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Every Fandoms OTP (Valentines Day)

In most fandoms, everyone ships and most of their OTPs are two characters that has chemistry together. Two characters that shown many hints that they love each other. An example of this is…

1. Best friends 

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2. A cute moment that two characters only do for each other

3. Totally opposite from each other 

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and yet, their perfect 

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4. They know you damn well than any other 

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5. Acting goofy towards each other 

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5. Childhood crush 

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6. Go through conflicts with each other 

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7. Perfect team 

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8. Development 

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and lastly #9

The sign that they’re made for each other 

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So yeah, that what makes people (including myself) ship two characters that have history with each other. 


But listen.. After Meruem passes, Komugi joined him soon after, and he waited for her. But since they are dead she is no longer blind because it was a human trial and the first thing she ever sees is Meruems little face right in hers.

Yeah but does your otp involve a monster who is also a king who develops romantic feelings for a weak blind girl…and protects her? 


Or is your otp destined to meet but also die


Or…does your otp spend their last moment alone and together? 


Then…does your otp complete each other’s phrases? 


Does your otp really die together? 


Is your otp even really canon? 


And being capable to have a heartbreaking story while just being antagonists


Oh…I thought so. 


I was just saying.

Meruem x Komugi - The Purest Love Story

Meruem and Komugi story from Hunter x Hunter is one of the most unique love stories I have come across in all of animation history 

Most animated shows usually show the main character falling in love and have a happy ever after  

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However, this is about the main antagonist finding love and him developing into human. Not a hero but a villain!  So I’ll be explaining of how a monstrous tyrant becomes the most humans.  To those who think hetero is boring than you should probably read this because this made me cry when I first watch the anime.  

The Beginning  

When he was first born from his mother womb, he was a cruel and violet leader 

He has a talent of EVERYTHING, intelligence, strength, and strategist, considering himself the perfect lifeforms and of course like most egotistic maniacs, he’s emotionless. Showing no empathy to the weak.

Like he killed his own men

And he even killed a child like what a dick

He only shows respect to the strong such as his royal guards 

After devouring a human with special abilities called “nen” and then overthrowing an entire palace from a king.He takes interest in various of board games, challenge the top players into playing a game with him

And of course he wins every game by reading books about and kills them for losing until Komugi came and play a fictional game called Gungi 

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He loses many times by her and yet he actually enjoyed it 

So his plan for world conquest is about to begin. So he decided to kill Komugi having no further use to him until this scene happens… 

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What makes this scene powerful is she thought to herself as nothing and she’ll even commit suicide if she loses a game of Gungi but when Meruem called her important, she feels relevant to him and to his loyal guards 

The Middle 

So instead of killing her, he let her live and then questioning himself on what he wants from the world 

Goodness, for a villain, he getting such great character development 

An Old Soldier and an Old Assassin arrive to stop his evil plan from the sky with tons and tons more fire strikes to siege the palace

After that devastated attack on the palace, it didn’t hit Meruem but it did hit Komugi 

Upset that she is injured, he ask one of his loyal guard to heal her 

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It was so touching that it even made it cried and when the two veterans arrive they just stood there silently watching their enemy out of respect. 

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Catching them off gone for this act of love

After that Meruem accept the Old Soldier to come to fight but before they fight, he wants to discuss with him about his new world order 

Like goodness, this villain is acting more human than a monster!

So after they fought, the Old Soldier self-destruct himself at near death to finish the King off. His body is founded by his other two royal guards to heal his wounds but him and the two are slowly dying ‘cause of the bomb is filled with poison, and it also cause to have amnesia, only remembering about world conquest plan.

Once he regain his memories, the only thing he remembers the most is Komugi and how he enjoys playing Gungi with her

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The Finale 

Then on his final moments, he decided to play Gungi before he dies 

While they play, she started to cry for receiving such happiness when meeting him, her light

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He then tells her the truth. The poison he receive his contagious so her to will die from this poison  

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So instead of her fleeing right away to live, she would rather stay with him until the very end

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Meruem and Komugi story from beginning to end is unlike any other love story I have ever seen. Instead of having the main villain to be defeated by the main protagonist, he receive a happy ending by being with her.