and abandon them on an island with your sister dickhead)