Natal Retrograde Planets

*The Sun and Moon do not go Retrograde

 **Sometimes other aspects in the chart balance retrogrades and make them less apparent.

Mercury in Retrograde: Turns the mind, communication, and learning style inward. Thought process is less objective and more subjective/intuitive. Very quirky individuals- who may struggle learning in traditional methods. May have a knack at non-verbal communicative methods such as art, music, dance, etc.

Venus in Retrograde: Turns relationships and emotions into a much deeper experience. Love is a very deep thing for these individuals. May struggle with lack of self-love and insecurities.

Mars in Retrograde: Passions and defensive mechanisms become internalized. These individuals are quiet warriors who tend to dislike confrontation or competition. May have issues standing up for themselves.  

Jupiter in Retrograde: Ideas and self-expansion are internalized. These individuals tend to have a very unique set of ideals/spirituality that is untouched by society’s perceptions.

Saturn in Retrograde: Turns fears internally. May be a strong fear of not being good enough. Tend to be incredibly disciplined individuals. There may be struggle with anxiety. These individuals have natural wisdom.

Uranus in Retrograde: Creates a free spirit that tends to be unaware of its own individuality. May have a strong desire to pursue personal growth and development.

Neptune in Retrograde: May feel a lack of spiritual depth in their life. These individuals are on search to unveil life’s mysteries. They have incredibly intuition, but may be detached from it.

Pluto in Retrograde: Turns transformational energy and personal growth inward. One may be inspired long before they are able to express it to the outward world. Very deeply connected to their subconscious

Is this odd or is it just me?

when Yang hit Merc and this happened it was odd to me. Like why did Merc…shimmer like that? If shimmer is the right way to desricbe it.

But then as i said before 

Merc is away from Yang right before he attacks


He is right by her in the replay. Idk if that is just an error by RT but i doubt it. We can all agree that something shady has happened. But no really what was up with Merc shimmering. It reminds me a little of the mirror during Yang and Neo’s first fight when Neo and Roman got a way. I am not saying its Neo fighting Yang but maybe Neo has done something. I mean Coco got fucked with the Yastu thing. Idk. The shimmering thing is annoying me though


 I need to sing this under the window of my louis

Lestat - Damned