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Is there a chance we would've seen a flash back of Sylvia's past on her homeword? Maybe even with her dad?

I feel like we covered Sylvia’s dad as much as we ever wanted to.

I vaguely recall that we had another story for her brothers though. And we always joked about putting together the “Old Lady Squad” with Dorothy, Starbella, Mertyl, and Trudy.

dr who series 2 episode guide
  • episode christmas: dr who takes a nap; santa robots take offense
  • episode 1: dr who visits futurama and the loose skin returns
  • episode 2: duran duran strikes again
  • episode 3: k9 vs giles
  • episode 4: extreme fashion robots turn murderous but are stopped by a pun
  • episode 5/6: gay mickey and roses zombie dad save the world from angry tall people. rose gets turned into a small dog
  • episode 7: "tv will eat your soul" says the tv show that is being shown on a tv
  • episode 8/9: you just HAD to land on top of satan didnt u dr
  • episode 10: elton john & moaning mertyl exist for 40 minutes
  • episode 11: friendly alien uses a small child as it's unwilling host body and sends people to the cornfield
  • episode 12: torchwood appears for the 1st time and fucks everything up in less than 2 minutes, which is a full 2 minutes longer than it usually takes them.
  • episode 13: the dr peacefully sends everyone to hell, and, bitter that he didnt succeed with rose, destroys a solar system to make up for it.

Requested: Yes
Summary: Complicated
Type: Intense

It wasn’t the first time Y/N had disappeared without a trace. Except, usually, Draco knew where she was. She wasn’t in the Hufflepuff Common Room or the library. None of her house mates seemed to know she was either.

“That girl…” Draco muttered, still searching for his amazing muggle born lover.

Usually it wouldn’t matter that he couldn’t find her. He would give up and wait for her to find him. She ALWAYS knew where to find him, even if he didn’t know where he was going.

It was different this time though. Draco knew that Y/N was upset. She’d received a letter from her mother earlier, and that never went well.

“If you’re looking for your girlfriend, I least saw her by one of the bathrooms and she looked like she was about to cry.” A girl in her year informed as she passed.

Clearly she was upset. He had expected that. However, she didn’t cry. Most of the time, she saw tears as weakness and vulnerability. Merlin, did she hate feeling vulnerable.

Draco had to think. Which bathroom would she be in? Most girls would go hide away in Mertyl’s bathroom if they were crying. But Y/N hated Mertyl, she thought she was nosey and rude. Not to mention, self absorbed.

If she was crying, she would want to be somewhere private. That would mean a prefect bathroom. The one she used that no one else did was on the 5th floor, Draco was only on the 2nd.

He didn’t take his time but he didn’t run either. The dark feeling in his stomach bubbled more and more each waiting moment. Usually, it would take him ten minutes to walk the stairs. Today it took him five.

When he got to the bathroom door, he noticed the faintest drop of blood. It wasn’t anything much. Perhaps stress had caused her to start her period early, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Still, he had to know that she was okay. Bad vibes were still building up. So he walked in after muttering the password to the door.

He knew something was wrong because blood was all he could smell and he couldn’t hear her.

“Y/N?” He called out, getting no reply. He walked farther into the bathroom. When he saw her, he froze. She was crumpled up on the ground, skin so outside with her blood staining it. He couldn’t even think, screaming for help and rushing to tie up her sliced wrists. He didn’t even react when. Pr.Snape dragged him away, he was in shock.


She awoke two weeks later in the hospital wing with Draco at her side.

“I’m never gonna leave you."he whispered, and she knew it was true.

Pokemon and Parents 2

*Late 90s*

90s Kid: When I grow up, I wanna be a Pokemon Master!

Dad: Ask your mother.

Mom: Unless they’re real, you’re still going to work for your M.D.

*Mid 2016*

90s Kid: What up now, Helen!! I just caught all 151 Pokemon. You can tell Aunt Mertyl and her P.H.D. daughter to suck it!!


Dad: Bruh….