I need to sing this under the window of my louis

Lestat - Damned

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus will take their time to come to a decision, and when they finally come to a conclusion, they will be stubborn in holding on to it. They are not someone who lightheartedly just say something they don’t really mean completely. They rely on their sense when it comes to processing things around them. Their communication style is slow and deliberate, and they can sense that these people  mean what they say. They aren’t exactly bubbly or scattered in their way of speech, so people tend to really listen to them. They also exhibit a sense of cool sarcasm that others may find difficult to detect. Their expressions aren’t exactly flowery and affectionate, but they do tend to have lovely voices with a down-to-earth quality to their tone. Taurus Moon prefers demonstrations and concrete answers in order to absorb concepts and facts. They have a well develop sense of color, smell, and touch, so they are very sensitive to even a minute difference. Everything is an experience through their senses. They can come across as obstinate and opinionated, because of how they stick to something once they’ve made a decision. They tend to be set in their ways of thinking, which can get them stuck in a mental rut at times. They tend to be more grounded in their thoughts rather than restless and impulsive. They have incredible memory when they are able to grasp it.

Poisoned by Dental Amalgam in Coffee

A nurse was reprimanded for several occurrences. Her response: poison the boss. 

The office manager noticed her coffee had a strange flavor to it and poured it out, finding some gray goo, but she didn’t think much of it until she suffered from stomach cramps and sickness. After x-rays revealed metal flakes, the obvious conclusion was mercury ingestion. 

The most likely source of the metal was from a mercury amalgam, the silver filling dentists use, dumped directly into the coffee. 

The nurse thinks she was set up by the evil coworkers who dislike her ‘by-the-book’ attitude. 

These amalgams are inexpensive and routinely used in fillings. Only low levels are known to leech from the alloy when the filling is installed. They are considered safe because inorganic mercury doesn’t pose a great risk to humans through consumption. It’s usually passed without problem, but high concentrations can cause complications in the kidney. By consuming the whole lump, the concentrations may be high enough, and, if nothing else, consuming a lump of metal is bound to upset a stomach. (How many people would be clam about swallowing a filling anyway?) 

Phoenix Merucry re-sign Penny Taylor

Phoenix Merucry re-sign Penny Taylor

The Phoenix Mercury announced the re-signing of Penny Taylor, one of the top players in franchise history. The team has not revelaed terms of its contract with the veteran forward. Taylor, who did not play in the WNBA in 2015, returns to the Mercury with whom she has played since 2004.  She ranks second in Mercury history in total points (3275), assists (772), steals (332) and games played (234),…

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