• Me: Okay brain, you are so diverse with your happy, sad, painful and etc. what emotion do you have in store for me today?
  • Brain: Well...
  • Brain: How about Sadness?
  • Me: I cried for 3 hours straight yesterday
  • Brain: How about pain?
  • Me: Can I just be happy for once?
  • Brain: I gave you two choices, pick one
  • Me:
  • Brain:
  • Me:
  • Me: You know what? Fuck it give me both

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Begining Fanfic:</b> This is going to be a really fluffy cute fanfic with no pain<p/><b>While Writing Fanfic:</b> oh god<p/><b>Finished Fanfic:</b> I didn't mean for this to go down a slippery slope of angst it was suppose to be crack but it's not and now<p/></p><p/></p>

As he came out of the tube station, Merlin was already there; enveloped in a black parka with his scarf wrapped tightly about his neck. His cheeks were florid and as Arthur approached he could see him shivering. Seeing his sticking-out ears looking bright red, Arthur had the urge to pull up his hood for him. The idea was weirdly affectionate - actually just plain weird. He dismissed it with a shudder, as he touched his own ear. “Did you ever think of getting those pinned back?”

Merlin’s smile fell away as fast as it had appeared. He quickly recovered and said, “No, not until now. But with all your money I’m surprised you never had your teeth fixed. You’d be a perfect candidate for Invisalign.”