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Merlin & Arthur | I should have saved you


Merlin & Arthur | I would wait a lifetime for you


Puppy AU

all parts (  with fic )

After their puppies fail to protect their home from the enemy (“Come on, Arthur, it’s just your sister!” “Told you, the enemy.”), Arthur decides it’s time for a puppy boot camp. But alas, Morgana manages to find them. She claims she’s only there for family bonding but Arthur won’t fall for her tricks. Meanwhile, Merlin just wants to punch Arthur and complain about him to Morgana.

“For god’s sake, we’re just camping, Arthur!" 


Merlin & Arthur | Sorry

this took me like three days (it ruined me emotionally) to make but holy shit I’m proud of it


*ruins my life*


AJHDJBAX:AIDBJCA!!  This is cute.  I approve. :)


Also, I´ve fallen in love with this video. Moments of Arthur caring for Merlin, until S4

Merlin Merthur deleted scene season 4

Arthur gives Merlin his mother’s sigil.

Merlin:  You’ll see. We’ll defeat the Doroka. We will, together.

Arthur: I appreciate that. (takes out the sigil) This belonged to my mother, it bears her sigil. Here. (hands it to Merlin)

Merlin: Arthur I can’t.

Arthur: Just take it.


When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside. I lay in tears in bed all night, alone without you by my side. You brought out the best of me, a part of me I’ve never seen. You took my soul and wiped it clean. Our love was made for movie screens.

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I´ve just found this  thanks to the reply to a person who was asking for a Merthur vid with “I´ll follow into the dark”

1. Explain to me how someone can be so freaking talented *bow down*

2. Exactly seven months later, I´m still a mess of tears

I´m feeling very attached to Snape´s “After all this time?” “Always”


Puppy AU

part i. | part ii. ( with fic) | part iii. | part iv.

After being denied one puppy too many, Arthur spends the afternoon pouting. Merlin can’t have this, so he fulfills Arthur’s dream for one afternoon. Let it be known that Merlin is the best boyfriend ever!