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Me: *has a shitton of work to do*
Me: i know exactly what I have to do..
My brain: no, don’t say it
Me: time to read fanfiction.!
My brain:
My brain: *screams*

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↳day seven: "the golden age"

It’s not Merlin who finds Arthur. 

It happens eventually. Whether or not it be fate. There’s a river’s edge, beyond thick, shadowing woods, wilder and greener than anyone’s known. Then again, Arthur remembers little of… that time.

A man picks roots there. He mumbles to himself, in languages long-lost, the stink of filthy living clinging to him. Stubble darkening his jaw. Arthur watches him hunch from a good distance, sitting on an overturned log, as the man occasionally picks at his teeth, cursing old gods, before Arthur turns away for home.

There shouldn’t be a point in this. Arthur has this life given now–a job in technical advising, friends that have never known the weight of a sword, nor the heat of spilled blood, or the mercy after a long, slow death.

But home feels miles back– scrambling about in the dark, reeking of sickly fragrant plants and dirt older than a boneyard under Merlin’s fingernails, glassy, blue eyes and a toothy smile– from Arthur’s warm bed at his flat.

Naughty Aithusa got into Arthur’s secret stash of chocolates and now she has a stomach ache.#punishmentenough #Aithusa#Dragonshaming Poor Baby, it’s Arthur’s Fault for having a secret stash. 😏 [LittleAithusa instagram]

Aithusa drawing I did specifically for the Littleaithusa instagram which I’ve been meaning to contribute to for ages but am like really nervous to for some reason. I keep thinking OH GOD what If I make a mistake because @hannidoesart @aithuzah and @deheerkonijn seem to know what they are doing :A: I don’t want to be uncool.

But anyway you should check it out, the instagram I mean. It is very cute and cool and I don’t know why those people let me be a part of the project. 0_0;;;

Merthur Party:

  ↳Day 7: The Golden Age

Ficlet Rating: G

Warnings: Fluff

“I didn’t wait around for two thousand years just to help you cheat on your history paper.”

They were in Arthur’s dorm, on his tiny, uncomfortable bed, and Merlin was sitting, back against the wall, with Arthur nestled between his legs. Arthur had been trying valiantly for twenty minutes to get Merlin to spill his knowledge about the Industrial Revolution to avoid reading his textbook, but Merlin, as always, patiently declined and instead amused himself by playing with Arthur’s bright blond hair.

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